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Carl A, Hudisill Library 


D n7b D07T15b 4 

. L 5 4^2^" 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2011 with funding from 

LYRASIS members and Sloan Foundation 

Lenoir-Rhyne College 

625 7th Avenue Northeast 

Hickory, North Carolina 

The Living Learning Center, an upper classmeu residence hall open 
in fall of 2001 that features apartment style suites and a self governing body of 



Opeywng^ 1 iTj^ 

2 Ope^UAX^ 

My favorite pastime is going to basketball games. In those days, 
if you didn't get there 30 minutes before tip-off, you didn't get 
a seat. It was especially satisfying the way we handled ASU, no 
problem for the Bears in those days! 

-John Huss, Class of 1974 

Things were different in the 60's, as freshmen, we had to wear 
"beanies" for several weeks, distinguishing us as freshmen. 
Also, when a "sister" was pinned, the sorority and fraternity of 
the couple gathered at 11 pm in front of the girl's dorm and 
serenaded them. Then there were homecoming floats to build, 
not the quick and easy kind, but the kind where you stuffed 
yards and yards of chicken wire with colored toilet paper. I 
could probably think of many more, like the Volkswagon in the 
Rhyne front lobby! 

-Sarah Wallace, Class of I969 

My favorite pastime as a student was finding a few minutes to be with 
family and friends. I had a husband and two small children as I was 
going through the full-time nursing program. Our nursing class was 
ver\' close. We often had students in to our home for dinner and 
socializing. Our class is coming to our home the last weekend in 
October for its 30"' reunion. 

-Shirley Huffman, Class of 1971 

I have fond memories of playing racket ball on Saturday 
mornings with Professor Karen Jackson at the Shuford Gym; 
racketball is good exercise and great stress relief for schedules 
filled with tests, term papers, and employment. 

-Donna Bowman, Class of 1991 

It was the many times I spent with my best friend, Anna 
Gurley ('01); laughing, playing cards, and growing closer to 
our wonderful Lord through our Bible studies on those 
memorable afternoons eating lunch. We had the time of our 
lives, forgetting about all the thing that was going on in 
classes and the craziness of life. LR showed me how to love 
life in wavs I did not know one could. 

-Carrie Powell, Class of 2000 


4 OpenLng^ 

l)cJXc/cUJ> tc^ 1)\, Kmju^ HcD^aa'C^ 

Dr. McDougal has been a professor at Lenoir-Rhyne since 1984. Before her time at L-R, she received 
an AB in Biology from Vanderbilt University, then went on to earn a MS and Ph.D. at UNC in Botany. 
She did her dissertation work at UNC Chapel Hill on "flavonoids in Red Oaks and their geographic 
variation", graduating in 1984. She taught at LR as an adjunct assistant professor from 1984-1994, 
and an assist professor from 94-96. She was promoted to an Associate Professor in 1996, and a full 
Professor in 2000. She teaches Biology 105, the introduction course for new Biology majors with Dr. 
Scott, and the plant anatomy & physiology, and Genetics courses that are required of Biology Majors. 
She also teaches Bio 110 and Sci 300 which are general core courses. She has been very active on 
campus. She is probably best known as the one who formed and chairs the tree committee. She has 
also served on LR's Executive committee, Budget committee, and is now on Personnel and Status 
Committee. She has worked with numerous students on research projects, and serves as a formal 
and informal advisor to many biology and non biology students. Serving often as the unofficial 
"Mother Hen" of the department. She is known for her caring, generous nature, but also for her high 
standards and attention to detail. For her work and dedication to Lenoir-Rhyne College and its 
communitv, the 2002 HACAWA is dedicated to Dr. Karen McDougal. 





^IBv' ^ 1 


^^^Hr^ 1 r 


6 Vedlcatlcm/ 

''Karen McDougal is a great 
colleague because she is both 
supportive of creative teaching 
and enthusiastic about 
biology. " 

Dr John Bisbee, 

Professor of Biology 

Vedlcation/ 7 

Throughout the year, there are activities 
for students to allow them to let loose 
and have some fun outside of classes 
and work. Many of the activities are 
sponsored by Campus Activities Board 
who hosts movie nights, comedians, 
lectures, lawn parties, street fairs. 
Homecoming, laser tag, and many 
other things, all free of charge for 
students to enjoy. There are also other 
events such as the Visiting Writers 
Series, Playmakers performances, 
Prologue, Dance performances, and 
musical concerts. 


The 109th Commencement ceremony at Lenoir-Rhyne on 
May 12, 2001 said farewell to ??? seniors who began a new life 
after college. Along with our graduates, the Rev. Clifford 
Paul Fisher II, interim pastor of New Hope Lutheran church 
in Kannapolis, N.C.; Dr, John Edward Roueche, professor 
and director of the community college leadership program 
at The University of Texas at Austin; and the Rev. Gary Alan 
Weant, pastor of Philadelphia Evangelical Lutheran Church 
in Dallas, N.C., received honorary degrees during 
commencement exercises. Prior to the ceremony on May 12, 
the Baccalaureate Service was held on May 1 1 in the 
auditorium. A homily was given by Rev. Gary Weant, who 
also received a honorary Doctor of Divinity degree. The 
Commencement speaker was another recipient of a Doctor of. 
Divinity, Dr. John Roueche from the University of Texas at 


Above: The graduates anxiously their 

Right: A group of professors walks 
into Shuford gymnasium for the 

Right: President LaHurd presents her 
diploma to Amanda Stames. 

*^ 10 2001 ComvwewcewiRnt 

Above: Lenoir-Rhyne 
Marshal and Professor 
Emeritus leads the 

Left: Pastor Weisner processes into Below: Bishop Leonard Bolick 
the ceremony. speaks during graduation. 

2001 Ccnnwience^neynt 11 

Top: Katie Redden, Elise Mayse, 
Meredith Vaugiin, and Christine 
Brock take a little break during 

Above:lo\\y Burwell and Alaina 
Norton draw numbers for bingo at 

Right: Krissy Kolster waits at the 
gate to lei the freshman coming to 
the Luau! 

Right: Julius Barnard concentrates 
on winning the limbo competition. 

12 Pr&Logd^ey 

Left: Amber Anderson shows off 
her muscles while she was helping 
the freshmen move in. 


Below: Anne Monroe has fun with 
all of the great toys at the Luau. 

This year, the eager class of 2005 moved in and 
kicked off tlie year with 3 great days of Prologue. 
With the theme "Catch the Spirit" the freshmen 
had tons of spirit during their many activities 
including a community semce project, a luau, 
an evening out in Hickoiy, city toui"s, dessert at 
their GENllO professors house, and more. The 
freshmen were joined by 43 upperclassmen 
Prologue leaders, including three coordinator's. 
Senior, David Yoder, Senior, Kilssy Kolster, and 
Junior, Audrey Shutte. 

Above: Katie Cartright talks to 
President LaHurd and his wife 
Carol durina Prologue. 

\bove: Students head to the Luau 
o relax and meet new people. 

Prolct^tte^ 13 ^^* 

Above Right: Krissy Kolster a 
Jade Cobb strike a pose for the 

Above: Prologue leader Anna 
talks to two freshman about li 
L-R so far. 

think Prolo 
freshman out! 

numbers during BINGO! 

Left: Double trouble! Who will fall Above: Erin Cook talks to a 
; first? resident at the Kingston home 

during Prologue. 


This years Homecoming gave tribute to the entertainment industry. Campus 
Activities Board sponsored the week long event with activities almost every 
night. Some of them included a free showing of "America's Sweethearts" 
with free drink and popcorn, a concert featuring Matthew West, one of th^' 
music industry's hottest young singer and songwriter, the street fai 
featuring the bands "Common Rotation - A.K.A. 28 Orange Street! 
(Featuring Adam Busch from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer") and "Wakinj 
James" and different inflatables on Stasavich place all day long. We endel 
Friday with a dance and the crowning of the new king. Bo Arthur. Th| 
tirade Saturday morning topped everything off as different organizatioi| 
mowed their school spirit by saluting the entertainment industry on the 
loats. At the game, Ginny Lee was crowned as Homecoming queen as v^ 

•^^ 16 Hcnnecotnln^ 

Above: Tiffany Lee. Kari Moffatt. Right: Nathan Johnson and Jennifer 
and Amber Anderson watch the Ainosenjoy the Homecoming Dance, 
crowd as their float continues down 
the parade route. 

W^ -^^ KotnecowtCngp 




A/M'ie/ The Zetas pose for a quick 
picture before the Homecoming pa- 
rade starts. 

Le//.- Students enjoy the street fair to 
kick off homecoming weekend. 

Honteccnnln^ 19 ^^? 


Sigma Kappa ~ Survivor Delta Zeta ~ Hollywood Legends Pi Kappa Phi ~ Animal House Theta Chi ~ TV Talk 
Kappa Delta ~ Awards Shows Zeta Tau Alpha ~ Sports Theta Xi ~ Revenge of the Nerds Shows 


Above: The Sigma Kappa float looks Right: The Theta Chis wave to the 
so rugged, don't ya think? crowd during the parade. 

t^; 10 Homecoming- 

Left: President , , ,> 

LaHurd and his wife, V 
Carol, toss candy to 
the crowd at the 


Homecamvng^ 21 p 

Below: Jackie Hanselmann and 
Nathan Johnson dance the night away 
during Homecomino. 

Above: SGA raised funds for the Red 
Cross after the September 1 1 attacks. 

Far Right: All the happy toilet paper 

Right: Students enjoyed a night of 
comedy sponsored by C.A.B. 

2 2 Stiuient Events- 

Left: Travelin" Max performs 
during Parents Weekend. 

Below: Nathan Johnson takes 
a break from classes. 

Far Below: Another busy 
night of studying in the Bears 

bove: Michael Cashin 
uring a C. A.B. Animal 

Right: Megan Markham. Christa 
Musgrove. and Amber Anderson 
watch a football game. 

StiAxienC^ve^^th-li ^^? 

Below: LR Cheerleaders 
Homecoming parade. 

at the 

Far Below: C.A.B. sponsors many events, 
including a Comedy night. 


Throughout the year, Campus Activities Board hosts 
different activities for students to enjoy campus out- 
side of the classroom. From open mic nights to Home- 
coming festivities, Spring Fling, Casino night, and the 
love Doctor. All activities are free for students and give 
them a chance to do something different on the week- 

l|^ 24 CAB Eve^oij- 

Left: Nathan Johnson hangs out with a 
lemur during the Animal Show. 

Below: Ah. to be royal. L-R's past 3 
Homecoming Kings take a break during 
the dance. 


^^^^^^^^B ^*^w 



W^^ '^"^^1^1 



^^. ^^^■mp'^ jt^^^^^^^^^^l 




^^^^^^^^^^^^H^H^^^Hv Lu... 

-.^aK A .-rf<iBr 1 

A/joi'f.- Students enjoy the beautiful day 
and the great music during Spring Fling. 

Left: Beth Daino and Jackie Hanselmann 
enjoy music and friends during 

C/18 Eve^otj- 25 

Right: Gayren Leonhardt. Tim 
Baird. Melissa Buff, and Joey 
Richards hang out on the lawn 
during the street fair and concert. 

Movie Night 

Street Fair 

Lawn Concert 


Casino Night 

Powderpuff game 

Last Spring, C.A.B.sponsored a weeklong celebration of fun 
and activities for all students to end the C.A.B. year with a 
bang. It included a street fair, casino night, movie night, and 
a Powerderpuff game sponsored by the Junior class C02). 

26 spring fling- '01 

Left: Michelle Baity, Lorraine 
Clausnitzer, Jenny Ramsey, and 
Cindy Coy hang out during Movie 

Above: Meredith Deaton gets 
her free ticket at Carolina 

Left: Jade Cobb gets ready to deal 
out cards to the eager Blackjack 

Above: Mary-Margaret Jackson and 
Leigh Chandler show off their new 
C.A.B. cups during the street fair. 

Spring^ flin^ '01 

Ci>/rh4h4AlA^44, SCAAJA^ 

Each year, Lenoir-Rhyne recognizes individual students, organizations, 
and faculty/staff members who have given their time to better the 
community through service. This years recipients were Kieon McLemore, 
Zeta Tau Alpha, and Reverend Dr. William Seaman. Kieon is a Sports 
Management major from Richmond, VA. He volunteers with the HOST 
(Helping One Student to Succeed) program, which is a nationwide 
mentoring program. Kieon volunteers up to 20 hours a week at Longview 
Elementary School, and is a member of the Bears' football team. Zeta Tau 
Alpha works year round to help the Susan G. Komen Foundation in the 
fight against breast cancer. They collect money, hand out pamphlets, and 
make pink ribbons. They also make goody bags for cancer survivors at 
Catawba Memorial Hospital and volunteer time at cooperative Christian 
ministries. Rev. Dr. William Seaman volunteers his computer expertise in 
the community, and is the tech support person for Cooperative Christian 
Ministries and Central Latino. He is also a chaplain on call at Catawba 
Memorial Hospital and helped organize a blood drive for the L-R 
community, scheduled, coincidentally, for September 13th. There were 
also several members of the community who received awards from the 
Board of Trustees, including Bill Armstrong, who is a local car dealer and 
flies hospital transports in his free time. 

The A Cappella Choir and Brass Ensemble performed at the installation of the Rev. Mark S. Hanson as presiding bishop of the 
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America on Oct. 6, 2001. The ceremony, which featured musical selections by the two groups prior to 
the service and throughout the liturgy, took place at Rockefeller Memorial Chapel on the campus of the University of Chicago. Lenoir- 
Rhyne musical groups were the only college groups asked to perform at the installation out of all of the Lutheran colleges in the 

3Uhop'yInM::cMatlon' 29 j^0 

Right: The cast of "The Complete 
History of America" poses for a 
group siiot. 

Below: Ginny Lee (the goose) and 
Katie Abemathy (Wilber. the pig) 
perform for local children in 
■"Charlotte's Web." 

The Complete History of America 
Charlottes Web 


Praying Mantis 

Tally's Folly 

Above: Wilbur and family at the Riglit: Anna Lehmans and Ben 
County Fair before the pig Farrar, Mr. and Mrs. Zuckerman, 
competition. greet children before a performance. 

'%^ 30 Piety mahery 

d: Nathan Johnson, Templeton. Above: The cast of "The Complete 
1 Jackie Hanselmann, Charlotte, History of America." 
ring a performance. 

The Playmakers kicked off their 75"' 
anniversary season with an adaptation 
of the popular children's book 
"Charlotte's Web. ""Charlotte's Web" was 
presented Sept. 19-21. It was the first 
performance of The Playmakers 
Children's Theatre since 1993- More than 
2,000 students attended the production 
which was performed in RE. Monroe 
Auditorium. The Playmakers performed 
"The Tragedy of Macbeth" on Nov. 8-10, 
15, 17, andl8 in the Belk Centrum. 
"Tally's FoUey," was presented Feb. 14- 
17 in the RE. Monroe Auditorium. The 
Playmakers ended the 2001-2002 season 
with "The Praying Mantis." This dark 
comedy by Alejandro Sieveking was 
offered April 18-20 and 25-28 in the Belk 

Playmakery 31 


1 >^ 












V; ■' VJ^M 

9f '^^ ■'■ 

^ f 




r 'I 







7S ltM4^ot Bi^^C^lt^^^h^fy^4^ 


celebrates seventy 

five years at 



Playvnahery S3 t^w 

Tltroughoiit the year there are many events that we participate in on 

campus and in the community to enjoy friendship, fellowship, and fun, 

and to get away from the stress of classes. 

Rif;ht: The crowd enjoys the music at 
the Homecomino Dance. 

Below: One of the more fun and 
adventurous classes offered at L-R! 

Above: Homecoming paid tribute to Z?/^?/;/: AgroupofgirlsenjoysSanta's 
the entertainment industry. coinpany during Midnight Breakfast. 

*|^^ 34 Eventy 

Left: Ryan Siginon and Jake Lougeay 
perform at Drips. 

g, 4t Left: Tia Loney is escorted by iier 
father during the Queen's crowning 
at half time. 

BeUnv: The more feminine side of 

Left: Theta Xi"s get ready for the 

'Eve^it^ 35 ^^^ 

study Abroad ^,,.^,^ shou>s ^'"""^ ^"^''' 

Street Fairs li^M^cJi P\^JiiAcV^/^ 

Lawn Concerts "Prologue 

^usic recitals Comedy Nights Game Shows 

Right: DeWayne Brown and Pani Small 
collect food for the BSA Food Drive. 

i/4 i'i 'J.-^C'U/UAi. .'l.'U 

lrJ^ Qtr^^ OmU M^ 

: 7 


Above: Music students show off their talents 
outside of the performance arena. 

Right: Samantha Erbaugh and Lindsay 
Bertram at the Nikki Giovani reading. 

^I^i ^6 Eventy 

Left: Sigma Kappa sponsored "Tape Dean 
Anita to the Wall" to benefit Alzheimer's 
research. Can you believe it, she stuck! 

Left: Play maker's production of Above: Students take part in a march to 
"Charlotte's Web" was a hit with local remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's life 
elementary students. and accomplishments. 

Eventy 37 



On September 11, 2001, 
LR"s campus was rocked 
to its core. The day began 
like any other, 
students getting up 
and going to class, 
but what seemed 
like a peaceful day 
would not remain 
that way for long. 
At 8:43AM the first 
commercial jet liner 
crashed into one of 
the World Trade 
Centers. Students all across 
campus rushed to watch TVs all 
over campus as they watched in 
horror. "I couldn't believe it, as I 
watched New York turn into a 
terror zone," said Moira Gannon. 
This seemed to be the impression 
of many people on the campus. 
With Lenoir-Rhyne being such a 
diverse campus, many students 
were from or knew people that are 
from the NYC and DC area. As 
the events continued to unfold the 
campus realized the immediate 

"I couldn't be- 
lieve it, as I 
York turn into a 

How it effects 

needs of the students and held a 
prayer service at 4PM in Shaw 
Plaza. The campus 
community later saw 
the need for a 
dialogue to happen 
about the events, 
and held two 
convocations; one 
by Dr. Lowell 
Ashman and the 
other as a panel 
discussion with Dr. 
Yoder, Dr., Ashman, 
Dr. Judkins, and President 
LaHurd. As anger turned to 
questioning students began to see 
that although they were not 
directly affected we as a nation 
were. "The only thing we as a 
country can do is bind together 
and love each other like there is 
no tomorrow." Kat Costas has an 
excellent way to put the sentiment 
of this campus. We did bind 
together, we will rise from this, 
and 9-1 1 will live on in LR"s 
history for infamy. 

I. S . , Britain Launch Airstrikes^ 

Pentagon Attacked "We will not faltei^ w 

inLaudenSuitsupforWar Se 


i 19. 

Sf*ti*lCc*>^t\fl/llit.ttA^U^i:ii Luw ell 

Asliman conducted a special convo on ten'orisni 
to infonn students of the various degrees and 
histon'ot terrorism. 

i 8 Att(^ck/Cnv America/ 

PtA^St/t*l*etiti/.^e^'it<fJct^Ec/^ At -ipm 
on 9-11 the Lenoir-Rhyne community held a 
prayer service for students, which was lead by 
Campus Pastor Andrew Weisner. Many people 
I rom the community, faculty, staff, students, and 
Hickory residents attended the service. 


pie, the tragedy 
|rhit home 
hto New York and 
jkyline, the World 
listance Now when I 
eturn, it would allbe 
Moira Gannon 

"I agree thatwe must 
do somethjngto 
attempted to destroy 
patriotism, but I do 
believe thatthere are 
other ways to do this, 
ways that do not 
hundreds of men, 
women, andchildren." 

gh Alert U.S. Launches More Attach 

on. Now, the Grev War 


all have a special way to grieve. Meredith Vauglin 
sits in Shaw Plaza during the prayer service on 
September 11th. 

Attach on/ A yner Lew 39 

♦ ^;- * '5 

Lenoir-Rliyne College celebrated it's 1 10th academic year tWs 
year. The photo above shows the campus as it was before 
the Rlivne building was constaicted. Tlie building in the 
center of the photo was the old Yoder building. To the right 
is a picaire of Old Main which was destroyed by fire on 
January 6, 1927. The original part of the Library is seen below 
which was erected in 1 9^ 1 and is celebrating it's 60th anni- 

the llOth year 

S^/iXf M)X^ to/v^ 'itM^d'^^h^ tt^^Ut^yh-Seen here is 
a picture of the baseball team in 1976. The baseball team is 
celebrating it's 100th anniversaiy this year. The soccer team 
also holds a long standing tradition on tihis campus as well. Tlie 
soccer team will be celebrating it's 25th anniversaiy this year. 

40/4 n/mver^eri^ 



1 ,,_ 



1 i^^^^^l ^^^^1 ^^^^Ik 





0/^^/tivC^,<it^ve»/^>4 «^ C^t'^f^^'-i** Clubs 

celebrating anniversaries this \-ear are the Playmakers with 75 
years of acting tradition on tliis campus. This year they performed 
ShakespeafsMflciJef/.^^ and 3 years ago perfomied "Once Upon a 
Mattress" a faiiy tale about a prince and a princess. Phi Beta 
Lambda is also celebrating 25 years of giving students the 
opportunity to acliieve business emichment outside of the class 
room. The picture above shows the group attending a conference 
. Plii Beta Litmdii has '^on manv awards for academic excellence. 

Oi/'C^ 1 00 *fe<tM O^ ^C^d-tff^ic VilCtttt^ct One of 

the oldest departments on this campus is the business depart- 
ment Vkhich was started in 1901 . This is one of the first pic- 
aires of students in the School of Business. The nursing 
department also celebrates its 40th anniversary tliis year. 
Political Science also has an anniversary tliis year celebrating 30 
\'ears of academic excellence. 

Below: Amy Henderson and Blair Right: Blair Huneycutt and Megan 
Huneycutt take a quick break from Gandy carry a window to the house 
all of their hard work. for installation. 

Collegiate Challenge offers student volunteers 
from Lenoir-Rhyne Hickory chapter of Habitat for 
Humanity to go beyond their local surroundings 
to help bring the great things that Habitat for 
Humanity does to families around the nation. 
Every year, students from Habitat groups 
nationwide travel to different locations to assist in 
building more houses. They travel in week long 
shifts, during their spring break, and work 
nonstop that week to get their projects done. Not 
only is tliis a great way to get the students outside 
and working, but it helps needy families build a 
house they could not otherwise afford. 

\ ^2 C(y{le'^l(Xtey ChcdXe^v^ 

Far Above: Uzma Zakai and a 
volunteer from Americore help put 
together the frame of the house. 

Above: Laura Cooper measures the 
frame on the roof. 

Left: Laura Brunner nails more Below: Kristin Knight and Laura 
supports into the frame of the house. Brunner prepare the ceiUng. 

^J Above: The whole group after their 
week of hard work for Habitat. 

S Left: Irene Kenny works on the 
landscaping around the house. 

Left: Nick Jenkins works with another 
student to get the septic tank ready 
for finishing. 

Colle^iate^ ChaUevigey 4-3 ^^W 

Lenoir-Rhyne is home to over 60 clubs and 
organizations tiiat allow any student to 
find their niche in campus life. There 
organizations at L-R are actively involved 
in life both on and off campus and aim to 
better the Lenoir-Rhyne experience and 
make a difference in the community. 
There are several national Honor Societies, 
service organizations, and religious 
organizations that enrich the lives of the 
students involved. Every year. Habitat for 
Humanity participates in Collegiate 
Challenge, where they spend Spring Break 
working on Habitat houses. Model United 
Nations travels to Washington, D.C. and 
New York City for national meetings. 
Whatever your interests may be, there is a 
place at Lenoir-Rhyne for you! 

rs .f*- 

Org^xrii'^fatlcrviy 45 jP 

{/^l^^fvi^A^C^t^^ ^ lX4^A/t- N 



Wesley Fellowship is a Methodist sponsored 
club which provides fellowship and service 
to L-R and the surrounding areas. 

Psi Chi 

Psi Chi is the student honor society for 
Psychology. Membership is open to those 
who have taken several psychology classes 
and have demonstrated superior scholar- 
ship in the field of psychology. 

Sophomore Class 

The Sophomore class is led by the sopho- 
more class president, and plans activities 
for the students on that class. 

C^ 46 Orgpa/Kv6jatu>n^ 


Student North Carolina Association of Edu- 
cators is an organization which helps pro- 
mote education to all education majors. It 
also helps student teachers prepare for their 
new classroom after graduation. 

Model United Nations 

Model U.N. is a group that participates 
with other schools nation wide in repre- 
senting a country. The group visits its em- 
bassy in Washington D.C. and receives a 
briefing at the State Dept. and travels to 
New York Citv for a mock U.N. session. 

N.C. Student Legislature 

N.C.S.L. is a non-partisan group that gives 
students the opportunity to assemble as 
school representatives and learn about the 
legislative process. 

Orguru/^^atvcnU' 4-7 

\)^i/C^i/hk/JMA4)A^ ^ \ji1ryOA/\r f^ 

Outdoor Adventure Club 

The Outdoor Adventure Club sponsors 
activities for students such as kayaking 
trips, rock cHmbing, rafting, spelunk- 
ing, and nature hikes. 

Pre-Professional Medical 

The purpose of this society is to provide 
pre-professional medical students with the 
resources and information neccessary for 
students entering a medical field. It assists 
students in the application process to 
medical or professional schools and helps 
them to better understand the many 
responsibilities associated with their 
chosen field of studv. 

Lutheran Student Movement 

Lutheran Student Movement is a Lutheran 
sponsored club which provides fellowship and 
service to the Lenoir-Rhyne campus and sur- 
rounding areas. 


Amnesty International 

Amnesty International is a campus- 
community volunteer organization that 
provides educational programs for the local 
community about human rights concerns 
and human rights violations at home and 
abroad. Amnesty members hold monthly 
meetings, provide speakers for local clubs, 
schools, and other organizations, collects 
signatures for petitions and arrange 
publicity for events such as vigils to bring 
attention to particular human rights 

Baptist Student Union 

Baptist Student Union is a gathering of 
students for fellowship and friendship. 

Habitat for Humanity 

Habitat for Humanity works to build 
houses for those who are less fortunate 
and cannot afford to buy a house. The L- 
R group travels each spring break to help 
build a house with other college Habitat 

(9rg^ayu/g^^tu>n^ 4-9 


A Capella Choir 

The A Ccipella Choir has performed exten- 
sively, making appearances in more than 
800 concerts in some 365 churches in 22 
states and 12 countries. 

Black Student Alliance 

B.S.A. represents L-R through the eyes of 
all minorities on campus. They sponsor 
food drives, open houses for alumni, and a 
Soul food dinner for all students. 

Literary Society 

The Literary Society exists to provide 
opportunities for the presentation and 
discussion of topics related to literature 
and language; and to stimulate interest 
and appreciation for such on the campus 
of Lenoir-Rhyne. To further these goals, 
the Literary Society annually publishes 
CANTOS, the campus literary and art 

C^ 50 O v-^u^u/^fOtlov^ 

Admissions Ambassadors 

Admissions Ambassadors provide an outlet 
for prospective students during campus 
tours and open houses. They give tours, 
and speak with students about life at L-R. 

The Broyhill Leadership Institute oper- 
ates through the generous financial 
contributions of Paul Broyhill and the 
Broyhill family. Each year the Institute 
designates a select group of Lenoir- 
Rhyne sophomores as Fellows, offering 
them the opportunity to participate in a 
year-long series of workshops, retreats, 
leadership events, and mentoring. 

vail m 

Broyhill Travel Group 

The Broyhill Leadership Institute oper- 
ates through the generous financial 
contributions of Paul Broyhill and the 
Broyhill family. Each year the Institute 
designates a select group of Lenoir- 
Rhyne sophomores as Fellows, offering 
them the opportunity to participate in a 
year-long series of workshops, retreats, 
leadership events, and mentoring. 

Orgixruy^fatUyni- 51 

O^i^Afvi^^^C^t^^ ^ Uf^/C^- K^*^^ 

Campus Activities Board 

C.A.B. provides entertaining and 
educational programs for students 
of L-R. It provides a social outlet to 
promote unity among the different 
faces of the L-R communitv. 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes 

RCA. strives to confront athletes and 
coaches with the challenge to follow 
Christ in fellowship. It also promotes 
service by members to the campus and 
the communitv. 


Roteract is associated with the local 
Rotary Club, and they provide 
service to the communitv. 

■C^ 52 Or^<:tvu/^atloriy 




H3p S 





"T/^ "i 

V -e' «^_ ^(0 

Phi Alpha Theta 

Phi Alpha Theta is the honor society for 
History. They promote academic 
excellence in all classes, especially 


The American Student Committee of 
Occupational Therapy Students 
strives to generate interest in and 
increase community awareness of 
occupational therapists roles. 

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship 

Intervarsity is an inter- 
denominational ministry to college 
students. They seek to build a 
Christian collegiate fellowship, 
develop disciples of Jesus Christ, and 
engage the campus with the good 
news of Christ. 

Or^anAy^fOtuyny 53 

O^l^^fvUA^C^y^V^ ^ [X^^/V^- K^*^^ 

Student Government Association 

The Lenoir-Rhyne Student Government 
Association is the hirgest student group on 
campus. It both represents and is made up of 
the entire student body of LRC. The student 
body elects representatives to serve as SGA 
officers, but all students are member of the 

Morgan Hall R.A.C. 

The Residence Area Council of Morgan flail 
works to provide a community atmosphere by 
hosting pizza nights, ice cream socials, and 
other get togethers. 

Dance Company 

The L-R Dance Company performs two shows 
every year. Both shows are fun and exciting 
displays of many forms of dance from ballet 
to tap to swing. Members of the dance 
company choreograph and perform their own 
dances to the music of their choice. 

54 Oy-gurUy^fCUtorvy 


The purpose of Hands is to promote social 
interaction between hearing impaired 
students and hearing students as well as to 
encourage deaf awareness on and off campus. 

Sign Troupe 

Sign Troupe is a musical performing group 
whose primary purpose is to encourage social 
interaction between deaf and hearing students 
and to promote deaf awareness on campus 
and in the community. 



♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 


Lenoir-Rhyne Playmakers is an organization 
designed to stimulate interest in the dramatic 
arts and to provide practical experience in 
theater. Playmkers is involved in the 
presentation of several theatrical productions 
on campus each year. They celebrated their 
75th anniversary this vear. 

Or^cu^jy^fOttctn^ 55 

0n^CMy^^l^X^4^ ^ \ji1r^AAr Kv^fhC 

^.^Ma4^ a ^^ICAM'^Ct i)>y. C^^^I^^MAAi' ^i>lr^ vf^ t& COAV^yyhAA^I^ 



OY-(^fWni/2pMxrv\^ 57 '^W' 

The college's intercollegiate teams compete in 
Division II of the NCAA and in the South Atlan- 
tic Conference, one of the hardest conferences 
in Division II. Varsity teams include Men's 
football, basketball, baseball, soccer, golf, 
cross-country, and cheerleading; and Women's 
basketball, soccer, cross-country, fast-pitch 
Softball, cheerleading, golf and volleyball. The 
L-R teams have had a year full of celebration 
and victory. The baseball team celebrated its 
110th anniversary and won the SAC Conference 
title, and the women's softball team won the 
Conference title for the second year in a row. 
While the soccer team looked to rebuild after 
losing many important players, they celebrated 
their 25th year of play at Lenoir-Rhyne. Under 
a new coaching staff, the women's basketball 
team opened their season with the best record 
in 21 years. Many Lenoir-Rhyne players are 
named to regional teams for recognition of 
their excellent athletic abilitv. 

AthletLcj, 59 ^^? 


The Bears baseball team finished the season with the first South 
Atlantic Conference victory in 48 years, and traveled to the 
Division II South Region Tournament. They were ranked 24th at 
the end of the season and finished with a record of 33-18 overall 
and 15-5 in the SAC. Four Bear players, Craig Sizemore, Chip 
Bradford, Israel Campbell, and Will Combs were named to the All- 
Region Team. Craig Sizemore, along with Dustin Day were also 
named to the All-Region Tournament team. Together as a team, 
the Bears had the best seiuson in 48 years and celebrated 1 1 years 
of Bears Baseball. Congratulations on your success! 

Top: The Bears are too quick for 
this runner, he has to rush back to 
first base to avoid being tagged 

Ahove.You're out! The Bears 
avoid another run by the opponent. 

60 BcuehaXl'Ol 

Far Above: The team celebrates 
after their victory over Wingate. 

Above Right: Chip Bradford shdes 
into second base. 

Right: Joe Nichols slides into home 
plate for the run. 

Far Below: Another Bear hit for 
another win! 

Below: Craig Sizemore moves in to 
make sure the runner is tagged out. 



Saint Leo 
Columbus State 

North Greenville 

S.C. Spartanburg 
Pfeiffer ~— 

Brevard ^^ 

Belmont Abbey 

Bluefield State 

Belmont Abbey 
Mars Hill 


S.C. Spartanburg 
Carson Newman 




Carson Newman 
Carson Newman 
Carson Newman 
Saint Leo 


15 3 

5 6 


8 6 

14 8 

Did you know?... 

The 2001 seiison was the 
first conference victory in 
48 yeiirs 

Tlie 2001 teiun won the 
Coiilerence Touniiuiient for 
the second straight yeiir 

The Beiirs finished 24th in 
NGU II stiuidings 

Four players w ere named 
to the All-Region teiini: 
Cniig Sizemore - 2nd biise 
Israel Ciinipbell - Pitcher 
Will Combs - 1st base 
Chip Bradford - Outfielder 

Riglir: The Beiirs get another out 
because of quick moves bN the 

pitcher and infield. 

H(.Un\: The Wiiigate runner 
watches his step so he doesn't get 

throw n out. 


Left: .-Another easy play at first 
base for the Bears as the\ head into 
the dusout before battin;;. 

Ahove: Jared Caputo swings at the 
pitch with everything he's got. 

Far Left: Israel Campbell throws 
another strike! 

Left: Coaches Frank Pait and Kelly 
Haynes talk during warm-ups. 

2001 Baseball Team 

Dustin Day, Brandon Blake, Brian Neill, Adam Whicker, Drew Lindley. Jarred Caputo, Billy Ashby, Patrick Price, Dan 
Futrelle, Craig Sizemore, Brett Yates, Jeremy Krech, Will Combs, Brent Nichols, Michael Clontz, Chip Bradford, Matt 
Howell, Joe Nichols, Israel Campbell, Andy Cauble, Brandon Earp, Alan Payne, David Porter, Paul Pope, Jason Raines, 
Ryan Mumy, Head Coach Frank Pait, Assistant Coach Kelly Haynes, Athletic Trainer Tracy Crincoli 

Ba^iehaH'Ol 63 


Rifiht: Catcher Casey Ledford keeps 
her eye on the ball and the pitcher 
throws another strike. 

Below: Cynthia Kennett catches a 
croundball at first base. 

The Lady Bears won the South Atlantic Conference 
Tournament for a second consecutive year. Led by Coach 
Shena Bowman and players Natasha Crouse, Brand 
Mueller, and Audrey Kreske, the whole team unified to win 
back to back tournaments. They finished the season with a 
record of 32-21 and hope to have another successful 
season next year, and we hope a third championship 

Above: Natasha Crouse watches 
closely at the batter hits the ball. 


64 ScrfUxxH'Ol 

3eIow: Melissa Ortega waits for the 
:all from the Umpire. 

Far Below: Casey Ledford slides into 
home plate for the mn. 



Gardner Webb 

Kennesaw State 5 

Lander 1 

Longwood 5 

Coker 3 

Shaw 9 

Belmont Abbey 2 
Mississippi U. for Women 3 

W.Georgia 2 

Francis Marion 2 

Valdosta State 4 

New York Tech 2 

Valdosta State 

New York Tech 4 

Belmont Abbey 2 

W. Uberty State 

W. Virginia Wesleyan 

















Carson Newman 






Mars Hill 













Mount OUve 












S.C. Spartanburg 









Carson Newman 











Rii^lit: Another hit for the Lady 

Below: Elaine Seter sets her eye on 
her teammate to throw the bail. 


Above: The catcher waits for the 

Right: Cynthia Kennett catches the 

■^^ 66 Softbcdh '01 

Right: Heather Bennett puts her all 
into her pitch. 

^- .3. 

Left: Brady Home grabs the 
grouiidball to finish the play. 

Below: Coach Shena Bowman 
signals to her batter during the game 

2001 Softball Team 

Mary Beeson, Natasha Grouse, Karen Reames, Brand! Mueller, Casey Ledford, Monica Grouse, Elaine Seter, Misty Bingham, 
Abbey Norwood, Sarah Cox, Melissa Ortega, Kelly Mazone, Audrey Kreske, Brady Home, Kristi Pfaffendorf, Kristin Kimball, 
Head Coach Shena Bowman, Assistant Coach Heather Wolbers 


Right: Michael Smith runs to keep 
the ball away from aTusciilum player. 

Riglir: Cory Morgan tries to take the j^ 
ball away from his opponent. 

Below: Coby Kraft holds off a group ^ j W fW i i Wi it iiiviv^ '' -■ 
of Coker players. 


Coker ..^^ 
Clayton C&S 
Belmont Abbey 

Montreat ^^. 
Catawba i_ 
W.V. WeSleyan 
Francis Marion 
Mars Hill 
S.C. Aiken 


2001 Men 's Soccer Team 
Matt Collins, Tom Skora, Cory Morgan, Bobby Cummings, Joshua Hudgins, Kelly Teem, Ben Lowe, Coby 
Kraft, Blake Powell, Landon Pruitt, Michael Smith, Erik Schmitt, Matt Czwornog, David Sergeant, Eric 
Carpenter, Gavin Crutchfield, Joe Favero, Aaron Watkins, Patrick Favero, Chris Penley, Jeremy Coy, Adam 
Hall, Tarl Sokolitsky, Head Coach Kevin Demers, Asst. Coach Jason Ondriezek, Staff Trainer Carrie Powell 

68 MenJySoccer 

*e -^ 

Left: Joe Favero heads the ball to get 
it back into Bear possession. 

Below: Ben Lowe concentrates on 
the ball and gets ready to pass it. 



The Men's soccer team ended a disappointing year 
with a record of 5-13-0 overall, and 1-6-0 in the 
South Atlantic Conference. Led by top players Cory 
Morgan, Bobby Cummings, and David Sergeant, 
the Bears hoped to improve on their record from 
last year and their championship, but instead, it 
became a rebuilding year. With many young 
players, the team hopes to rebuild and put 
themselves back in contention for the conference 
title next year with a new coach and a fresh, young 

Above: Jeremy Coy watches and 
kicks the ball to another L-R player. 

Aben-e: It's a tight squeeze, but Josh 
Hudgins works to keep the ball in L-R 

Me^ySoccer 69 

Right: Cory Morgan tried to break 
free to pass the ball to another L-R 

Below: Cory Morgan fights one on 
one with a Tusculuin player for 
possession of the ball. 

Above: Michael Smith is trailed by a 
Coker player and gets ready to pass 
the ball. 

Right: Matt Collins concentrates on 
blocking a shot, a goalies job is 95% 
boredom. 5% terror! 

% 70 MeAoJ^r- Soccer 

lA'fi Co\\ Moigan iiics the ball to 
his teammate to keep it in L-R 
< possession 

Left: David Sergeant uses his body 
to block his opponent from getting 
the ball. 

Below: Landon Pruitt runs the ball 

Left: David Sergeant tries to get the Above: Josh Hudgins breaks aw a_\ 
ball away from his opponents. from his opponent with the ball. 

Men/'ySotxer 71 'j^^W 

Below: Charlsie Downing works hard 
to get the ball away from her 




The Women's soccer team finished the season with 
a record of 8-10-1 overall, and 4-3-0 in the South 
Atlantic Coference. Led by captains Sheila Murphy, 
Erica Clontz, and Samantha Erbaugh, the Bears 
lost some powerful players, but also took in a lot of 
young players and look to improve upon their 
record in the next few years. With a new style of 
play, they hope to get back into contention for the 
SAC Conference championship in the coming years. 

72 Women/ ^Soccer 

Above: Morgan Dresser runs with 
her opponent downfield to get to the 

Far Left: Julie Isley uses 
some fancy footwork to 
keep the ball in L-R posses- 

Left: Sheila Murphy boots 
the bail downfield. 

Below: Charlsie Downing 
works hard for another Bear 













North Florida 



Francis Marion 



S.C. Spartanburg 

I 3 


Mars Hill 



Clayton C&S 














N.C. Pembroke 








S.C. Aiken 


2001 Women 's Soccer Team 

Jessi Allgeyer, Julie Crosby, Colleen Brown, Julie Dodds, Kristen Carter, Kristen Fibbe, Erica Clontz, Jessica Clontz, Charlsie 
Downing, Hall Robinson, Colleen Regan, Julie Isley, Jennifer Kimble, Amy Westmoreland, Nikki Russell, Sheila Murphy, 
Nicole Nain, Erin Cooper, Madeline Castro, Sarah Mcllvaine, Morgan Dresser, Addle Kinstler, Heather Bender, Samantha 
Erbaugh, Head Coach Will Beddingfield, Asst. Coach Stacy King, Staff Trainer Tracy Crincoli 

Wcnnen/yScyccer 73 

flf /on; Sheila Murphy tries to Ri,i;lit: Sheila Muiphy draws 
steal the ball from her back to kick the bail downfieid. 

AI>o\'e: Charlsie Dovvnuig sli iigyles 
with an opponent to get up after a 
battle for possession of the ball. 

*C^* 74 Women/ y Soccer 


Left: Amy Westmoreland 
fights for control of the ball 
while running downfield. 

Below: Sheila Murphy regains 
her footing after falling with 
her opponent. 

Above: Julie Isley looks for a 
teammate to pass the ball to. 

Left: Goalkeeper Julie Crosby 
fights off opponents to save 
the ball from a goal by the 
visiting team. 

VU arisen/ y Soccer 75 ^^^^^if 




The Bears Volleyball team finished another winning season 
with a record of 17-13 overall and 8-6 in the South Atlantic 
Conference. Under captains Cassandra Temple and Michelle 
Baity, the Bears had a strong season with many young players 
returning next year. Senoir Michelle Baity was chosen for the 
All-SAC first team all four years she has played. Baity currentlv 
holds 12 school records. She holds all the kill records at 
Lenoir-Rhyne, including in a season (629) and in a career 
(1,626). Baity has recorded the highest hitting percentage in 
a season (.399) and in a career (.367). She was also named 
female athlete-of-the-year at Lenoir-Rhyne College. Other 
team leaders include Cassandra Stemple who also holds school 
records in setting assists and service aces. The Bears took their 
game across the Atlantic this year by traveling to Germany 
and the Czech Republic for 5 preseason games against 
international teams. 




Above Right: Michelle 
Baity slams the ball for 
another kill. 

Above: Cassandra Stemple 
sets up Michelle Baity for 
a hit. 

Above: Carolyn Prescott 
hits the ball to the setter. 

Above: Lynnae Mathia sets up the ball for a Bear point. 


Left: Miclielle Baily and Lorraine 
Clausnilzer block the opponents 

Below: Cassandra Stemple backsets 
the ball for another Bear hit. 

2001 Volleyball Team 

Loraine Clausnitzer, Megan Gandy, Lynnae Mathia, Jenny Ramsey, Brittany Parkhill, Cassandra 
Stemple, Holly Tompkins, Carolyn Prescott, Casey Ledford, Talaya Jefferson, Michelle Baity, Brandi 
Rickert, Rebekah Steinlin, Head Coach Glenda Parrish, Assistant Coach Michael Stirk, Staff Trainer 
Sue Scaffidi 

Above: Lynnae Mathia goes for 
another kill. 

VoileyhaU/ 77 '^^w 

Below: LDiiaine Claiisnitzer hits the 
ball through the block of the 

Pfeiffer 3 

Montreal 3 

North Carolina Centrol 3 

S.C. Aiken Tourney ? 

Presbyterian j 

Tusculum ? 

Gardner-Webb Tourney 3 

Carson-Newman 3 

Wingate 2 

L-R 0pp. 

C^ 7S VoUeybcM/ 

Ahove: Michelle Bait> and CaroK n Prescott go up for the block. Above: Lynnae Mathia sets up the ball for Holly 


Left: Michelle Baity gets her hit 
through the hands of the blockers. 

Below: Lon'aine Clausnitzer passes 
the ball to the setter. 

Above: Cassandra Stemple sets up 
for another hit. 

Above: Casey Ledford hits the ball from the backiow. 

Voileyhidl' 79 j^^ 



The Bears football team finished their season with a record of 3-7 
overall, and 2-5 in the South Atlantic Conference. Janieil Surratt led 
the team in scoring with 10 touchdowns and William McMillan led the 
defense with 55 solo tackles and 40 assists. With several young team 
leaders and under the direction of a new coach next year, the Bears 
look to improve on that record next season. 

Top Right: Ray Turner and 
William McMillan get the 

Above: The offensive and 
defensive line clash, not much 
of a yardage gain on this one ! 

/l/KM'f.-Jameil Surratt runs downfield 
for the first down. 

Left: Roy Dawkins and Thurston 
Johnson get another tackle for the 
Bear defense. 

Above: Paris Edwards tries to a\oid a tackle and he runs towards the 
goal line. 

\ 80 foxytbtdl 

?Io\v: Coach Bill Hart talks 
QB Brett Munier about 
e next play. 

Far Below: The Bears get pumped 
up for another game at Moretz 

tght: Quarterback Brett Munier 
lecks his offensive line before he 
isses the ball. 

Fur Right: Antoine Sutton breaks 
past a defensive player to run 


L-R 0pp. 







W.V. Wesleyan 



Carson-Newman 14 








Mars Hill 











Above: Fancy footwork 

keeps the ball in L-R 


2001 Football Team 

Paris Edwards, Patrick Henson, A.J. Driver, Kieon McLemore, Demetrius Ballard, 
Adam Mosher, Dav Robbins, Kennard France, Kent Bowen, Bill Vaughn, Brett 
.Munier, Bret Johnson, Jason Moser, Jason Phillips, Chris Mayo, Bo Arthur, 
Walker Sapp, Jameil Surratt, Antoine Sutton, Demetrius Peoples, Artivest 
Martin, Roy Dawkins, Greg Melker, Richard Bernhardt, Ronnie Melker, 
Thurston Johnson, Brian Shackman, Clint Smith, Ryan Lynch, Sam Mackey, 
J.B. Hardy, Keith Powers, Shannon Reid, Gerren Brittian, Milliam McMillan, 
Paul Pope, Branden Smith, Chris Safley, William Swift, Wince Dalton, Heath 
GiUilan, Frank Jolly, Tony Campbell, Steve Westmoreland, Jason Temples, 
David Bukauskas, Billy Holbrook, Andrew Obert, Andrew Tillery, James Randall, 
Mario Donato, Jeremy Phillips, Daniel Greene, Chris Wyatt, Chris Eichenburg, 
Bobby Cantwell, Aaron Caldwell, Rashard Littlejohn, Andrew Carter, Bryce 
Rieger, T.J. Thigpen, Matthew Harrell, Kelly Brown, Marcus Taylor, Ross 
Penland, Jeremy Ward, Larry Grissom, Michael Barker, Brad Lindamood, Ray 
Turner, Kenyon Rush, Head Coach Bill Hart, Assistant Coaches Joshua Aycock, 
Tony Coode, Ronald Bendekovic, Dick Foster, Marc Hart, Eddie Johnson, Brian 
Hoffman, Daronte Jones. Frank Leaks. Ryan Sulkowski, Glen McNamee 

Dedication to high achievement both on and off the field is 
what L-R athletes strive for. Congratulations to Marcus Taylor, 

recipient of the Voight R. Cromer Award and Ray Turner, 
recipient of the David A. Moose Memorial Award. 

Right: Jameil Surratt shakes off his 
opponent and moves the ball 

Above: Artivest Martin fights for 
possession of the ball. 

82 foxytbaH 

Left: Quarterback Brett Meunier 
looks for an open receiver to pass the 
ball to. 

Left: Brett Meunier passes the ball. 

Above: Paris Edwards tries to 
maneuver through the defense to get 
some yardage. 

f&otbulh 83 j^W 



The Lenoir-Rhyne Cross Country teams showed strong talent this 
year, especially the Women, in a successful season with top 5 finishes 
in every race. Led by junior Erin Coulter, the women consistantly 
placed near the top of the field during their races every weekend. Both 
the men and the women opened their season at Appalachian State in 
a meet where they were the only Division II team present. They ran 
among top powerhouses such as Florida State, Wake Forest, and 

Above: Gayren Leonhardt passes 
other runners to get to the front during 
a race. 

/?(g/(f.- Mike Darling and Amy Bloom 
goof off after a race and "steal" all 
the trophies. 

U/^/ff^e^^ i^ScOAl^fyO^MA 

Catawba Invitational 


Tusculum/Greene Valley Invitational 


Wingate Invitational 


The Citadel Invitational 


Furman Invitational 


SAC Fall Championship 


Front Row: Erin CouUer, Melissa Buff, Coach Jason Stewart 
Back Row: Lauren Champion, Gayren Leonhardt, Amy Bloom 

Left: The Women's team shows off 
their hard earned plaques after a good 

Below: Jon Evans keeps ahead of the 
bunch durins a race. 

Left: Melissa Buff stays ahead of the 

Front Row: Tarl Sokolitsky, Jonathan Evans, ? Back Row. 
Adam Stewart, Mike Darling, Coach Jason Stewart 

Hcpx 4 ScCAtifyO^MA 

Catawba Invitational 


Tusculum/Greene Valley 



Wingate Invitational 


The Citadel Invitational 


Furman Invitational 


SAC Fall Championship 


Right: Meghan Jolly practices her 

Below: Kelly Andrzejewski aims 
straight for the hole on the putting 


Women's Team 

Kelly Andrzejewski, Carlie Gordon, Amanda Matthews, 
Emily Allen, Meghan Jolly, not pictured: Amanda Stucky 
and Adrea Tiller 

3elow: Jason Loehrs works on his 
mtting form in practice. 


Both the men's and women's golf teams have had 
successful seasons this year, with several top finishes. 
Led by Meghan Jolly and Jason Loehrs, golf has one of 
the most successful records in L-R athletics. 

\ho\c Clinl Petiee piactices loi the \bo\c Cailie Guidon watches as 
next tournament. her teammate takes a shot. 

Men's Team 

ront Row: Bill Barlow, Kenny Hiatt, Rusty Kopp, Clint Petree, 
ack Row: Min Sung Jin, Jason Loehrs, Brian Ko, Craig Sparks 



Below: Ryan Pitts easily gets the ball 
into the basket for two points. 


The Bear's finished their season on a winning note, but lost in the 
first round of the South Atlantic Conference tournament to Tusculum. 
They finished the season with a record of 10- 17 overall and 8-6 in the 
SAC. Led by returning starters Jake Orr and Kassim Richardson, the 
Bears have a young team, and are looking forward to next season to 
build upon the victories this year. 

'''^^sHik ^^^^^^^^^^^^I^^I^^^^^^^^^^^^Bi^^^^^l 

f J 

1 1 




BSp J^Jt aKh^^l 

t • 


C^j MM 


Mjf ^ Jgjl 

Left: Gid Moser falls back after a 
shot to get away from his defender. 

^C^ ^^ ^^^y'Boi'^fhetbixU/ 

Left: Randy Mauldin goes for an 
easy layup. 

Below: Randy Mauldin keeps his 
opponent back and gets two points 
for the Bears. 

Left: Rashad Price shoots over the 
hands of his opponents. 

Me^aJyBoiketball 89 t^^ 



Charleston (W.V.) 

Brevard College 

Johnson C. Smith 

Five Towns 



Texas Christian Univ. 


N.C. Pembroke 

Armstrong Atlantic St. 







Mars Hill 







Mars Hill 


L-R Opponent 



Above: Rashad Price reaches for the 

90 Me4^yBa4rketbcdh 

Left: Randy Mauldin shoots from 
behind the 3 point hne. 

Below: Tony Connelly isn't phased 
by his opponent, and makes the shot. 


Front Row: Tony Connelly, Randy Mauldin, Gid Moser, Chris Tyrance, Roman Davis 

Back Row: Head Coach John Lentz, Kyle Morris, Ryan Pitts, Greg Hemby, Phil Yelverton, Jake Orr 

MevCy'Bci.iketbixW 91 jP 

Below: Erika Hale looks to pass the Right: Sally Logan takes a shot from 
ball to a teammate. the three point line. 




The Women's basketball team ended this season just one 
game away from the Conference finals. They had the most 
successful start in L-R history, and finished with an impressive 
record of 19-9 overall. They were eliminated in the second 
round of play in the tournament by Mars Hill. Their final 
conference record was 8-6. Led by new coach Karen Barefoot, 
the Lady Bears had some turbulent moments, but came out 
on top with a lot of great victories. 

Above: Coach Barefoot gives the 
team a pep talk during a time out. 

92 Wo-vnen/yBcv&keibcdl 

Left: Maya Grady works around her 
defender and takes a shot. 

Below: Tracy Naidas reaches up for 
a shot. 

Front Row: Shea Blacknell, Jen Shannon, Maya Grady, Erika Hale, Sally Logan, Back Row: Jon 
Pennisi, Tracy Naidas, Amber Hanks, Head Coach Karen Barefoot 

Vfotnen/VBo^fcetbo/li/ 93 


Right: Tracy Naidas dribbles arounti 
her opponent. 

Below.Amher Hanks takes a shot 
over her opponent. 

Below: Sally Logan tries 
to steal the ball from her 

94 Wome^vy 'BcoirketbcdL 

Below: Tracy Naidas goes for two 
while her opponents look on. 

[bove: Maya Grady tries to keep 
lossession of the ball moving down 

'iiglit: Shea Blacknell shoots for two 
nore Bear points. 











N.C. Pembroke 



Belmont Abbey 






Winston Salem 



St. Augustine's 






Virginia Union 






Armstrong Atl. State 



Columbus State 



Georgia College & St. 












Carson Newman 









Mars Hill 












Carson Newman 









Mars Hill 






Mars Hill 



Wo-yner^JyBci-iketfbuU/ 95 

Who is the first person by your side when your down? 
A Althetic Trainer! These students dedicate their hves to 
helping those hurt out on the court, field, or even just 
those who become injured when exercising. Students 
attend games and learn how to take care of injuries with 
the help of Trainer, Mike McGee. So if you are feeling 
like something is wrong, go see a Trainer and have 
them look at your injuiy today! 

The 2001-2002 Athletic Trainer's Team 

i 96 AthletioTrcuynlvig^ 

The Team: 

Michael DiStefano 

Kara Kent 

Carolyn Prescott 

Loraine Clausnitzer 

Ray Turner 

Josh Hudgins 

Ashley LeBarron 

Sabrina Geddes 

Brady Home 

Chris Holmes 

Joey Terrones 

Gerren Brittian 

Casey Shinault 

Greg Hemby 

Lori Conklin 

Stefanie Williams 

Joanna Roberts 

Emily Weimert 

Karen Reames 

Jessi AUgeyer 

Brandi Meuller 

AthZetioTrcvOnlng- 97 'F^- 

Cheerleading at Lenior- Rliyne is a sport just as much as foot- 
ball or basketball. Tlie LRC Cheerleading squad has recently gone 
from a co-ed stunting squad to an all girls squad. They cheer for games 
like football and basketball, but they incorportate dance, gymnastics, 
and cheerleading all into their moves. This squad certainly knows how 
to lift the spirit and pride of LRC! 

The 2001-2002 LRC Cheerleading squad 

" I have been a varsity cheerleader 
here at L-R for the past four years, 
it has been a wonderful experience 
and 1 am sad to seeit go, however, 
I am ready to move on." Senior, 
Susan Stephens 

"This is my first year cheering 
for L-R, and it has been a great 
experience. You girls are great 
and thanks for aU the wonder- 
ful times." Sophomore, 
Ashleigh Chapman 

98 Cheerlecuiing' 

Taking a break during half time for a picture. 

Chelsie Millwood, Susan Stephens, and Ashieigh 
Chapman get together at break during the home game 
against West Virgina Wesleyan Cats. 

2001-2002 Squad Members 


Jana Smith 

Susan Stephens 

Kristie Kempston 

Other Members 

Briana Buttler 
Dana Scovanner 

Ashieigh Chapman 
ChesHe Millwood 

Shanna Wasitowski 

Playing Around. The team 
plays together before the game 
at Carson-Newman. 

Jana Smith, Susan Stephens, and Kritie 
Kempston all pose after a game. 

Cheeyiecidiyyig- 99 F%'' 

W'i 100 Athletici- 










•^ ^lilM 




i|r (Hk^ 



^^^H> X 










'C* 102 AtMetloy 

Athletics 103 'FW 

Lenoir-Rhyne College is home to seven 
Greek organizations; four sororities, 
Delta Zeta, Kappa Delta, Sigma Kappa, 
and Zeta Tau Alpha, and three 
fraternities, Pi Kappa Phi, Theta Chi, 
and Theta Xi. Members of these Greek 
organizations participate in activities 
that enrich their lives and the 
communities around them by 
participating in their community 
service work in their philanthropies. 
Some of these philanthropies include 
Locks of Love, Habitat for Humanity, 
March of Dimes, PUSH America, the 
Red Cross, and the Girl Scouts of 
America. Along with their community 
service and achievement in the 
classroom, Greek life is a great way to 
make life long friends and kick back 
on the weekends at mixers or socials. 

Qr&ehk 105 ^^f 

Each year, the Greek organizations get together to celebrate 
their schohirship and service with the Ellis Boatman Greek 
Awards. This year was the 3Sth \'ear that the Greek 
organizations have had the award ceremony. They were 
awarded for their work with volunteer organizations both on 
and off campus, their athletic achievements, and their 
excellent performance in the classroom. The sorority of the 
year was Sigma Kappa and Pi Kappa Phi took home the 
Fraternity of the year award. Congratulations to all who 
work so hard to contribute to their community and better 
their lives and the lives of people around them. 

Top: Billy Van O'Linda ofThela 
Xi receives tiie Fraternity 
Sopliomorc av\'ard from last years 
recipienl. Da\id Yoder. 

Above: Steve Priestly of Tau 
Kappa Epsilon lights his candle 
from Theta Xi Crown Hoffman 
during a President's ceremony. 

Above: Michelle Baity of Sigma 
Kappa recieves the David Moose II 
Memorial Leadership award from 
Marketinsi Dir. Eric Childers. 

Above: Jade Cobb of Kappa Delta receives the Panhellenic 
Sophomore Award award from last years winner Jackie Hanselmann. 

106 QreehAwcu^di' 

Left: Irene Kenny of Sigma Kappa 
recieves the Panhellenic Pledge 
award from last years recipients 
Brandy Wellmon and Amber Beal. 

Below: Nick Jenkins of Pi Kappa 
Phi recieves the Fraternity Pledge 
award from last years winner Kris 



Greek Award Recipients not pictured 

Fraternity Leadership Gavel ~ Tony Burwell 

Laura Bland Clayton Greek Award ~ Sarah-Jane Milheim 

Al Carelli, Jr. Memorial Award ~ Michelle Baity 

McDaniel Citizenship Award ~ Ian Meeks 

Panhellenic Junior Award ~ Jackie Hanselmann 

Fraternity Junior Award ~ David Yoder 

Excelsior Award ~ Rhonda Barcomb 

Ellis Boatman Greek Award ~ Linda Anstee 

David Michael Adams Mem. Scholarship ~ David Yoder 

Sorority Scholarship Plaque ~ Sigma Kappa 

Fraternity Scholarship Plaque ~ Pi Kappa Phi 

Panhellenic Senior Award ~ Gretchen Ferris 

Fraternity Senior Award ~ Tim Rush 

Man of the Year ~ Charlie Weir 

Woman of the Year ~ Linda Anstee 

Panhellenic Greek Week Champions ~ Zeta Tau Alpha 






Above: Blair Hunneycutt of Delta 
Zeta receives the Panhellenic 
Leadership Gavel award from 
Delta Zeta President Katie Bowen. 

Above: Amber Chambers recieves 
the Jane Jenkins Presidential Cup 
award from Dr. Katherine Pasour. 

Qr&eh Awards 107 

Pi Kappa Phi is one of tliree fraternities at Lenoir-Rhyne College. Their fraternity was founded 
on December 10, 1904 in Charleston, SC. The Epsilon Rho chapter here at Lenoir-Rhyne was 
created on December 3, 1983- They were awarded the Fraternity of the Year award in 2001. This 
award takes into account many things, including grades, involvement in the community, and 
our national outreach project; PUSH America. They have the highest GPA among the fraternitie: 
and are the second largest in size. They have worked hard to earn high grades and are always 
striving to push for more excellence. They also received The Bronze Award from their national 
fraternity for raising nearly $3,000 in one year to benefit the severely handicapped through 
PUSH. Pi Kappa Phi is an experience and brotherhood like no other. The members of Pi Kappa 
Phi walk away from this school prepared for life because of what they have learned with the 
brotherhood. 0?ice a Pi Kapp, always a Pi Kapp. In school and in their lives, they perform in i 
manner because they not only believe, but they achieve. 

108 Qreeh Awards 

Sigma Kappa is one of four national sororities at Lenoir-Rliyne College. Their sorority was 
'ounded on November 9, 1874 in Waterville, ME. The Epsilon Alpha chapter here at Lenoir- 
Rhyne was created on February 24, 1962. They were awarded Sorority of the Year for the fourth 
>^ear in a row in 2001. This award takes into consideration grades, community involvement, and 
Dhilanthropy involvement. Sigma Kappa has consistently maintained the highest GPA on 
:ampus for the past five years, includes sisters in almost every major and organization on 
:ampus, and is the largest in size. For 126 years, Sigma Kappa has maintained and encouraged 
a strong standard of excellence across the nation. One of the purposes of Sigma Kappa is to 
unite its members in a sincere bond of sisterhood and friendship. Epsilon Alpha strives to hold 
true the values and standards of Sigma Kappa. With many social activities, programs to achieve 
academic excellence, philanthropic endeavors, and an active sisterhood that forms bonds that 
last a lifetime, Sigma Kappa can become a "home away from home" and offers friendship, 
companionship, scholastic assistance, leadership opportunities, meaning in your college 
associations and a firm foundation for all your days. 

Qreeh Awards 109 

Q^juii-O^CM^^^iM^yM'... XKAZTA 

Rho Chi members are 
sorority members who 
give up their sorority for 
the majority of the year 
and serve as Recruitment 
counselors to potential 
members going through 
spring recruitment. They 
are there to offer advice 
and guidance to the 
women going through the 
recruitment experience. 

^ * 


IPS fX ?% 



Emily Cobble, Cindy 
Hale, Lynnae Mathia, 
Laura Coker, Amber 
Beal, Katie Kaminska, 
Kristin Neeley, Beth 
Seagle, Erica Clontz, 
JoAnna Novak, Allison 

The Panhellenic Council 
seeks to maintain a high 
standard of sorority life 
and intersorority relations 
and compiles rules 
governing formal 

recruitment, pledging, 
and initiation practices of 
the Greek organizations. 
There are two 
representatives from each 
sororitv on the Council. 


(L-R) Advisor, Anita 
Johnson Gwin, Allison 
Cherry (ZTA), Jana 
Smith (AZ), Katie 
Kaminska (IK), Ginny 
Lee (IK), Elise Mayse 
(ZTA), Emily Owen 
(KA), Leah Williams 

110 Qr&ek^ 

Q^tcJ/L lM,C ^ Lc4^^^-K^^f^c.... 

Qreek^ 111 j^^ 

Below: Jason Call. John 
Setzer. Andrew Obert, and 
David Bukauskas, all dressed 
up and no w here to go. 

-Brothers ofTheta Xi~ 

Ian Meeks, Joey Meyer, Tony Burwell, 
Adam Coffee, Gary Kovar, Eric 
Benson, John Nelson, Will Mauney, 
Andrew Obert, Peter Huber, Jason 
Call, Dave Bukauskus, David Yoder, 
Crown Hoffman, Billy Van'Olinda, 
Jake Lougeay, Clint Smith 

OllUc^l^A^ C^'OWn Hoffman, President 
JHM 90n7 ^^^^^ Yoder, vice president 
Joey Meyer, secretary 

David Bukasks, senior steward 
Jason Call, junior steward 
Ian Meeks, Treasurer 

Theta Xi fraternity was founded at 
Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute on 
April 29, 1864. Tlie Kappa Omicron 
cliapter liere at Lenoir-Rhyne was 
establislied on September 25, 1950. 
Tlieir philanthropies are Habitat for 
Humanity and Multiple Sclerosis. 
Theta Xi's colors are azure blue and 
silver and its flower is the blue iris. 
Some famous Xi's include: Jim Voss, 
astronaut; Jim Davis, cartoonist; 
Henderson Forsyth, a.k.a. Colonel 
Sanders; Dan Costello, V.R of 
American Express; and Thomas 
Renders, basketball coach. 

Above: Gary Kovar, 
Andrew Obert, Charlie 
Weir, and Robbie 
Koontz have a little 
time for brotherly 

Left: Andrew Obert and 
Gary Kovar hang out in 
the house. 

I'ar Left: The brothers 
v\ ork the Organization 
Fair to sign up new 

/ (ft: Eric Benson, Joey 
Meyer, Gary Kover, 
and sweetheart Elise 
Mayes have fun in the 

n l^Ad^^l04^ «| £>uMc4^^c " 

Below: The sisters pose t\ 
a quick "Surviver" shot 
before their informal 
recruitment event. 

Meredith Vaughan, President 

Oll^CC^ \i^A> Alexis Harris, Executive VP 
2007-2002 KriStine Gise,VP of Membership 

KriSty Knight, VP Alumnae Relations 

-Sisters of Sigma Kappa- 

Katie Abernathy, Suzanne Alfors, Amber Anderson, 
Michelle Baity, Courtney Blakelock, Amanda Boliek; 
Christine Brock, Amanda Burkhart, Kala Campbell, 
Jessie Carroll, Emily Cobble, Victoria Coble. 
Stephanie Connor, Erin Cook, Holly Creeger, Vanessa 
Elliot, Julie Gentry, Kristine Gise, Kelley Guffey 
Alexis Harris, Maria Holland, Katie Hoyle, Katie 
Kaminska, Irene Kenny, Kristy Knight, Keya Lackey 
Ginny Lee, Mandi Ligatti, Megan Markham, Tiffany 
Miller, Kari Mofatt, Alaina Norton, Lindsay Norton, 
Misty Patterson, Rachel Payne, Andie Powers, Katie 
Redden, Kim Riggs, Alison Schmidt, Beth Seagle, 
Shelley Sehorn, Ragan Sheets, Jackie Stellar, Katie 
Stone, Rachel Strickert, Stephanie Tilley, Meredith 
Vaughan, Sarah Westmoreland, Kris Williams 

oily Creeger, VP of New Member Education 

Misty Patterson, vp of scholarship 
Christine Brock, secretary 

Mandi Ligatti, Treasurer 

Sigma Kappa was founded at Colby College 
on November 9, 1874. The Epsilon Alpha 
chapter here at Lenoir-Rhyne was established 
on February 24, 1962. Sigma Kappa's 
national philanthropies a gerontology, 
Alzheimer's disease. Inherit the Earth, and 
the Maine Seacoast Missionary Society. The 
sisters here at Lenoir-Rhyne also have local 
philanthropies to continue their work and 
make an impact in the local area. They work 
to bring their national philanthropies to a 
local level by visiting Alzheimer units and 
working with Lutherhaus and the Lutheran 
Home. Other local philanthropies include 
Project HEART and Locks of Love, which 
makes wigs for children with cancer. Its 
colors are lavender and maroon, its jewel is 
the pearl, and its flower is the violet. Some 
famous Sigma Kappas include: Susan Johne, 
Senator; Judith Guest La Vercombe, author; 
Lauren Roman, actress; Rhea Seddon, 
mission specialist for NASA; and Ashley 
Welkos, actress. 


\h()\i I he sisters 
help laise money 
at the Jump-A- 

1 hon tor their 

Left Meredith 

\ aiighan and Kristine 

Gise lei-ene awards 

iiom the National 


Far Left: The new 
members this fall 
pose for a shot on 
the hall. 

Left: Kris Williams, 
Katie Hoyle, Tonya 
Jansen, and Katie 
Kaminska have a 
great time out for 

Katie Kaminska, junior Panhellenlc 
Ginny Lee, senior Panhellenic 

Katie Kaminska, Emily Cobble, and 

^/jXfvjfv^ijf Sx^tCAJ^yoA' "to^ Lili 


Below: Some of the brothers 
hang out during the 
Homecoming parade. 

-Brothers ofTheta Chi- 

Clay Lassiter, Brett Meunier, Bo Arthur, 
Sal Baldi, Brad Baldwin, Kent Bowen, 
Billy Holbrook, Rusty Kopp, Matt 
Langford, Jason Loehrs, Chris Mayo, 
Ronnie Melker, Andrew Moose, Jason 
Mosser, Keith Powers, Dean Preston, 
Brett Raferty, Kirk Ranney, Bryce 
Rieger, Andy Shirlen, Branden Smith, 
Craig Sparks, Kyle Sprehe, Steve 

p^^^, » Clay Lassiter, President 

\T^^'^T^'^ Brett Meunier, vice President 

2001-2002 Steve Westmoreland, secretary 

Chris Mayo, Treasurer 
Jason Loehrs, Marshal 

Theta Chi was founded at Norwich 
UniversityonApril 10, 1856. The Delta 
Chi chapter at Lenoir-Rhyne was 
established on May 15, 1954. Their 
national philanthropy is the Red Cross 
and the local philanthropy for the 
Delta Chi chapter is St. Jude's 
Children's Hospital. Theta Chi's flower 
is the red carnation and its 
publication is "The Rattle." Some 
famous Chi's include: Steven 
Spielberg, movie director; Lee 
laccoca. Ford Motor Co.; Brian 
Cardinal, athlete; and "Shug" Jordan, 
football Coach. 

Above: Andy Shirlen 
and Clay Lassiter share 
a little brotherly love. 

Left: Some of the 
brothers enjoy a break 
in the Caribbean. 

Far Left: Chris Mayo 
and William Teem 
hano out. 

Left: Ashley Dinney at 
a party with some of 
the brothers. 

Below: A group of sisters take 
few minutes out of tlieir busy 
day for a group picture. 

-Sisters of Delta Zeta- 

Ashleigh Benfield, Amy Bloom, Katie Bowen, 
Nikki Brown, Beth Canestrano, Madeline 
Castro, Lara Cato, Lauren Cerati, Ashleigh 
Chapman, Colleen Cox, Ashley Dinney, 
Samantha Erbaugh, Micaela Glenn, Brittney 
Hart, Blair Huneycutt, Summer Huneycutt, 
Maria Kent, Adrienne Lail, Amanda Lane, 
Tiffany Lee, Natia Loney, Lynnae Mathia, 
Melissa McConnell, Tiffany Menze, Kati 
Meyer, Sarah Jane Milheim, Mandy Miller, 
Jenny Payseur, Colleen Regan, Sarah Ross, 
Jana Smith, Shelley Smith, Jennifer Sterling, 
Alison Williams, Hannah Zimmerman 

Katie Bowen, President 

U^x^CVl Y^A ^luy Bloom, VP of Membership 

2001-2002 Amanda Lane, vp Programs 

Summer Huneycutt, vp of New Member Education' 
Colleen Cox, secretary 
Ashleigh Chapman, Treasurer 

Delta Zeta was founded at Miami 
University (Oliio) on October 24, 1902. 
Tlie Zeta Xi ciiapter liere at Lenoir-Rliyne 
was establislied in I96I. Delta Zeta's 
national philanthropy is hearing impaired 
and deaf awareness and services. As a 
sorority, they strive to educate the 
community about the hearing impaired 
while also raising funds for various 
organizations including the National 
Delta Zeta Foundation and the North 
Carolina School for the Deaf. The Zeta Xi 
chapter's local philanthropy is the March 
of Dimes. Each year, the sisters of Delta 
Zeta participate in WalkAmerica that 
support the fight against birth defects. 
Delta Zeta's flower is the Kilarney Rose, its 
colors are pinl^ and green, and its mascot 
is the turtle. Some famous DZ"s inckide: 
Anne Rice, author; Sharon Stone, actress; 
Betty Crocker, cook and author; and 
Florence Henderson, actress. 

Aho\ e The sisters 
ield\ dttei the human 
led iibbon v\ith ALFA. 

Lcf! A guHip ol sisters 
is gets iead\ to cheei for 
the Beais' 

Far Left: Katie Bowen, 
Kenny Payseur, Shelley 
Smith, and Ashley 
Dinney hang out during 
the Teeter Totter-A- 

Left: Beth Canestrano, 
Tia Loney, and Katie 
Bowen pose for a quick 

Beth Canestrano, Academics I t /I » /} I t , /I 

Tiffany Miller junior Panhellenlc rjclj^ix^ ^i^sj^f d^^i^ OA^A ^^^, M/^tS 

J , enior an e enic "J^C 'tl^x^xX 'CJ. j,'^\'C4^A4't*^t^ ^i^ tSJ^/Uf ^CA^ 

Lynnae Mathia, Rho chi y v y v / 

^'^m EE 



Below: The Pi Kapps 
had a great bid day! 



Terry Donaher, Archon 

Tim Baird, vice Archon 
Nate Davidson, Treasurer 
Kris Litman, secretary 

-Brothers of Pi Kappa Phi- 
Tim Baird, Shawn Bryant, Dick 
Buff, Blake Burks, Joe 
Cannarozzi, J. P. Cima, Kyle 
Cornwell, Nate Davidson, Terry 
Donaher, Mike lannucci, Nick 
Jenkins, Derek Justice, Kris 
Litman, Cliff Miller, and Andrew 

Kyle Cornwell, warden 

Cliff Miller, Historian 

Derek Justice, chaplain 

Pi Kappa Phi was founded at [he College 
of Charleston on December 10, 1904. 
The Epsilon Rho chapter here at Lenoir- 
Rhyne was established on December 3, 
1983. The Pi Kapps are the only 
fraternity to start its own national 
outreach program, PUSH America, 
which serves as both the national and 
local philanthropy activity for the 
fraternity. Pi Kappa Phi is the fastest 
growing fraternity in the nation. Its 
colors are gold and white, the auxiliary 
color is blue, and the flower is the red 
rose. Some famous Pi Kapps include: 
Jim Edmonds, athlete; Rich Eisen, sports 
anchor; David Goodnow, news anchor; 
Tommy Lasorda, former baseball 
manager; Randy Owen, musician; Joe 
Sewell, athlete; Thomas Wolfe, author; 
and Ben Overton, Court Justice in FL. 

Above: Nick Jenkins, 
Tim Baird. and Brian 
Collins hang out at a 
football game. 

Left: Homecoming with 
the Pi Kapps. ah so 
much fun! 

Far Left: Pi Kappa Phi 
Rose Queen Sarah Jane 
Milheim takes a quick 
picture with the 

Left: Lee Baldonado 
and Blake Burks hang 
out in the house. 

Stuf/h^ Bi^yUC^ tc^ CmjC 

Below: The KD"s pose 
with their dates at their 
formal gathering. 

-Sisters of Kappa Delta- 

Erin Banks, Amber Beal, Lori Beck, Kara Birdwell, 
Danielle Black, Sheena Black, Amity Bohannon, 
Briana Butler, Lauren Champion, Leigh Chandler, 
Anna Cloninger, Erica Clontz, Jade Cobb, Katie Collins, 
Sarah Cox, Charlsie Downing, Katie Farmer, Lauren 
Goss, Cindy Hale, Becky Hogue, Brady Home, Kim 
Hunt, Elizabeth Huss, Mary-Margaret Jackson, Talaya 
Jefferson, Kristie Kempston, Lisa Kimball, Miriam Kirk, 
Audrey Kreske, Dani Lambeth, Ashley Lawless, Ashley 
LeBarron, Amanda Lemons, Kristin Little, Kelli 
Macijewski, Cheslie Millwood, Anne Monroe, Sheila 
Murphy, Kristin Neely, Abbey Norwood, Emily Owen, 
Melissa Ortega, Jenny Parsons, Andi Penley, Crystal 
Perault, Kristi Pfaffendorf, Erin Pressley, Angie 
Saunders, Dana Scovanner, Amber Starbuck, Susan 
Stephens, Katie Thompson, Shannon Torrez, Leah 



Leigh Chandler, president Jenny Parsons, VP of New Member Education 

Amber Starbuck, vp standards Audrey Kreske, secretary 

Elizabeth Huss, vp of Membership Kristi Pfaffendorf, Treasurer 

cheslie Millwood, vp public Relations Charlsie Downing, Asst. Treasurer 

Kappa Delta was founded on October 
23, 1897 at Longwood College in 
Farmville, Virginia. Its Gamma Chi 
chapter here at Lenoir-Rhyne was 
created in I962. Philanthropies 
include the Girl Scouts of America, 
National Committee to Prevent Child 
\buse, Children's Hospital of 
Richmond, VA, American Academy of 
Orthopedic Surgeons Research 
\wards, and the Children's Protection 
Council of Hickory. The Colors are 
3live green and emerald green, the 
sorority jewels are the diamond, 
emerald, and pearl, and the flower is 
:he white rose. Some famous KDs 
include: Pearl Buck, author; Dr. 
Bonnie Bunbar, astronaut; Debra 
Vlaffett, Miss America 1983; and Suzy ^ '^ 
Spaford, creator of Suzy Zoo. 

Above: Anne Monroe 
and Katie Thompson 
have a httle free time, 
don't ya think? 

Left: A group of the 
sisters hangs out in 
Hickory for the night. 

Far Left: Amber 
Farling. Mary Margaret 
Jackson. Amber 
Starbuck, and Amber 
Beal get together on St. 
Patty's day. 

Left: New members 
hang out on the hall. 

Leah Williams, Panheiienic "/ -y -y ' I -iff -4 ff'ff' 

Amber Beal, Erica Clontz, Cindy t£* i*4 WU^t jjC/l ii^M ii/^^f^ ^ 

Hale, and Kristin Neely, Rho cm 

^/h^A/^jU, C^^UA^t^Jf/fy^ " 






Below: Beth Daino, Jennifer 
Amos. Linda Anstee, Jackie 
Hanselmann. Mary Setzer. and 
Laura Welch hang out with Joe 

-Sisters ofZeta Tau Alpha- 

Cynthia Agate, Jennifer Amos, Rhonda: 
Barcomb, Shannon Brother, Shannonni 
Cameron, Lynzie Carter, Allison Cherry, 
Laura Coker, Elizabeth Daino, Leslie 
Doiron, Heather Fauber, Alicia 
Hainsworth, Jackie Hanselmann, 
Suzanne Jackson, Amanda Jowers, Elise 
Mayse, Bekki Meyers, JoAnna Novak, 
Ingrid Nuss, Anna Scott, Mary Setzer, 
Pamela Small, Mackenzie Smart, 
Christine Sommer, Audrey Stell, Jennifer 
Tomalka, Laura Welch 

riU' 6 Laura Welch, President 

oAn/f nr\f>n J^^'^^^^^^ AmOS, First Vice President 

Z.UU J-OJyJL Amanda Jowers, second vice President 

Jackie Hanselmann, Third vice President 

Mary Setzer, secretary 

Anna Scott, Treasurer 

Leslie Doiron, Ritual 
Christine Sommer, scholarship 

Zeta Tau Alpha was founded at 
Longwood College in Farmville, VA 
on October 15, 1898. The Delta 
Omicron Chapter here at Lenoir- 
Rhyne was established on February 
17, 1962. The national philanthropy 
is the Susan G. Komen Breat Cancer 
Foundation. The sisters at Lenoir- 
Rhyne work hard to help on a national 
and local level. The colors are 
turquoise blue and steel gray, its 
flower is the white violet, and some of 
its symbols are the five-pointed crown 
and the strawberry. Some famous 
Zeta's include: Susan Ford Bales, 
Phyllis George Brown, Betty Buckley, 
Faith Skowronski Daniels, Lynda 
Johnson Robb, and Dr. Ellen Taaffe 

Above: A group of 
sisters gets ready for 

Left: Elise Mayse and 
Mary Setzer work at 
the race for a cure. 

Far Left: The sisters 
hang out at the Xi 

Left: Shannon Bruther 
and Bekki Myers show 
a little sisterly love. 

Audrey Stell, Historian/Reporter 
Allison Cherry, Panhellenlc 

Allison Cherry, Laura Coker, and 
JoAnna Novak, Rho chi 


'^^ i26 (7 reefed 


StiAdeyxt^ 129 j^^W' 

Graduating Class of 2002 

Ashley Abee 
hit 7 Busiuess/Psycbology 

James Arthur 
Elementary Education 

Michael Averett 

Michelle Baity 
Occupational Therapy 

Lindsay Bertram 

Salvador Baldi 
Business Administration 

Rhonda Barcomb 
Music Education 

Danielle Black 

Kimberly Blankenship 
Elementary Education 

Timothy Baird 
Environmental Science 

Amber Beat 
Human & Comm. Services 

Amanda Boliek 

^^^ 130 ChMr^ of 1002 

Katherine Bowen 
Elementary Education 

Justin Bradford 
Business Administration 

Arlene Brett 

Melissa Buff 
Int'l Business/Spanish 

Jason Call 

Israel Campbell 
Business Administration 

Lacey Cannon 
Human & Comm. Services 

Shannon Bruther 
Theater Arts/English 

Beth Canestrano 

Jared Caputo Jesse Carroll Lara Cato 

Sports Management Human & Comm. Services/ Psych Psychology 

Cla^oflOOl 131 

Leigh Chandler 

Erica Clontz Adam Coffey Caron Coffey 

Health & Exercise Science Computer Information Systems Philosophy/Elem. Educatio?/ 

Laura Coker Charles Cox Marissa Crane 

Ills Studies/ Philosophy Computer Information Systems Sociology/Human & Comm. Serv. 

Natasha Crouse 

Ashma Davidson 

Catherine Davidson 
Psvch./Human & Comm. Serv. 

Deanna Deal 

Terry Donaher 

1^^ HI Cla4^of2002 

Jennifer Downs 
Business Education 

Amber Ervin 
Elementary Education 

Jill Franjone 
Elementary Education 

Sara Drebes 
Religious Studies 

Heather Emery 
Hearing Impaired 

Samantha Erbaugh 

Joseph Farrar 
Theatre Arts 

Joseph Favero 
Pre-Medical Science 

Trad Gescak 

Kelley Guffey 

Stacy Feldstein 

Terrah Halm 
Elementary Education 

CldHi'ofZOOZ 133 "j^W 

Heidi Holland 
Graphic Design 

Summer Huneycutt 

Kemp Iddings 

Justi Jackson 
Elementary Education 

Mary Margaret Jackson 

Talaya Jefferson 

Rica Johnson 
Elementary Education/Math 

Meghan Jolly 
Business Administration 

f^^ 13^- Cla^oflOOl 

Matthew Langford 
Business Administration 

Jennifer Lawson 

Ginny Lee 
Theatre Arts 

Qiyren Leonhardt 
Business Admifustration 

Cla^oflOOl 135 

Amanda Ligatti 

Rebecca Malec 
Occupational Tljerapy 

Hope Martin 
Eletnentary Education 

Kristin Little 

Natia Loney 

Kyle Loivman 

Jennifer Marquardt 

Margaret Marriott 
Elementary Education 

Lyn)iae Mathia 

Wendy Mease 

Artivest Martin 
Business Administration 

Ian Meeks 

^^^ 136 Cla4ryof2002 

Royal Metze 
Human & Comm. Services 

Jessica Minton 
Elementary Education 

Gideon Moser 
Sports Management 

Sarah-Jane Milheim 
Religious Studies 

Mandy Miller 

Anna Mitcham 

Anne Monroe 
Religious Studies 

Tracy Moulton 
Elemtary Education 

Sheila Muipby 
Sports Manageme?it 

Scott Miller 
Business Administration 

Andrew Moose 
Political Science 

Kristin Neely 
Occupational Therapy 

Cla^ofZOOZ 137 

Joseph Nichols 

Morgan Patton 
Pre-Medical Science 

Diane Phillips 

Amanda Nicks 

joAnna Novak- 
Religious Studies 

Misty Patterson 
Occupational Werapy 

Rachel Payne 

Andrea Penley 
Elementary Educatiofi 

Kristi Pfajfendorf 

Paul Pope 
Sports Management 

Amanda Pritchard 
Human & Comm. Services 

Toshia Pus: 
Business Administration 

*^^ 138 Cla4ri'Of2002 


Bret Rafferty Kirk Ranney 

Computer Information Systems History 

Bryce Reiger 
International Business 

Harmony SchilHttg 

Ragan Sheets 
Occupational Therapy 

Beth Seagle 
Elementary Education 

Telisha Seagle 

Andy Shirlen 

Craig Sizemore 
Business Administration 

Courtney Satterfield 

Elaine Seter 
Physical Education 

Adam Sladcik 
Occupational Tljerap] 

Cla^ofZOOZ 139 

jaiid SDiilb 
Health & Exercise Science 

i'i/ii Sokolilsky 
lii/erNciiioiuil iMulions 

RoDiaii S/)iirks 
Efivironmenlal Science 

Kyle Spirhe 
B//siiiess Adniinislratioii 

Amber Starbuck 
PoUHcal Science 

Andre)' Stell 

)Co}iih' Slcirdvl 
Eleiiiciildry F.ducdtioii 

SiiSiDi Sli)isoii 
(.'o/n/udcr Infornidlion Sysle/ns 

Kiniherlv Troulnuin 

Kimberly Spencer 
Co/n/)uler Science 

Susan Stephens 

Bill Vaiigban 

%^ 1^^^ Class of Z002 

wK d 

Meredith Vaughn 

Richard Wilson 
Computer Information Systems 

May Xee Yang 

Uzma Zakai 

Laura Welch 

Amy Whitmer 

I'dsha Williams 
Elementary Education 

Marion Winter 

Jamie Woods 
Elementary Education 

Chris Wyatt 
Sports Management 

Ya Yang 
Political Science 

David Yoder 

Kevin Yount 
Sports Management 

cUm'ofzooz m-1 


Elizabeth Abnernathy, Classics 

Ann Annas, Business Administration 

Lydia Austin, Human & Coram. Services 

Carla Baily, Human & Coram. Services 

Katherine Baker, Accounting 

David Baldwin, Chemical Technology 

Duane Barron, Science Education 

Richard Bernhardt, Physical Education 

Kevin Bowman, Human & Coram. Services 

Teresa Brackett, Political Science 

Phillip Brewer, Computer Information Systems 

Michael Brittain, Political Science 

Britt Brookshire, Business Administration 

Amy Brown, Elementary Education 

Pamela Burgess, Occupational Therapy 

Amanda Burke, Computer Information Systems 

Patrick Burks, Mathematics 

Michele Bush, Sociology 

Jessica Caldwell, Elementary Education 

Steven Canterbury, Business Administration 

Kara Cantoni, Occupational Therapy 

Robin Chambers, Nursing 

Crystall Chapman, Nursing 

Nicholas Cherry, Business Administration 

Casey Childers, Political Science 

Paula Church, Nursing 

Cody Clark, Business Administration 

Angela Clawson, Business Administration 

Arber Click, Business Adrainistration 

Krista Conley, Business Adrainistration 

Michael Connor, Political Science 

Michael Costello, Sacred Music 

Robert Cummings, Biology 

Carole Curtis, Nursing 

Kristin Daugherty, Occupational Therapy 

Desarae Davis, Elementary Education 

Michael DiStefano, Sports Medicine 

Gregory Dotson, Religious Studies 

Lori Dowell, Nursing 

Lisa DuBry, Biology 

Delta Dula, Coraputer Inforraation Systems 

Kiraberly Elkins, Occupational Therapy 

Jaraie Elliott, Computer Inforraatiori Systems 

Ryan Erikson, English 

Margaret Fenley, Business Adrainistration 

Travis Ferrie, Bilogy 

Bryan Fleming, French 

Donna Flowers, American Studies 

Heather Franklin, Religious Studies 

Rhonda Gantt, Psychology 

Donald Garris, Pre-Engineering 

Kelly Gernert, Biology 

Amy Gragg, Business Adrainistration 

Thoraas Griffin, Business Adrainistration 

Erika Hale, Elementary Education 

Matthew Harrell, History Education 

Tashina Hartley, Nursing 

Cristy Hartsell, Nursing 

Toby Hayes, Comraunication 

Stephanie Helms, Elementary Education 

Leah Hickman, Political Science 

Alan High, Political Science 

Williara Holbrook, Economics 

Andrew Hotchkiss, Sports Management 

Molly Houk, Occupational Therapy 

Douglas Huffman, Business Administration 

Amber Hunt, Nursing 

Angela Hyde, Psychology 

Julie Ingle, Human & Coram. Services 

Stephanie Isenhour, Psychology 

Matthew Jenkins, Sports Management 

Bret Johnson, Coraputer Aided Graphic Design 

Angela Jolly, English 

Gregory Joplin, Coraputer Science 

\ m-2 Qrcu^AMXtin^Cla^oflOOl 

Lydia Kanupp, Elementary Education 

Amy Kari, Philosophy 

Joseph Karrs, Political Science 

Cynthia Kennett, Physical Education 

Amy Kilby, Nursing 

InAe Kim, Biology 

Kristin Knight, Biology 

Jaime Kratts, Accounting 

Melissa Lail, Elementary Education 

Joshua Lamb, Business Administration 

Anna Lehmans, Music 

Kimberly Lingerfelt, Elementary Education 

Blake Lippard, Music Performance 

Shanna Littlejohn, Nursing 

Pa Lor, Psychology 

Samuel Luster, Business Administration 

Edward Max, Business Administration 

Debbie McCurr)s Business Administration 

Patti Mclntire, Accounting 

Susan McVey, Business Administration 

Eric Mecimore, Political Science 

Sarah Millwood, Economics 

Bryan Misenheimer, Communication 

Cory Morgan, Physical Education 

Mary Morrison, Accounting 

Emily Mostellar, Computer Science 

Nancy MulhoUand, Human & Comm. Services 

Shelley Mundy, Psychology 

Gina Myers, Business Administration 

Brent Nichols,. Sports Management 

Joshua Orr, Sports Management 

Barbara Osborne, Business Administration 

Michelle Pearson, Nursing 

Stephanie Petty, Occupational Therapy 

Sherri Pollack, Elementary Education 

David Porter, Mathematics 

Amanda Powers, Elementary Education 

Glenn Propst, Comptuer Information Systems 

Lesley Queen, Occupational Therapy 

Moore Rabb, Business Administration 

Robbin Ramseur, Accounting " " "'" 

Channon Redmond-Allison, Teacher Certification 

Lynne Reed, Sacred Music 

Matthew Reese, Computer Science 

Christopher Rome, Accounting 

Stephanie Ruppe, Occupational Therapy 

Kristin Sandlian, Political Science 

John Savage, Business Administration 

Brooke Schrum, Nursing 

David Sergeant, Sports Medicine 

Michael Shehan, Business Administration 

Angela Simmons, Communication 

Adrianne Sisk, B-K Education 

Brian Smith, Psychology 

Amy Sowers, Nursing 

Cassandra. Stemple, Health & Exercise Science 

Leslie Stilwell, Nursing 

Robert Stone, Computer Aided Graphic Design 

Joshua Strickland, Computer Science 

Antoine Sutton, Accounting 

Christopher Sweet, Psychology 

Amy Taylor, Nursing 

Lawrence Terry, Computer Science 

Matthew Thomas, Accounting 

Adrea Tiller, Biology 

Katherine Trier, Sacred Music 

Donna Walker, Nursing 

Amy Walls, Nursing 

Benny Waters, Computer Information System 

Linda Weaver, Accounting 

William Weir, Sports Medicine 

Maria Whisnant, Elementary Education 

Carla White, Accounting 

Kathy Whitener, Business Administration 

Randall Williams, Accounting 

Joel Wiszowaty, Human & Comm. Services 

Bria Worthington, Business Administration 

Andrew Wrike, Sports Management 

Donald Yarnell, Sociology 

James Young, Secondary Education 

Debra Yount, Human & Comm. Services 

Jeremy Zanotto, Chemistry 

(^rcxd^Auttng^Clojrir-ofZOOZ 1^3 '^^ 

Sc4^/l QIm^ F^'Ctt 

Class President, Kristie Kempston 

Class size, 200 

Senior Class gift, Garden, dedicated to 

victims of the September 11, 

2001 terrorist attacks 

Graduation Date, May 11, 2002 


144 QraduutiAV^Cla^ofZOOZ 

Colleen Anderson 

Mary Bell 

Douglas Blackburn 

Amy Bloom 

Alicia Brown 

Richard Buff 

David Bukauskas 

Robin Ciavardini 

Jennifer Clontz 

Daniel Clover 

Emily Cobble 

Stephanie Co:xner 

Erin Coulter 

Colleen Cox 

Michael Darling 

Leslie Doiron 

Barbara Eanes 

Nicole Fox 

Sabrina Geddes 

Scarlett Good 

% m-e Cla^of2003 

Lauren Goss 
Alexis Harris 
Mary Hining 
Maria Holland 
Jennifer Holt 

Katie Hoyle 
Elizabeth Huss 
April Icard 
Lisa Isenhour 
Suzanne Jackson 

Nathan Johnson 
Derek Justice 
Maria Kent 
Amy Kilby 
In Ae Kim 

Audrey Kreske 
Kristin Kriedt 
Amanda Lane 
Clayton Lassiter 
Ashlev Le Barron 

Cla^ofZOOS m-7 *r 

Mary Allison Miller 

Tiffany Miller 

Emily Moore 

Jason Mosser 

Alaina Norton 

Andrew Obert 

Jenny Parsons 

Alan Payne 

Jenny Payseur 

Katie Redden 

'Ci 1^8 CloM'ofZOOi 

Shannon Reid 
Jamie Rudisill 
Angela Saunders 
Erik Schmitt 
Dana Scovanner 

Denis Slivka 
Ronald Small 
MacKenzie Smart 
Michael Smith 
Christine Sommer 

Adam Stewart 
Catherine Stone 
Jameil Surratt 
William Teem 
David Wallinger 

Robert Whitley 
Kristin Williams 
Lindsay Witherspoon 
Catherine Wood 

ChMi-ofZOOS m-9 'FW 

Whitney Adams 

Cynthia Agate 

Kelly Aldridge 

Suzanne Alfors 

Amber Anderson 

Kelly Andrzejewski 

Michael Barker 

Lori Beck 

Kara Birdwell 

Sheena Black 

Ryan Blake 

Amitv Bohannon 

William Bowers 

Kristen Braun 

Kathryn Brown 

Kathryn Browneil 

Kala Campbell 

Lynzie Carter 

Lauren Champion 

Ashleigh Chapman 

Jennifer Clark 

Jessica Clontz 

Sarah Cochran 

Katie Collins 

Erin Cook 
Cynthia Coy 
Courtney Credle 
Monica Crouse 
Tiffany Deal 
Meredith Deaton 

Marian DiUinghan 
Morgan Dresser 
Christopher Eberl 
Karen Edmiston 
Paris Edwards 
Mark Erikson 

Kathryn Farmer 
Heather Fauber 
Megan Gandy 
Julie Gentry 
Chiquita Gibbs 
Adrienne Goebel 

Kimberly Greer 
Adam Hall 
Amanda Hartness 
Ashely Holland 
Carla Hood 
Peter Huber 

Blair Huneycutt 

Julie Isley 

Gregory Jacobs 

Nicholas Jenkins 

Minsung Jin 

Frank JoUv 

Jacquelyne Jones 

Irene Kenny 

Jennifer Kimble 

Adrienne Lail 

Ashley Lawless 

Casey Ledford 

Tiffany Lee 

Leah Long 

Jacob Lougeay 

Rachel Lukas 

Brett Lybrand 

Sarah MacAskill 

Megan Markham 

Randy Mauldin 

Melissa McConnell 

Samuel McCracken 

Aimee McLean 

William McRae 

Kari Moffatt 
Tia Morris 
Judy Mull 
Christa Musgrove 
Rebecca Myers 
Leia Nance 

Lindsay Norton 
Keiera Norwood 
Rebeccah Oles 
( rvstal Perault 
Oaniel Pinyan 
1 iffany Ramseur 

Justin Ricliards 
Kimberly Riggs 
Morgan Ruddock 
\'icole Russell 

\lison Schmidt 

\nna Scott 

Stephen Shuck 
Thomas Skora 
CUnt Smith 
Jacqueline Stellar 
Sharnell Sumic 
lennifer Tomalka 

Joshua Tysinger 
Brian Watson 
(■wen Watts 
■-tacv Will 
I eah Williams 
knnberly Yeaton 

Brooke Agner 

Emily Allen 

Jessica Amone 

Leslee Baker 

Meghann Barnes 

Benjamin Bedoussac 

Amanda Bell 

Emily Bleiweiss 

Derek Braun 

Melissa Brotherton 

Megan Broucht 

Heather Burleson 

Robert Burwell 

Laura Campbell 

Michael Cashin 

Sarah Casteele 

Mark Chambers 

Jamie Ciotta 

Jamie Clark 

John Clotfelter 

Joshua Collins 

Julia Conrad 

Erin Cooper 

Gretchen Cox 

Jillian Cratsley 

Gavin Crutchfield 

Angela D' Albora 

Natasha Deal 

Matthew Decker 

Sabrina Doan 

Ondria Durocher 

Dana Egan 



Stephanie Esposito 

Megan Eudy 

"4 154 Cla^ofZOOS 

Jonathan Evans 
Kindra Filson 
Sharon Fink 
Sarah Fisher 
Christopher Frallicciardi 

Aubrey Frazier 
Tarren Furches 
Jessica Gaines 
Moira Gannon 
Lea Goodson 

Carlie Gordon 
Amanda Gulino 
Elizabeth Hart 
Erin Hayden 
Abbigayle Haynes 

Zachary Hellie 
Lindsay Henson 
Jane Hodges 
Jennifer Hoffman 
Christopher Holmes 

Stephanie Houser 
Jennifer Howard 
Victoria Hudson 
April Huffman 
Amanda Hurt 

Krystal Hussain 
Angela Isenhour 
Susan Jackson 
Sarah Jarrett 
Tammie Johnson 

Lucas Jones 
Karrie Kiser 
Trinity Kitts 
Bumyoung Ko 
Kerry Kolster 

ClcWr-ofZOOS 155 FW 

Dustin Lippert 

Kristen Louree 

Catherine Lynn 

Angela Marr 

Jessica Mason 

Heather Maxwell 

Kelly Mazone 

Micah McDade 

Sarah McIIvaine 

Sarah MilhoUand 

Erica Miller 

Skye Mills 

Amy Millsaps 

Lydia Millsaps 

Natalie Minyard 

Kara Moose 

Dominique Morgan 

Laura Neesmith 

Jaysond Neill 

Ingrid Nuss 

Stacey Nyitrai 
Patrick O'Shea 

Brittany Parkhill 
Cassie Parsons 

Jamie Pendleton 

John Pennisi 

Heather Peterson 

Clinton Petree 

Kathryn Phillips 

Jessica Pomeroy 

Stephanie Potoczny 

Adam Pryor 

Melissa Ranson 

Mary Richbourg 

Brandi Rickert 

% 156 Cla^of2005 

Erica Ritchie 
Allison Roberts 
Courtney Robinson 
Stephen Ryan 
Cecil Saunders 

Brian Scheckman 
Amanda Simmons 
Normandy Smith 
Adam Stafford 
Rebekah Steinlin 

Stephanie Stewart 
Belle Stork 
Amand Stucky 
James Sullivan 
Ashley Taylor 

Pamela Teague 
Joseph Terrones 
Holly Tompkins 
Ingrid Uhlenhopp 
Megan Van Huss 

Laura Voelkert 
Eric Wallace 
James Wallace 
Ari Warnicke-Smith 
Joseph Weaver 

Emily Weimert 
Jessica White 
Stefanie Williams 
Katherine Wilson 
Erika Wolson 

Marianne Wysong 
Christopher Yoimg 
Allison Yount 

CloM^ofZOOS 157 rW 




Most people remember college by the 
football games, parties, and student 
events they attended on the weekends, but 
the reason we are all here is to learn. 
Without our education we could not 
achieve the goals we all strive to reach in 
life. The academics at Lenoir-Rhyne offer 
us an abundance of opportunities both 
inside and outside of the classroom. With 
over sixty degrees available, L-R offers 
students a chance to expand their 
horizons by combining the liberal arts 
with professional skills that are sought 
after by employers after students 
graduate. Outside of the classroom there 
are clubs and honorary societies for 
certain fields of study With an excellent 
student to faculty ratio, each student is 
offered special individual attention that 
isn't present at every school. Together the 
students and faculty create an exciting 
atmosphere for learning. 

Acade^nicy 159 

Dr. Ryan LaHurd came to Lenoir-Rhyne in 1994 as the college's 10th president. He previously served as vice president for 
academic affairs and dean of the college at Augsburg College in Minneapolis since 1985. Prior to that appointment, he 
was associate professor of English and chair of the department at Thiel College, Greenville, Pa. from 1977 to 1985 and 
assistant professor of English and Chair of the Department at Allentown College, in Center Valley, 1973-77. He has also 
completed post-doctoral study at Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute and the Institute for Educational Management at 
Harvard University. ' i 

He has been a frequent speaker and writer on issues related to politics, history and culture of the Middle East and has ' 
received three Fulbright Fellowships, including one in Yemen and one in Syria. He is a Rotarian and is a member of the 
Board of Division for Higher Education and Schools for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. He has also served 
as president of the Association of Lutherans of Arab and Middle Eastern Heritage of the ELCA. He is a Director of the 
Lutheran Theological Seminary in Gettysburg, Pa. and publication editor of the Study Commission on Issues of Peace ] 
and War for the Lutheran Church in America. 1 

He is married to Dr. Carol Schersten LaHurd, a theology professor, and is the father of two children. His interests include 
running, skiing, biking and gourmet cooking. 

160 Pr&irident LaHurd/ 

(L-R) Skip Dulstine, VP for Admmistratmi and Finance; Teri Lemons, VP for 

Institutional Advaficement; President LaHurd; Anita Johnson Gwin, VP for Student 

Affairs and Dean of Students; Wayne Powell, VP and Dea7i of Academic Affairs 

The four Vice Presidents at Lenoir-Rhyne oversee the main departments of the college, 
Administration and Finance, Institutional Advancement, Student Affairs, and Academic 
Affairs, and they also are members of the Presidents Cabinet. 

Vice^PreM^dercty 161 ^ 

>C4t ntt-f\^i/0AA4^ Sc/i^A' Hm^c 

Terry Donaher is a Communications major from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He is a member of Pi 
Kappa Piii, wliere lie has held several leadership positions including Archon. Terry has also been 
involved with Student Government Association as Chief Justice during his junior year. He is an 
Admissions Ambassador, and is also a Dagger Man for Kappa Delta sorority. He also held the 
position as a RA in Fritz-Conrad for 2 years. He also works in athletics in several different ways, 
including line judging for women's volleyball. Terry was a nominee for Homecoming King in 2001 
and has been actively involved in Campus Activities Board. He has also worked with the Lenoir- 
Rhynean and served as a Prologue leader. 

162 Be^AlL-Arcyvind' 

>c/it n'lJ<--n^i^^i^^i^ Sc^h^^ f e^KA^e 

Sarah Jane Milheim is a Religious Studies major from Cliarlotte, NC. Slie lias been involved with 
Delta Zeta sorority and is the Rose Queen for Pi Kappa Phi. She has given a lot of her time to Circle 
K, a community service organization, and has also been involved with Campus Activities Board. She 
has served as a Prologue leader and was also on the Queens Court for Homecoming 2001. 

Beat All- A rounds 163 



At L-R, ever}' student has a opportunit}' to study abroad and man\' do take full advantage of this experience. Students who have a chance to participate in another 
culture with first hand experience learn more about themselves and the culture than they would have if they had stayed at home. Students have the possibilities 
of taking a summer, semester or even year abroad if wished. This experience abroad can change a student's life and it will, because they have learned so much 
about that culture and themselves dian they ever could have imagined. Students who participate in this usually have a much deeper knowledge about the worid 
in which they live in, enhance their communication skills between people of different cultures as well as their own, create exciting distinctions on their resumes, 
and offer more to an employer than a nomial student would nonnally have. Students at L-R have the possibilit}' of participating in one of the summer sessions 
in Ecuador; Central College with Choices of Australia, Great Britain, France, Mexico, the Netheriands, or Spain; Arcadia Universit)' in the United Kingdom, 
Australia, Austria, Ireland, Greece, and Mexico; International University Studies in Spain, Institute of American Universities in France, Millersville University 
at Marburg University in Germany, University of Evansville's Hariaxton Program, Moscow University of Consumer Cooperatives in Russia, and Wake Forest 
Universit\-/SASASAAS. From the different schools, students tend to learn more about the culture and themselves from just by visiting and participating in events 
and not onlv in the classrooms in which thev sit to learn. 

Right: Erin Coulter and a 
friend have fun in Greece. I> JSi 

Above Right: J. P. 
Cima learns to make 
fabric designs while in 

Above Far Right: Lindsay 
Bertram in Greenwich 

5^ 164 Study Ahroud/ 

Above: Amanda Stames and 
Morgan Paton visit the Cata- 
combs of Paris. 

Top: Jade Cobb visits Saint 
Tropez while studyin in Aix En 


Ashley Abee, Spain 

Eric Benson, England 

Lindsay Bertram, England 

Katie Cartwright, Spain 

Daniel Clover, Scotland 

Erin Coulter, Harlaxton 

Sarah Del Aguila Austrailia 

Samantha Erbaugh, Austria 

Kelley Guffey, Prance 

Alicia Hainsworth, Wales 

Mary Elizabeth Mining, England 

Nathan Johnson, Italy 

KristinMedt, Scotland 

Brendan Malanga, Wales 

Elise Mayse, Wales 

Samuel Plonk, Spain 

Tart Sokolitsky Netherlands 

Rachel Strickert, Prance 

Summer 2001 

Christine Brock, Harlaxton 

Melissa Buff, Spain 

Michael Darling, Spain 

Meredith Deaton, Spain 

Miles Lackey, Oxford, England 

Morgan Patton, Zambia 

Amy Sowers, Zambia 
Amanda Stames, Zambia 

Amy Walls, Spain 

Heather Whitener, Zambia 

Fall 2001 

Erika Baumann, Harlaxton 

J.P Cima, Japan 

Jade Cobb, Prance 

Micalela Glenn, England 

Brittney Hart, Prance 

Stephanie Ross, The Netherlands 

Jennifer Sterling, Australia 

Billy Van Linda, China 

study Ahroixdy 165 " 

Right: Lindsay Bertram and Jo 
Favero in England. 

Right: Mary Hining n a giant lion in 
Trafalgar Square in England. 

Right: Tarl Sokolitsky in the doorway 
of a WWI bunker. 

166 Study Abroad/ 

i Li iL^-.ije^-!^Oi 

Top: Mary Hining meeting Prince Above: Erica Baumann on a river in 
Charles in England. England. 

Study Abroad/ 167 jj^^ 

Jade Cobb with a friend in 
Monte Carlo. 

CloM-ofZOOS 169 

St^ M U^h^AAr Rj^yhC 

Office of Academic Affairs 

First Row: Nancy Anderson, Assistant 
Registrar; Gail Summer, Director of Teacher 
Education; Regis Oilman, Associate Dean 
of Academic Affairs; Dr. Wayne Powell, 
Academic Dean; Back Row: Teresa Hawk, 
Administrative Assistant; Debbie Punch, 
Asst. Controller; Donna Fletcher, Academic 
Advising; Jean Beaver, Administrative 
Associate; Monique Young, Assistant to 
Registrar; Linda Tyrone, Administrative 
Associate; Kathy Hahn, Registrar 

Directors of Student Affairs 

(L-R) Anita Johnson Gwin, Vice President of 
Student Affairs and Dean of Students; Becky 
Fulenwider, Director of Student Health Services; 
Leonard Geddes, Director of Multicultural 
Services; Sara Hotchkiss, Director of Student 
Activities and Orientation; Bruce Hayden, 
Associate Dean and Director of Residence Life; 
Rindala Miller, Director of Counseling Services; 
Mike Donahue, Director of Conferences and 
Events; Sean Frank, Director of Support Services 
for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students; Elizabeth 
Sasser, Director of Career Center; Dan Carlsen, 
Director of Security 

Office of Student Affairs 

Ronnie Young, Assistant to the Director 
of Conferences and Events; Donovan 
Kirby, Disabilities Coordinator; Jeff 
Leutkenhaus, Campus Technical 
Director; Becky Sharpe, Administrative 
Associate; Linda Tilley, Administrative 
Assistant; Janet Matthews, Switchboard 
and Administrative Assistant; Jant 
Gouge, Counseling Intern; Tonya Deyo, 
Administrative Assistant; Stuart 
Blackmon, Security Officer 

170 Staff 

office of Admission & 
Financial Aid 

First Row: Eva Rader-Harmon; Denise 
Marquez, Administrative Assistant; Diane 
Rye; Paula Bruner, Administrative 
Assistant; Courtney Thompson, 
Administrative Assistant; Kathy Adkins, 
Administrative Assistant; Back Row: Julie 
Shapley; Rachel Nichols, Director of 
Admissions and Financial Aid; Karen 
Feezor; Mike Langford; Eric Brandon, 
Associate Director; Melody Laney; Melanie 
Weisthal; Chad Spencer 








■ BHH 

ET^ ... 








Jf^mF^/ jw»*^.i -itk. 


__.„ ,- ■,.^^. 


Deaf and Hard of Hearing 

Becky Brinkley, Laurie Speidel, Trula Baker, 
LaMyra Pearson, Shawn Frank, Director 

Office for Institutional 

Front Row: MaryaMcCrae, Directorof Planned Giving; 
Nancy Lemaire, Administrative Assistant; Olive 
Johnson, Administrative Assistant; Rosalie Richards, 
Administrative Assistant; Natalie Barnes, gift recorder; 
Second Row: Diana Parker, Annual Fund director; 
Linda Suggs, Administrative Assistant; Lisa Lemus, 
Administrative Assistant; Teri Lemons, Vice President 
for Institutional Advancement; Back Row: Marcia 
Johnston, Director of PR and Development; Vickie 
Ekcard, Director of Development Operations; Nikki 
Grover, Director of Alumni Programs; Rich Duncan, 
Director of Major Gifts and Special Projects; Margaret 
Allen, Director of Publications; J.C. Epting, Director 
of Church Relations; John Huss, Director of College 
Relations; Julia Allen, Director of Corp. and 
Foundation Relations 

Staff 171 

St^ ^ tn^^Ar ^i^^4^ 


First Row; John Starnes, Nancy Propes, 
Vernon Baily, Judy Lane, Francis Woody, 
Joyce Willix, Suzie Locklear, Mattie Stewart, 
Holly Wagstaff, Isabel Gabriel, Phil 
Wendling Top Row: Terry Cantor, Joyce 
Ware, Will Wilder, Patricio Velazquez 
Vergara, Sylvia M. Armenta Diaz 


Bottom Row: Cindy Goodman, Joey Green, Chris 
Rittle, Ed Matthews, Hilda Bumgarner, Jerry 
Bowman, Jackie Simms, Alan Bowman, Otis Pitts 
Top Row: Shawn Combs, Jim Smith, Derrick 
McLain, Debbie Black, Jody Bolick 

172 Stcvff 

Business Office 

Front Row: Donna Bowman, Patty Holland, 
Ann Marie Blackmon, Erin Todd, Donna 
Davidson Back Row: Steve Shumaker, 
Debbie Punch, Iris Moore, Debbie Austin, 
Rick Nichols 

Residence Life 

Stacy Brackett, RD, Fritz-Conrad; Sabrina 
Smith, RD, Isenhour; Scott Forthofer, RD, 
Morgan; Julie Riemann, AC, Living 
Learning Center and Price Village; Bruce 
Hayden, Director of Residence Life 

Staff 173 


who's Who in American College's and Universities is a nation wide program to 
recognize excellence in college seniors. The students who have been chosen at 
Lenoir-Rhyne have been chosen by their peers as stellar students and members of 
the Lenoir-Rhyne community. These students display such qualities as 
leadership, a strong will to succeed, and a desire to better themselves in 
everything that they do. They are also students who serive their community 
through volunteer work and excel academically. 

17^ VfKo-VVUKo- 

2002 Who 's Who at Lenoir- 
Rhyne College 

Bo Arthur 

Michelle Baity 

Lindsay Bertram 

Melissa Buff 

Beth Canestrano 

Robin Chambers 

Kyle Cornwell 

Mike DiStefano 

Terry Donaher 

Lisa DuBry 

Heather Emery 

Bryan Fleming 

Jackie Hanselmann 

Crown Hoffman 

Bret Johnson 

Meghan Jolly 

Kristie Kempston 

Krissy Kolster 

Keyatta Lackey 

Miles Lackey 

Ginny Lee 

Gayren Leonhardt 

Natia Loney 

Scott Loudermelt 

Becky Malec 

Lynnae Mathia 

Ian Meeks 

Anne Monroe 

Morgan Patton . 

Rachel Payne 

Andi Penley 

Kristi Pfaffendorf 

Diane Phillips 

Kristin Sandlian 

Dennis Setzer 

Andy Shirlen 

Jesse Sloan 

Amber Starbuck 

Cassandra Stemple 

Josh Strickland 

Meredith Vaughan 

Amy Walls 
Kathleen Winter 

VUKo-VWho- 175 ^^f 




1)\. ^tA^tA QeJU^, P^'i/uj-c. Poo-rfc^^oA 

P^^Xy- wi^C, f]t/K>.C. Pl^-j^C-PWA 

The School of Business offers seven majors, Business Administration, Accounting, Finance, International Business, 
Management, Business Education, and Marketing. The mission of the LRC School of Business is to provide current 
and practical knowledge that will prepare students for a successful business career. Based on a solid foundation in 
the liberal arts, the school fosters creative, critical thinking while promoting interpersonal and team skills needed 
in a diverse and global work environment. The Business Department incorporates the use of state-of-the-art tech- 
nology while encouraging students to make ethical decisions. Members of the faculty offer dedicated instruction 
and advisement at both the undergraduate and graduate levels of study. Lenoir-Rhyne students, comprising an 
active chapter of Phi Beta Lambda Business Association, consistently receive state and national honors through 
competition with students from other colleges and universities. Phi Beta Lambda offers a beneficial opportunity for 
students to network with leaders in the local business community. 

176 faculty 




l)l. ^^lii-^l^ {jtA/H^^i^, P^^IC'H^A 

fcMM^ty 177 'F^- 




Majors Offered 

Occupational Therapy 


Health and Exercise 


K-12 Physical Education 

Sports Management 

Sports Medicine 



fC^i^tMy**- li'p^cCci^.e/i^, LAO' n-t^t. 

SacLu 'JAclow-i^f nt^ic. P^t^-^Cypw^ 
1<>4^ OaaJma, n't4t. Pi^-lti4^A' 

Hic^ct HcCfCC, Al4t. P^uc-^e^n^A. 
Sue ScA^^i^, Bi4t. P'Uf^eyi/i^^ 

"■» 1 78 faculty 


Majors Offered 

Art Education 
Computer Aided 

Grapliic Design 
Art Therapy 

Music Education 
Music Performance 
Sacred Music 





faxMlty 179 'FW 



Majors Offered 


Family Development 

Outdoor Personal and Spiritual Development 

Religious Studies: 

Religious Studies: 

Religious Studies: 


Philosophy and Theology 

History/Academic Track 

History/Social Studies Education Track 

History/ Applied History Track 

History/Modern History-Business Orientation Track 

U1. K.'i^^Ctt Ke^o^, PlyO-lc44^-^ 






Da. P^t ^tc'C.t\, Pre^ci^wA. 

Da. Kic^rA Vo-fA. l)t>-Mc^, Pi^^Ci4^^ 

180 faxAAty 

The social and behavioral sciences are concerned with 
human thought and behavior as well as social 
institutions. They share the common assumption that 
social behavior can be studied scientifically. Students 
in these majors often go on to graduate school but 
many also seek employment immediately upon 
graduation in business, international affairs, politics, 
human service, clinical or school psychology, church 
work, counseling, social research, criminology, and 
community planning, among other things. 


1)\. H^^t^^ K^'t^c W-C*v^^M. 

f acuity 181 'Fp" 


l)icii. H<*H, n^nc- Pa/»|c44«4. 
Jcf^^^e^ Hic^ctt, \i^4tM*cU>-\ 

LlcyJ. Co-lie^ 


Math and computer science at Lenoir-Rhyne College is 
made up of strong and experienced faculty, technologically 
up-to-date facilities, and bright, committed students. The 
combination of these three factors make our programs 
strong, focused and, at the same time, a whole lot of fun. 

We believe that the best way to learn is by doing. You'll see 
this belief applied throughout specializations within each 
program. By digging right in, our students learn to apply 
the theories they have learned in class to real-life situa- 
tions. This tactic prepares them for the challenges of the 
working world and helps to secure their success no matter 
where they go. 

"i 182 faculty 



Di-. ct'^Y^ DcA**, Pii4i- v\o\ti,'ioA, 

l)i. Sue Q^-i^itci*^, Al4i- P'u>j/C44^A 

Dx. \LaUct>^ \^litC4M, PxoJljCUOA 


The mission of the teacher education program at Lenoir-Rhyne College is to 
prepare teachers who know their content, know how to teach, are successful 
with a diverse population, are leaders, are reflective about their practice for 
effective change, and are respectful and caring. Given its Christian 
foundation and the personal, nurturing contact provided students, a 
hallmark of the teacher education program at Lenoir-Rhyne College is the 
preparation of reflective practitioners who are caring professionals. It is our 
sincere desire to send professionals into school environments who know 
children and youth and can therefore be nurturing of their needs in order 
to support learning. 

facAAity 183 ^W 




\)\. ^cSJ-M^ ICu^t^j^^i P'lcJicyli^A, 

1)1. WC^t4^C^ Sc^^ttf Pl«-^C44^A, 

1)\. Q^ii^clc WCifMli^lCeA., P'lO^C'PWA. 

Our programs in French, German and Spanish are designed to provide students with 
appropriate Hnguistic skills, to develop a knowledge and sympathetic understanding of 
cultural differences, and to inform them of the civilization, culture, literature, and other 
social and artistic achievements of the respective countries. The programs are flexible 
enough to accommodate students seeking a B. A. degree in a modern language with or 
without teacher licensure, a degree in International business, a double major, a General 
Studies major in Comparative Literature (in conjunction with the School of English, 
Communication and Theater), or simply a minor in a modern language. The 
interdisciplinary program in Classics provides meaningful combinations of courses that 
lead to teacher licensure in Latin, and prepares students for graduate school and pre- 
theological training. 

18^ faculty 






The School of Natural Sciences at Lenoir-Rhyne College is made up of 
strong and experienced faculty, technologically up-to-date facilities, 
and bright, committed students. The combination of these three factors 
make our programs strong, focused and at the same time, a whole lot 
of fun. 

By digging in, our students learn how to apply the theories they have 
learned in class to real-life situations. This tactic prepares them for the 
challenges of the working world and helps to secure their success no 
matter where they go. 

faculty 185 'F^- 

Right: Dr. Regis Gilman, Professor 
Dick Hull, and Sara Hotchkiss enjoy 
the afternoon during parents weekend 

Mi js^ . . 





Below: Dr. Lowell Ashman speaks 
about terrorism and political violence 
in a convocation shortly after the 



September 1 1 attacks. 



' vP''' 

■ 7^ 




jg^ -^* ^ 










A/jo\e; The college just wouldn't be 
where it is today without the hard 
work of the Parents' Council! 

186 Acdde^wwcA 

Above: Dean Anita Johnson Gwin 
enjoys a few free minutes during an 
animal show sponsored by C.A.B. 

Right: Terry Finger, well known for 
his cooking at lunch, grills out for 
parents weekend. 

Left: Dr. Simmons spends time at the 
Organizational Fair giving 
information about Phi Beta Lambda. 

Below: Pastor Weisner visits with 
parents during Parents' Weekend. 

Above: President LaHurd flips 
pancakes for students at Midnight 

Left: Becky Sharpe and Stacy 
Brackett work in the Student Affairs 

Acude^nioy 187 


The Living 



The newest residence hall at 
Lenoir-Rhyne, the Living 
Learning Center opened its 
doors for the first time this 
fall housing over 100 
upperclassmen. The building 
features apartment style 
living, with a kitchen, 
bathroom and living room fo 
every four residents. There is 
also a conference room, a 
lounge on every hall, and an 
apartment to house a faculty 
in residence. This year, Drs. 
Karen and Jody Dill live in 
the apartment and are there 
to bring a new face to faculty, 
outside of the classroom. 




/^^^L ^^k 






C^ 188 Li>\/iyig^ Learning Ce4^e4^ 

The McCrorie Center 

The McCrorie Center, expected to be completed by fall 
2002, will house the college's health science programs: 
nursing, occupational therapy and sports medicine. It will 
also include expanded locker, equipment, training and 
office areas for L-R's football and sports medicine programs. 
The McCrorie Center will connect to the existing Moretz 
Gymnasium and will include 47,000 square feet of space. 
Among its many features, the new building will provide 
updated teaching facilities and expanded capacity for the 
nursing program, which will help Lenoir-Rhyne College 
address the statewide and nationwide nursing shortage. 

HcCrcrrie' Center 189 ^ 


4t^^ loA ACJ^lt\/^C4hti^ 

Computer students place well in competition 

On November 3rd, 2001 a LRC Computer Programming 

Team consisting of, Amanda Burke, Colleen Cox, Kim 

Spencer, and Josh Strickland proceeded to place 5th out of 23 

teams at the 8th Annual Programming Contest. As well as this 

team, a second team, consisting of CharUe Cox, Bret Rafferty, 

and Susan Stinson, finished 12th in the same competition. This 

contest was held at the South-Eastern Regional Conference, 

which was located in Nashville, TN, at the Lipscomb 

University. Congratulations to these two teams for their 


LR Student Brooke Schrum 

has been awarded a externship at 
Duke University. She will be able 
to spend this summer 2002 with 
the Medical facilities there. 

Fulbright Scholar 
Returns to Campus 

Dr. Cheek has returned back from his visit 
to Yerevan State Conservatory in Ameria. 
He taught and performed American 
Twentieth-Century piano music there 
during summer 2001. 

Professor Teaches at 

Dr. Russel Benton had the 
opportunity to teach at Harlaxton 
in Fall of 2001. He feels that "the 
experience gave him the opportunity 
to not only teach abroad once more, 
but likewise the pportunity to travel 
to such interesting places as Ireland, 
Romania, Belgium, Germany and 
Denmark." He also says that he 
values the entire experience and L- 
R's special relationship with the 
University of Evansville. 

"i 190 Accui.evnloAchCe\/entent 

Dr, Beidler Presents Papers 

Dr. Beidler particiapted in the Lutheran 

Academy seminar at Harvard University in 

July 2002. He has also attended the Vocation 

of a Lutheran College conference at 

Valparasio University in August 200L Dr. 

Beilder has also proceeded to present several 

of his papers to various conventions and 

meetings, including "Holes and Repetitions: 

Deconstruction, Religion, and Chaucer's 

Millers Tale," at the South East Medieval 

Association meeting in New Orleans, October 

200L Also, in December 2001, he presented 

"Teaching Writing by Teaching Everything 

But Writing" during the Modern Languages 

Association convention in New Orleans, Keep 

up the great work! 

Dr. Brandes turites books 

Dr. Brandes has had some great ac- 
compHshments over the past year. He 
has pubHshed two books over the past 
year: "Ted Hughes'Crow", in a Com- 
panion to Twentieth Century Poetry in 

EngHsh as well as "Photographer of 

Lightening, Translations from the 

Romanian Poetry of Nicolae Dabija." 

Dr. Brandes has also proceeded to be a 

lecturer at the WB Yeats International 

Summer School, in Ireland, over the 
summer of 2001. 

Dr. Ml Continues to Suaxed 

Dr. Karen Dill continues to go on in success with her works. 
This past summer,in August, she presented an invited ad- 
dress at the American Psychological Association, in San 
Francisco, CA. The title of the presentation, co-authored by 
fellow LR faculty Dr. Bill Ricther and Dr. Jody Dill as well as 
Dr. Douglas Gentile, was "Violence, Race, Sex and Age in 
video games : A Content Analysis. Dr. Dill has also been in- 
terviewed by the Japanese broadcasting company (NHK) as 
part of a documentary on kids' toys, as well as being inter- 
viewed on campus for part of a video on research methods in 
psychology. She has also spoken to several area schools about 
media violence and has been interviewed by the local press 
on these subjects. Congratulations to Dr. Dill for all her suc- 
cess and we hope that she continues to strive. 

Accuie^nlo AchCeA/ewient 191 i" 

/ would first like to thank the people who have helped in 
the publication of this yearbook. The advisor, Dn Paul 
Beidler and Susan Jackson. I would also like to thank 
Nancy Lemaire, Becky Sharpe, Anita Johnson Gwin, and 
all others who have helped out in many different ways in 
putting together this book. The support I have received 
from the L-R community in putting this together has been 

The tragic events that have happened this year have 
caused us all to stop and think about our lives and what 
we do to be a part of the community around us locally 
and worldwide. Our perception of the world has been 
drastically changed; our security was compromised. 
Questions that we never thought we would have to 
answer were asked, and grief that we never thought we 
would experience, we suffered through. Our vision of 
heroes was redefined, and our nation came together in a 
way that we had never seen before. Suddenly, lines of 
division were erased, and for once, everyone was an 

The war on terrorism that followed is another tragic 
event, but one that Americans felt must be fought. With no 
guarantee that we will achieve any victory over terrorists 
worldwide, the U.S. and her allies are working together 
to stamp out the terrorist organizations that give 
insecurity and fear to the people of the world. Hopefully 
in time, people everywhere will be able to walk freely 
without fear of being attacked for their religious beliefs, 
race, or nationality. 

As we move on with our lives, we need to remember to 
cherish the things that really matter, family, friends, and 
living life to its fullest potential. 

192 Editor' ypcig^ 

Editor' ypa^ 193 ^^w 


Jl c 

his section of the book is designed to introduce various members of the 
campus. The people in this section offer a glimse into what malce the LR campu: 

so diverse and interesting and a rich learning environment. The individuals se- 
lected are from various groups on campus, different states, and different family 
backgrounds, but they can all come together everyday to compose the diverse com- 
munity that is our campus. So it is with our pleasure that the 2002 HACAWA pre- 



"Life can be easy or 

life can be hard, you 

make the choice" 

- My Father 

Hometown: St. Petersburg, FL 

Major: Business Administration 

Significant Person: My Father 

Favorite Place: Library 

Significant Moment: My sister Stephani being born 

194 Meet-A-Bear 

'1 love my Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw, they 
have helped me so much in my life" 

^ Junii 


Hometown: Charlotte, NC 

Major: Ocupational Therapy 

Significant Person: I don't have just one 

Favorite Place: OT Park 

Influential People: Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw 

Favorite Movie: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly 


Ask and it shall be 

given to you; seek and 

ye shall find; knock 

and it shall be opened Hometown: Glbsonvllle, NC 

unto you. Major: French and Political Science 

AAcitthpw 7-7 Significant Person: My Mom and Grandma 

Favorite Place: Student Affairs office 
Favorite Quote: "I would sooner fail than not be among 
the greatest." -John Keats 

Meet-A-Beur 195 i^:' 


Hometown: Charlotte, NC 
Major: Religious Studies Family Development 
Significant Moment: Meeting Tim Rush 
Favorite Place: Russell House 

Most Significant Person: My Mom 

Favorite Quote: "1 can do all things through Christ whc 
strengthens me." Phillipians 4:13 « 



^i 196 hAeet-A-Becir 

Hometown: Kings Mountain, NC | 

Major: Political Science, minor in History I 

Significant Person: My Mother 
Favorite Place: Moretz Stadium during a football game 
Significant Moment: Becoming a sweetheart for Theta XI 
Favorite Quote: "Every difference in opinion is not a difference 
in principle." Thomas Jeffereon. 



"May a moody baby doom a yam?" 

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio 

Major: Psychology and Theology 

Significant Person: Victor Wooten 

Favorite Place: Theta Xi house 

Significant Moment: Widespread Panic in Concert 



''Go ahead, strip the 

smokewagon, or are 

ya just gonna stand 

there and bleed?" 

-W.E. Tombstone 



Hometown: Lexington, NC 

Major: Biology 

Significant Person: My Father 

Favorite Place: Theta Chi house 

Significant Moment: Graduating hom high school 

Meet-A-BeoA^ 197 'ir^ 


'The mind is its own place, and 

in itself can make a Heaven of 

Hell, a Hell of Heaven." 

-John Milton 


Hometown: Cranford, NJ \ 

Major: Political Science 

Significant Person: A lot of people, but mostly my Fathe 

Favorite Place: Pi Kappa Phi house 

Significant Moment: Taking a year off before college 
Favorite Quote: 


''I have not failed. I've just found 

10,000 ways that won't work.' 

- Thomas Alva Edison 

Hometown: Hemet, CA 

Major: Political Science 

Significant Person: All my family and friends 

Favorite Place: Second Floor Rhyne Building 

Significant Moment: Switching majors 

198 Meet-A-V>ear 

hometown: Randallstown, MD 

^ajor: Classics and German 

Significant Person: My father, the smartest man I know 

^avorite Place: Russell House Porch 

Significant Moment: Spending 2 months in Germany 


"If you can walk you can 

dance. If you can talk you 

can sing." 

-Zimbabwe Proverb 

Hometown: Clemson, SC 

Major: Psychology and Spanish Minor 

Significant Person: Jesus 

Favorite Place: My phatty drom room 

Significant Moment: Hasn't happened yet 
Favorite Movie: Legally Blonde 

Hometown: Johnston, PA 

Major: Occupational Therapy and Psychology 

Significant Person: My mom 

Favorite Place: Anywhere but the Cafe | 

Significant Moment: Jeff Eudy and I planning our first date 
Favorite Quote: "All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk 
leads only to poverty" -Proverbs 14:23 . 


"Life is a gift, it is up to 
you wtiat you do with it 


Hometown: Orlando, FL 

Major: International Relations 

Significant Person: My parents 

Favorite Place: the CAVE 

Significant Moment: Being accepted to go to the 

Netherlands for a semester 

!r 200 He&t-A-Bear 


Give me my sin again" V€^&^Mi^>/i4y 

■^ 111 Y^ 1 /AY^ 

- Romeo and Juliet ^ 

Hometown: Cherryville, NC (population 5, 280) 

Major: English 

Significant Person: My maternal grandmother 

Favorite Place: The quad 

Significant Moment: NOW 
Favorite Quote: 

Hometown: Jersey City, NJ 

Major: Art Education 

Significant Person: 

Favorite Place: 

Significant Moment: 
Favorite Quote: 



Meet-A-Bear 201 ™ 


Hometown: Statesville, NC 

Major: Elementary Education 

Significant Person: iMy maternal 


Favorite Place: K-House Porch, where 

my fiance proposed 

Favorite Quote: Psalm 139 

Lord, thou hast me search'd and known. 
Thou know'st my sitting down, 
And rising up; yea, all my thoughts 
afar to thee are known. 

My footsteps, and my lying down, 
thou compassest always; 
Thou also most entirely art 
acquaint with all my ways 
Psalm 139:1-3 



''All things are 

possible through 


Hometown: Lexington, NC 

Major: Business Administration 

Significant Person: My Grandpa 

Favorite Place: Shaw Plaza 

Significant Moment: Experiences liere at LR 

!r 2.02 Heet-A -Bear 



Hometown: Durham, NC 
Major: Deaf Ed/ Elementary Ed 
Significant Person: Jesus and my best friends 
Favorite Place: my bed 

Significant Moment: When I earned my silver balls 

Favorite Quote: "For I know the plans for you," declares the Lord, "plans 
to prosper \'ou and not to hard you, plans to give you a hope and a future." 
Jeremiah 29:11 


Hometown:Chuluota, FL "^q ^^^ JS ^qj-^J^ yO^j. 

Major: Business . . . , 

Significant Person: My Daddy tCErS, but the OnC who^ IS 

Favorite Place: The walk way with the Paw prints WOIl't make yOU Cry" 

Significant Moment: Being born into a wonderful family 


Meet-A-Bear 203 'ir. 


Hometown: St. Louis, MO 

Major: Human/Community service and Family iMinistry 

Significant Person: My motlier 

Favorite Place: Russell House 

Significant Moment: Decideing to go to LR 
Favorite Quote: "Wisdom is the quality that keeps you 
from getting into situations where you need it" - Doug 



'I can do all things 

through him who 

strengthens me" 

Philippians 4:13 

Hometown: Lexington, NC 

Major: Nursing 

Significant Person: My mother 

Favorite Place: Living Learning Center 

Significant Moment: Receiving my Eagle Scout 

20^ Meet-A-Beo^ 

Hometown: Douglasville, GA 

Major: Economics 

Significant Person: My grandmother 

Favorite Place: The Cave 

Significant Moment: Transition from High School 

to College 


'That's aight there" - 
Ricky Smiley 


Hometown: Citizeen of the World 

Major: English and Spanish Lit 

Significant Person: My Father 

Favorite Place: My streching spot behind the football field 

Significant Moment: My sophomore year in High School 

Meet-A-Becu- 205 jj^' 

Abee, Ashley, 420 10th Ave Drive NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Abee, Lynne Druty, 1911 Lake Acres Drive, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Abemethy, Allison Hill, PO Box 1252, Conover, NC, 28613 

Abemethy, Elizabeth Shuford, 1461 6th Street Circle NW, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Abemethy, Katie Susanne, 136 Stoneybrook Road, Salisbury, NC, 28147 

Adams, Georgia C, 330 Concordia Church Rd., China Grove, NC, 28023 

Adams, Whitney Jean, 330 Concordia Church Road, China Grove, NC, 28023 

Agate. Cynthia Lynn, 175 Harbor Ridge Drive, Statesville, NC, 28677 

Agner, Brooke Elizabeth, 407 Kenwood Avenue, Cherryville, NC, 28021 

Aldridge, Kelly Ann, 535 Boxwood Street, Hudson, NC, 28638 

Alfors, Suzanne Marie, 117 Rocky Trail Court, Fort Mill, SC, 29715 

Allen, Carol Gail, 8430 Hwy 52, Rockwell, NC, 28138 

Allen, Emily Marie, 6 Macintosh Drive, Turner. ME, 04282 

Allen, Julia P., 81 21st Ave NW, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Allgeyer, Jessica Kate, 1736 Pineapple Avenue, Melbourne, FL, 32935 

Allred, Caroline Elizabeth, 3733 Bason Road, Mebane, NC, 27302 

Amador. Rosario Ivette, 704 2nd Avenue SE, Hickory, NC, 28602 

Amos. Jennifer Elizabeth, 1726 Shore Acres Blvd NE, ST Petersburg, FL, 33703 

Anderson, Amber Lyne, 3827 Sarasota Dr, Fayetteville, NC, 2831 1 

Anderson, Julie Marie, 4360 Lot 27 Clingstone Lane, Granite Falls, NC, 28630 

Anderson, Mary Colleen, 1409 Dobson, Evanston, IL, 60202 

Andrzejewski, Kelly Ann, 63 Laura Court, Cheektowaga, NY, 14227 

Annas, Jeffrey Lynn, 5417 Valley Run Street, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Arch. Tina Louise. PO Box 181 , Lake View, SC, 29563 

Armfield. Karma Alison, 500 Louise Avenue, Valdese, NC, 28690 

Amone, Jessica Francesca, 541 E. Abington Way, Spartanburg, SC, 29301 

Arthur, James Robert, 815 Currant Court, Bmnswick, OH, 44212 

Ashby, Sharon Denise, 2261 38th Ave NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Ashby, William J, 913 8th Street NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Ashley, Angela Christine, 142 Rocky Creek Road, Taylorsville, NC, 28681 

Austin, Charles Eubert, PO Box 682, Valdese, NC, 28690 

Austin, Cindy Suzanne, 2830 l6th St NE Apt 47, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Austin, Lydia April, 265 Hillsboro Road. Taylorsville, NC, 28681 

Austin, Wayne King 4662 Blue Ridge Blvd, Morganton, NC, 28655 

Averett, Michael William, 3736 Crestwood Lane, Morganton, NC, 28655 

Bailey, Caria Renee, 1315 Tom Fox Street, Morganton, NC, 28655 
Bailey, Jason Kyle, 247 Idlewood Lane, Forest City, NC, 28043 
Baird, Timothy Orval, 5569 Queen Victoria Court, Burke, VA, 22015 
Baity, Leigh Michelle, 3432 Baity Road. Yadinkinville. NC, 27055 
Baker, Jeff Lyman, 905 HWY 321 NW #234, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Baker, Katherine L„ 4287 Jefferson Place, Granite Falls, NC, 28630 
Baker, Leslee Diann, 2440 22ND Avenue NE, Hickory, NC. 28601 
Baker, Thomas Edward, 1310 Wiley Lewis Road, Greensboro, NC, 27406 
Baldi, Salvator Goddard, 18233 Cutlass Drive, Ft. Myers Beach, FL, 33931 
Baldwin, David Edward, 4871 Berkley Street, Morganton, NC, 28655 
Baldwin, James Bradley, 189 Quail Lane, Thomasville, NC, 27360 
Ballard, Willie Demetrius, 2408 Acorn Branch Road, Wilmington, NC, 28405 
Ballengee, Christopher Lee, 227 Shannonbrook Drive, Newton, NC, 28658 
Banks, Erin Lee, 430 24th Street S.W., Hickory, NC, 28602 
Barcomb, Rhonda Christine, 2513 Pageland Highway, Monroe, NC, 28112 
Barker, Michael Jeremy, 338 Pleasant Ridge Road, Franklinville, NC, 27248 
Barlow, Keisha Nicole, 9120 Mockingbird Lane, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Barlow, William Frank, 556 Sullivan Rd, Newnan, GA, 30265 
Barnes, Meghann Colleen, 145 Sullivan Drive, Carthage, NC, 28327 
Barron, Duane Muhammad, 248 8th Avenue SE, Hickory, NC, 28602 
Barwick, Corinne Blaylock, 545 19th Ave Drive NW, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Bates, Vanessa T, PO Box 842, Newton, NC, 28658 
Bauer, Elizabeth Sorensen, 2266 Lake Forest Cove, Nebo, NC, 28761 
Bauguess, Jennifer Childers, 1508 Dogwood Drive, Wilkesboro, NC, 28697 
Baumann, Erika Sue, 1 1 1 1 5 Carolina Trace, Harrison, OH, 45030 
Baumgardner, Bethany Decker, PO 2322, Banner Elk, NC, 28604 
Beal, Amber Renaye, 5043 Hickory Lane, Matthews, NC, 28105 
Beck, Laura Marie, 452 Goodspeed Road, Virginia Beach, VA, 23451 
Beck, Lori Angela A., 1716 Bethel Road, Morganton, NC, 28655 
Beckom, Emma Jane, 4340 N Center St #602, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Bedoussac, Benjamin Yves, 10 Rue Guynemer, Velizy, 78140 
Beeson, Mary Elizabeth. 3672 Oak Ridge Road, Summerfield, NC, 27358 
Bell, Amanda Kay, 1519 Circle Drive, Annapolis, MD. 21401 
Bell. Mary B. Grandel. 3130 7th St Dr NE. Hickory, NC, 28601 
Bender, Heather Anne, 17576 Bridge Street, Grand Rapids, OH, 43522 
Benfield, Ashleigli Noelle, 206l Shannon Drive, Gastonia, NC, 28054 
Benson, Eric Michael, PO Box 1110, Black Mountain, NC, 28711 
Bendey, Rebecca Stames, 5440 Valley Run Street. Hickor)', NC. 28601 
Bernhardt. Richard George. 3784 Kidds Mill Road, Franklinville, NC, 27248 
Bertram, Lindsay Katherine, 1445 4th St Dr NW, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Bingham, Misty Leigh, 9081 Tulagi Court, Tega Cay, SC, 29708 

Birdwell, Kara Elizabeth, 1102 N Heritage Drive, Maryville, TN, 37803 
Black, Danielle Rashel, 1111 26th Avenue NE, Hickor)'. NC. 28601 
Black, Sheena Marie, 1111 26TH Avenue NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Blackburn, Douglas Bmce, PO Box 904, Cherryville, NC, 28021 
Blacknell, Edwina LaShea, 405 Hickory Drive, Chapel Hill, NC, 27514 
Blackwelder, Anthony Justin, 410 Williams Road, Harrisburg, NC, 28075 
Blake, Brandon Joseph, 1921 Goose Creek Road, Marion, NC, 28752 
Blake, Ryan Michael, 9054 Cypress Street SE, Winnabow, NC, 28479 
Blakelock, Courtney, 1991 Jack Rabbit Lane, New Bern, NC, 28562 
Blankenship, Kimberly W, 1641 Lafayette Avenue, Hudson, NC, 28638 
Bleiweiss, Emily Jane, 438 Ringwood Road, Freeville, NY, 13068 
Bloom, Amy Taylor, 1151 Belgrave Bend, Snellville, GA, 30078 
Boger, Russell Eugene, 1910 20th Ave Dr NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Bohannon, Amit)' Brook, 6000 Carriage Oaks Drive, Charlotte, NC, 28262 
Bolick, Crystal Elizabeth, 2231 Snow Creek Road NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Boliek, Amanda Joy, 3138 8TH Avenue SE, Conover, NC, 28613 
Bostic, LatoniaAnn, 285 D Northmont Road, Taylorsville, NC, 28681 
Biiulanger, Jeremy Nathan, 2100 North Brook 111 School RD, Vale, NC, 28168 
Bowen, Bradford Kent, 135 Sunbeam Farm Road, Cherryville, NC, 28021 
Bowen, Katherine Elizabeth, 2017 Sea Palms W Dr, St, Simons Island. GA. 31522 
Bowers, William Marshall, 102 Rose Terrace, Wadesboro, NC, 28170 
Bowles, Erin Lee, 6l4 Oakdale Drive, Hampstead, MD, 21074 
Bowman, Blake Allen, 5932 Rink Dam Road, Taylorsville, NC, 28681 
Bowman, Christen T, 2800 Wildwood Lane. Connelly Springs, NC, 28612 
Bowman, Kevin Christopher, 300 Monroe Street, Sacramento, CA, 95825 
Bowman, Nicholas Allen, 1559 lOTH Street PL NW, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Bowman, Tabatha Watson, 338 Spruce Avenue, Hudson, NC, 28638 
Boyles, Lindsey Brooke, 1391 Beal Road, Lincolnton, NC, 28092 
Brackett, Teresa Lynn, 144 Bald Mountain Road, Casar, NC. 28020 
Bradford, Justin Charles, 3650 9TH Street Drive NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Brady, Bradley David, 966 Cape Hickory Road, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Braun, Derek Christopher, 2695 Walkeni Way, Weston, FL, 33331 
Braun, Kristen Suzanne, 2695 Walkers Way, Weston, FL, 33331 
Brayboy, Cecilia Eunila, 114 Cameron Lane, Pembroke, NC, 28372 
Brett, Arlene Hood, 1750 20th Ave Dr NE Apt 83, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Brewer, Phillip Joe, 4728 McCall Town Road, Granite Falls, NC, 28630 
Brewer, Shannon Marie, 1685 Wliippoorwill Road, Prosperity, SC, 28127 
Britt, Jason Louis, 1241-G 21st Ave, NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Brittain, Michael Scott, 6l6 N. Center Street. Hickory, NC, 28601 
Brittian, Gerren Quinton, 25 Tramore Trace, Newnan, GA, 30265 
Brock, Christine Marie, 2376 Channing Avenue, Scotch Plains, NJ, 07076 
Brookman, Blake Kellis, 126 Hertzler Road, Newport News, VA, 23602 
Brookshire, Britt Hilliard, 181 Ingram Road, Statesville, NC, 28677 
Brotherton, Melissa Danielle, 350 Brawley Road, Cleveland, NC, 27013 
Broucht, Megan Renae, 711 Dustin Drive, Lancaster, PA, 17601 
Brown, Alicia Diane, 406 Brown Ridge Road, North Wilkesboro, NC, 28659 
Brown, Amy Michelle, 2988 Short Drive, Lenoir, NC, 28645 
Brown, Colleen Ann, 610 York Terrace, Naples, FL, 34109 
Brown, Dewayne Montez, 8410 Warren Drive, Douglasville, GA, 30134 
Brown, Elizabeth Noel, 4761 Hwy 16 Apt A, Maiden, NC, 28650 
Brown, Hera Olivius, 2175 14TH Avenue SW, Hickory, NC, 28602 
Brown, Jaime Lynn, 495 Dnirastand Road, Stony Point, NC, 28678 
Brown, Kathryn Nicole, 316 Alston House Road, Sanford, NC, 27330 
Brown, Kelly Mark, 12 Henry Avenue, Belmont, NC, 28012 
Brown, Matthew Ray, 98 Maple Cove Lane, Taylorsville, NC, 28681 
Brownell, Kathryn Nicole, 317 West Hornbeam Drive, Longwood, FL, 32779 
Brustad, Jessica Leigh, 5500 NE 15TH Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33334 
Bruther, Shannon Leigh, 11424 Vale Spring Drive, Oakton, VA. 22124 
Bryan, Jessica Lee, 611 Chatham Street, Newport, NC, 28570 
Bryant, Shawn Francis, 326 Clark Street, Auburn, NY, 13021 
Buchanan, Matthew Vernon, 2937 Brookridge Drive, Valdese, NC, 28690 
Buff, Melissa Lynn, 1258 Highway 182, Lincolnton, NC, 28092 
Buff, Richard Lee, 1258 Highway 182, Lincolnton, NC, 28092 
Bukauskas, David Thomas, 100 Steriing Road, Jacksonville, NC, 28546 
Burgess, Pamela Sheree, 193 Lakeside Loop, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Burke, Amanda Marshall, 5531 Jomali Drive, Durham, NC, 27705 
Burkhart, Amanda Beth, 7911 Leisure Lane, Huntersville, NC, 28078 
Burks, Patrick Blake, 279 Hilltop Drive, Madison Heights, VA, 24572 
Burleson, Heather Marie, 265 Jakes Branch Road. Spruce Pine. NC, 28777 
Bums, Mauri Marie, 1 108 3RD AVE DR NW, Conover, NC. 28613 
Burwell, Robert Glenn, 175 McDeeds Creek Road, Carthage, NC, 28327 
Bush, Michele Ann, 5192 Lake Park Drive, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Bush, Stephanie Elizabeth, 1755 B Eigth ST DR NE, Hickor)-, NC, 28601 
Bushen, Sidissie Tsegaye, 1910 20TH AVE DR NE #4, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Butler, Briana Lynn, 6301 Gomiley Place, Springfield, VA, 22152 
Byles, Christy Copeland, 3663 Puett Park Drive, Conover, NC, 28613 

Caldwell, Aaron Paris, 102 Lovers Lane, Morganton, NC, 28655 
Caldwell, Jessica Erin, 379 l6th Ave NE, Hickory. NC, 28601 
Call, Jason Nicholas, 507 Frontier Circle, China Grove, NC, 28023 
Cameron, Shannon Cathleen, 209 Live Oak, Cape Carteret, NC, 28584 
Camin, Jason Gregon', 212 Lakewinds Trail, Rougemont, NC, 27572 

Campbell, Anthony Bruce, 36 Glen Cove Drive, Arden, NC, 28704 
Campbell, Israel Lynn, 96 Jackson I.ane, Stony Point, NC, 28678 
Campbell, Kala Melissa, 3515 Fostall Lane, Maiden, NC, 28650 
Campbell, Laura Elizabeth, 331 KnolKvood Drive, Anderson, SC, 29625 
Canestrano, Beth Corey, 102 Crabapple Lane, Syracuse, Rl', 13219 
Cannady, Jamie Michele, 210 Hudson Avenue, Spencer, NC, 28159 
Cannarozzi, Joseph Alan, 104 East Third Street, Springfield, OH, 45504 
Cannon, Lacey Lea, 363 Dreher Island Road, Little Mountain, SC, 29075 
Canterbury, Steven Isaac, 4633 Granada Hills Drive. Granite Falls. NC, 28630 
Cantoni. Kara Lindsay. 380 9th Ave Dr NE #303, Hickor)'. NC. 28601 
Cantwell. Robert J. 8246 Deming Drive. Orlando, FL. 32825 
Caporossi. Veronica Artemisa, 423 23rd Ave PI NE. Hickory. NC. 2S601 
Caputo. Jarred Joseph. 3107 Sea Island Lane. Harrisburg. NC. 28075 
Carlson. Lynn Williams. 145 Surfside Lane, Mooresville, NC. 281 17 
Carmichael. James David, 265 Springdale Road, Venetia. PA, 15367 
Carpenter, Anna Marie. 999 Springs Road, Lincolnton, NC, 28092 
Carpenter. Eric Nicholas, 1665 East Cope Creek Road. Sylva. NC, 28779 
Carroll. Connie Isenhour, 7395 Woodland Hills Road, Hickory, NC, 28602 
Carroll, Jessie Colleen. 8802 Littlevvood Road. Baltimore. MD. 21234 
Carswell. Elizabeth Kay. 2392 Ridgecreek Drive, Morganton. NC. 28655 
Carter, Andrew Stephen, 1 135 37tli Ave Drive NE, Hickon-, NC. 28601 
Carter, Erin Elizabeth, 309 Cedar Mountain Road, Mayodan, NC, 27027 
Carter, Kristen Elizabeth, 3115 Timbervvolf Avenue, High Point, NC. 27265 
Carter. Lynsey Wilhelm. I916 Yellow Wood Lane. Durham. NC, 27712 
Carter, Lynzie Leigh, 1 1619 Stewarts Crossing Drive, Charlotte. NC, 28215 
Cartwright, Katie Lee. 4106 E. 42nd Avenue. Spokane. WA. 99223 
Casalenuovo. Tiffani Marie, 502 Delaware Avenue, Oak Ridge, TN, 37830 
Cashin, Michael Arthur, 333 Deep Woods Circle, Nashville, TN. 37214 
Casteele. Sarah Elizabeth, 5646 Chicwood Drive, Pulaski, VA, 24301 
Castro, Madeline Jo, 812 SE 23RD Street. Ocala, FL. 34471 
Gather, Amber Elizabeth, I8I6 15th St PI NE, Hickorj'. 28602 
Cato. Lara Katherine. 505 Soudi Normandy Lane. Harrison. AR. 72601 
Caudle, Molly Alison. 1938 Old Wilkesboro Road. Statesville. NC. 28625 
Cayll, Nicole Ruth, PO Box 335, Conover, NC, 28613 
Cayll, Robert Lee, PO Box 335, Conover, NC, 28613 
Cerati, Lauren Denise. 4130 Lk Ned Circle. Winter Haven, FL, 33884 
Chamber, Mark Alexander, 349 4th Ave NE, Hickory, NC, 2860! 
Chambers, Robin Renee. P Box 308. Lenoir. NC. 28645 
Champion, Lauren Gray. 90 Brandermill Road. Spartanburg. SC. 29301 
Chandler. Andrea Leigh, 27 Peachtree Circle, Columbia, SC, 29206 
Chapman, Amanda Curtyss, 3467 Autumnwood Drive, Lenoir, NC, 28645 
Chapman, April Elaine, 31 Chapman & Barnes Drive, Taylorsville, NC, 28681 
Chapman, Ashleigh Brooke, 250 Three Forks Road, Taylorsville, NC, 28681 
Chapman, Crystall Marie, 1024 S. College Avenue, Newton, NC, 28658 
Cherr)', Allison Dale, 8502 W 1 15th Street, Overland Park, KS, 66210 
Cherr)', Nicholas Trent, 319 Medearis Drive, Charlotte, NC, 28211 
Childei^, Casey Erin, P Box 467. Hildebran. NC. 28637 
Church, Paula Denise, 6470 Stone Mt. Road, Lenoir, NC, 28645 
Church, Tyra Lynn, 4065 Plum Street, Conover, NC, 28613 
Ciavardini, Robin Elizabeth, 506 Fox Hollow Lane. Horse Shoe. NC. 28742 
Ciotta. Jamie L, 281 Riverview Drive, Bridgewater, NJ, 08807 
Cipleu, Teodora Fiorina, 2420 24TH Avenue NE, Hickor)', NC, 28601 
Clark, Barbara M., 4201 J.A. Yount Farm Road, Conover, NC, 28613 
Clark, Cody Wayne, 1968 10th St Blvd NW, Hickor)', NC, 28601 
Clark, Jamie Alison, 143 Haigler Road, Lenoir, NC, 28645 
Clark, Jennifer Tia, 57 Gregory Michaels Lane, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Clark, Leslie VanDyke, 102 Brandy^vine Dr, Conover, NC, 28613 
Clark, Shanna Dawn, 3859 Metcalf Drive, Morganton, NC, 28655 
Clausen, Sarah Elizabeth. 207 Leiar Street, Tiffin, OH, 44883 
Clausnitzer, Loraine, 29316 Laughridge Place, Wesley Chapel, FL, 33544 
Clawson, Angela Dawn, 2170 Millie Lane, Maiden, NC. 28650 
Clements. Donald Shawn. 1876 Bakers Glade LN, Hickor)', NC, 28602 
demons, Kathy Cain, 695 Pleasant Hill Road, Lenoir. NC. 28645 
Click. Arber Bryan. P Box 546. Claremont. NC. 28610 
Cline. Jonathan Lawrence, 1950 Peeler Road, Vale, NC, 28168 
Cloer, Kendra Leigh. 1368 Cajahs MTN Road, Hudson, NC, 28638 
Cloninger. Anna Marie. 4603 Dallas High Shoals RD, Dallas, NC, 28034 
Clontz, Erica Susanne. 6105 Wiltshire Drive, Hickor)', NC, 28601 
Clontz, Jennifer Elvira, 70 Havenhurst Road, Hickory, NC. 28601 
Clontz. Jessica Elaine. 6105 Wiltshire Drive. Hickory. NC. 28601 
Clontz, Michael Wayne. 3641 7TH Street Place NW. Hickory, NC. 28601 
Clotfelter. John Roberts. 6 Powderhill Place. Durham. NC. 27707 
Clover. Daniel Stephen. 106 Aaron Drive. Shelby. NC. 28152 
Cobb. Jade Michelle. 6337 Friedens Church Road, Gibsonville, NC, 27249 
Cobble, Emily Beth, 617 Greenbrook Parkway, Matthews, NC, 28104 
Coble, Victoria Elizabeth, PO Box 346, Hildebran, NC, 28637 
Cochran, Sarah Gale, 117 Hoots Lane, Statesville, NC, 28625 
Cockrell, Debi D, 208 Pine Valley Lane, Hiddenite, NC, 28636 
Coffey, Adam Scott. PO Box 698. Hildebran. NC. 28637 
Coffey. Caron Elizabeth. PO Box 698. Hildebran, NC, 28637 
Coker. Laura Jean. 118 West Union Street. Mai^hville. NC. 28103 
Collins. Brian David, 232 Crossbow Court, Hopkinsville, KY, 42240 
Collins, Joshua Michael, 412 W Old Post Road, Cherryville, NC, 28021 
Collins, Katherine Elizabeth. 313 3rd Ave SE. Cut Bank. MT. 59427 

Collins. Matthew Stephen, 683 Lakeview Trail, Marietta, GA, 3OO68 
Condon, Lorie Daniell, 1047 12th Street NE, Hickor)', NC, 28601 
Conklin. Lori Renee. 15822 Doyers Drive. Huntersville. NC. 28078 
Conley. Krista Inez. 331 33rd St. SW. Hickory. NC, 28602 
Connelly, Jon Everette, 2106 Lee Cline Court, Conover. NC, 28613 
Connelly. Marie Allison, 5984 Petra Mill Road, Granite Falls, NC, 28630 
Connelly, William Anthony, 504 East Todd Lane. Charlotte, NC. 28028 
Conner. Stephanie Jane, 1412 Kirtpatrick Road, Burlington, NC, 27215 
Connor, Aynna Shawnte, PO Box 1003, Conover, NC, 28613 
Connor, Michael Eric, 2184 Angle Drive, Conover, NC, 28613 
Conrad, Julia Cathleen, 329 Boyce Street, Urbana. OH, 43078 
Cook, Celena Crouch, 1 52 Bean Avenue, Hudson, NC. 28638 
Cook, Erin Elizabeth. 7821 Oliver Hager Road. Huntersville, NC, 28078 
Cooper, Erin Elizabeth, PO Box 969, Morganton, NC, 28680 
Cooper, Laura Anne, 4803 Jennichelle Court, Fairfax. VA. 22032 
Cornett, Krisline, 1942 8TH Street SE, Hickory, NC, 28602 
Cornwall, Kyle Edward, 265! Fallen Oak Trail, Lincolnton, NC, 28092 
Correll, Jeffrey Lane, 2165-8 Oak Tree Lane. Granite Falls, NC, 28630 
Costas, Helen Kay, 206 Outrigger Drive, Kill Devil Hills, NC. 27948 
Costello. Michael Doyle. 1838 Red Lion Drive. State College. PA. 16801 
Coulter. Erin Denise, 8818 Mull Road, Vale, NC, 28168 
Cox, Amanda Brooke, 7953 Babe Stilwell Road, Huntersville, NC, 28078 
Cox, Charles Malachi, 6614 Alexander Hall Drive, Chariotte, NC, 28270 
Cox. Colleen Mary. 6OI6 Oakland Mills Road. Sykesville. MD. 21784 
Cox, Gretchen Leigh, 6614 Alexander Hall Drive, Charlotte. NC, 28270 
Cox. Sarah Leigh. 4066 Quarry Estates Road. Hudson. NC. 28638 
Coy. Cynthia Michelle. 207 Erwin Hills Road. Asheville. NC. 28806 
Coy. Jeremy Ryan, 130 Devonshire Lane, Wilmington, NC, 28409 
Crane, Marissa Susan. 20 Timber Lane. Hanover. PA, 17331 
Cratsley.Jillian Marie. 217 Whispering Creek RD. King. NC. 27021 
Crawford. Kevin Edward. 40 Maplewood Drive. Morganton. NC. 28655 
Crawford. Lewis Charles, 1507 Dennbriar Drive. Concord. NC. 28027 
Crawley. Holly Rene. 1655 20th Ave Drive NE. Hickor)'. NC, 28601 
Credle, Courtney Elizabeth, 7! Oakridge Drive, Taylorsville, NC, 28681 
Creeger. Holly S. 609 Mulberry Lane. Salisbury, NC, 28146 
Crosby, Jeremy William, 735 Roby Greene Road, Boone, NC, 28607 
Crosby,Julie Marie, 7511 Kingstonhill Court. Cincinnati. OH. 45255 
Grouse. Monica Renae. 5818 Sulphur Springs Road. Hiddenite. NC, 28636 
Crouse, Natasha Michelle, 5818 Sulphur Springs Rd, Hiddenite, NC, 28636 
Crutchfield, Gavin Montgomery, 9129 Sybert Drive, Ellicott Cit)', MD, 21043 
Crutchfield, Trisha Melinda, PO Box 327, Dre.xel, NC, 28619 
Culler, Kristi Marea, 1563 Island Ford Road. Statesville, NC, 28625 
Cummings, Robert Edward, 120 Hiram Road. Mooresville. NC. 281 15 
Curtis. Carole Nicole. 1707 Laurel Street NE. Valdese. NC. 28690 
Czwornog. Matthew Scott. 507 Majorca Avenue, Altamonte Springs, FL, 32714 

Daino, Elizabeth Ann, 7808 Tori Court Lane, Knoxville, TN, 37938 
D'Albora, Angela Lynn. 616 34TH Terrace. Vero Beach. FL. 32968 
Dalton. Vincent, 196 Quail Acres Drive, Stokesdale, NC, 27357 
Danko, Angela Nicole, 13 Upper Pond Road, Columbia, SC, 29223 
Darling. Michael David. 3856 Gatlin Place Circle. Orlando, FL, 32812 
Daugherty, Kristin Anne, 3210 Stonewood Court, Orlando, FL, 32806 
Davidson, Ashma Shalonda, 1225 Upright Road, Mt. Ulla, NC, 28125 
Davidson. Catherine Bradley, 420 Oakmead Place, Dayton, OH, i5419 
Davidson, Nathaniel Lehman. 7 Frandin Path. Liverpool. NY. 1309O 
Davis. Desarae Lynn. 425! Bethlehem Rd., Old Fort, NC, 28762 
Davis, Heather LaCosta, 1505 Davistown Church Road, Old Fort. NC. 28762 
Davis, Mary Cameron, 100 Mayfair Road, Lexington, NC, 27292 
Davis, Roman Jerrod, Old 65 Road, Walnut Cove, NC, 27052 
Dawkins, Steven Roy, 532 McCluney Drive, Gaffney, SC, 29340 
Day, Dustin Lee, 2373 HWY 182 West, Lincolnton, NC, 28092 
Day, Joshua Randall, 557 MT Hennan Road, Hudson. NC. 28638 
Deal. GlendaDeanna. 5601 Church Road. Taylorsville, NC, 28681 
Deal, Isaac Kent, 4853 Rock Bam Road, Claremont, NC, 28610 
Deal. Natasha Lenae. 965 Advent Church Road, Granite Falls, NC. 28630 
Deal, Pamela Sweet, 4853 Rock Barn Road, Claremont, NC, 28610 
Deal, Tiffany Miranda, 438 Kite Road, Millers Creek, NC, 28651 
Deangelo, Linda Sue, II6 14th Street NW, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Deaton, Meredith Caldwell, 6IOI Gwynedd Road, Summerfield, NC, 27358 
Decker, Matthew Mark, 791 Victoria Lane, Hickor)', NC, 28601 
Deierlein, James Nelson. 740 Springlake Road. Columbia. SC. 29206 
Delay. Brian Lynn, 2194 Putnam Street. Morganton. NC. 28655 
Dellinger, Sarah McKinnsie. 1110 3RD Avenue NW, Conover, NC, 28613 
DeMario, Rosanna Marie, 6121 Ponderosa Road, Raleigh, NC. 27612 
Denson. Billy Non-is. 182 Poole Road. Casar. NC. 28020 
Deyo. Tonya Cherse. 244 5th Avenue. NE. Hickor)'. NC. 28601 
Dickson. Mary Alicia. 817 Corpening Place. Lenoir. NC. 28645 
Dill. Joy Malone, P Box 1503, Conover. NC. 28613 
Dillingham, Marian Lavette, 1858 Ellick Dr.. Newton. NC, 28658 
Dinney, Ashley Camille, 1347 Country Squire Drive. Columbia, SC, 29212 
DiStefano, Michael John, 1703 Bordeaux Court, Fallston. MD. 210i7 



1)1X011, Calherinc Helen, 108 Quail KIdge Court, l^xinglon, NC, 27295 
Doan, Sabrlna Lynn, 175 Hall Koad, Horse Shoe, NC, 28742 
Dodds, Julie Lynn, 3401 Bosarl Road, .Springfield, OH, 45503 
Itoiron, l«lieAnn, 6317 Bayfield Drive, Jacksonville, I'l., 32277 
Donaher, Terry Mark, 217 Lopax Road, Harrisburg, PA, 17112 
Uonato, Mario Gene, 9249 Horseshoe Circle, Kort Mill, SC, 29715 
DoLson, Gregory Brian, 4650 Mayfield Drive, Granite Falls, NC, 28630 
Doukas, Christopher Michael, 2034 Sugar Maple Lane, Conover, NC, 28613 
Howell, Kenneth Edward, 1750 20lh Avenue Drive Nl- ((94, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Dowell, Lori Baskin, 1750 20TH Ave Drive NE 94, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Downing, Charlsie Adelle, 2604 Clearwater Avenue, Bloomington, II., 61704 
Downs, Jennifer Leigh, 1921 12th Street NE., Hickoir, NC, 28601 
Drebes, Sara Elaine, 1 1603 Harvesldale Drive, Eredricksburg, VA, 22407 
Dresser, Morgan Rae, 469 Annondale Road, Columbia, SC, 29212 
Driver, Arrington Jerome, 420 Maple Street, Jonesville, NC. 28642 
Driver, John Luther, 63 Third Creek Road, Stony Point, NC, 28678 
DuBry, Lisa Danielle, 1007 Kaet Street SW, Valdese, NC, 28690 
1 luff, Selma I 'rsula, 1734-G 3rd Ave NW, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Dula, Delta l.uwman, 6532 Nobby Lail Road, Connelly Springs, NC, 28612 
Durocher, Ondria Nicole, 2855 Hill Top Drive, Salisbury, NC, 28147 
liupil, Stephen Earl, 3620 Melrose Cottage Dr, Matthews, NC, 28105 

L.anes, Barbara Elayne, PO Box 148, Gretna, VA, 24557 

l-;berl, Christopher Dean, 1949 50th Street SW, Naples, FL,.341 16 

Eckard, Laura Anne, 6106 Lynchburg RD, Hickory, NC, 28601 

I'dmiston, Karen Grace, 3686 Amity Hill Road, Statesville, NC, 28677 

lidwards, Coby Ue, 332 Apache Drive, Winston-Salem, NC, 27107 

Edwards, Joseph L, 610 Cedarbrook Road, Jonesville, NC, 28642 

Edwards, Paris A, 903 Park Avenue, Williamsport, PA, 17701 

Egan, Danajill, 33 Oxford Drive, East Windsor, NJ, 08520 

l-ggleton, Matthew Schuyler, 1423 Lower Creek Dr NE, Lenoir, NC, 28645 

I'.ichenberg, Christopher Ryan, 4209 Sunny Brook Way STE 203, Winter Springs, EL, 32708 

lilkins, Kimberly S, 2754 Ellis Deal Avenue, Valdese, NC, 28690 

liller, Melissa Erin, 490 Valleydale Lane, Winston-Salem, NC, 27107 

Elliott, Jamie Keith, 708 Gemcrest Dr. N.E., Conover, NC, 28613 

Elliott, Lawrence Kristopher, 10 Old Hope Creek Path, Durham, NC, 27707 

E.lliotl, Teresa Jean, 8th Street, Dr., NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Elliott, Vanessa Lynn, 613 Bell Road, Kings Mountain, NC, 28086 

Emery, Heather Renee, 4082 Turkey Run, CharlotLsville, VA, 2291 1 

i;nsley, Christopher Ryan, 41 1 South Forest Ln, Belmont, NC, 28012 

Erbaugh, Samantha Leigh, 9154 Moors Place, N, Dublin, OH, 4.3017 

lirikson, Mark Adam, 3757 Sandy Ford Road, Hickory, NC, 28602 

lirikson, Ryan Adam, PO Box 511 , Hickory, NC, 28603 

Ervin, Amber Nichole, 916 Coventry Road, Kannapolis, NC, 28081 

Hsposito, Stephanie Anne, 305 Cornell Drive, Exton, PA, 19341 

Eudy, Megan I'lizabeth, 451 Troutman Farm Road, Statesville, NC, 28677 

I'vans, Jonathan Wesley, 2377 Clandon Drive, Myrtle Beach, SC, 29579 

lAvretl. Katherme Amstutz, 31 Kilmer Ct, Taylorsville, NC, 28681 


Fagan, .Sean Phillip, 100 Hemlock Lane, Murphy, NC, 28906 
Faires, Jennifer Lynn, 633 Midway Road, Statesville, NC, 28625 
Farmer, Kathryn Elaine, 1250 Lochshire Lane, Gastonia, NC, 28054 
Farrar, Jo.seph Benjamin, 301 Riverside Drive, Morganton, NC, 28655 
Earns. Joshua David, 4778 Bethel Church RD, Hickory, NC, 28602 
Farris, Mary Beth Finley, 3 Forest Dr, Lexington, NC, 
Fauber, Heather Renee', PO Box 162, Toms Brook, VA, 22660 
Favero, John Patrick, 1676 Plantation Drive, Collinsville, VA, 24078 
Favero, Joseph Malone, 1445 4th Street, Dr., NW, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Fe;ister, Lakeshia Lynn, 632 West Concord St., Morganton, NC, 28655 
Feldstein, Stacy Tobah, 3825 Terka Circle, Randallslown, MD, 21 133 
Felton, Nita F, 604 24th Avenue NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Fenley, Margaret Isabel, 1445 4th St Dr NW Apt ((73, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Ecrrie, TravisJ, 1 10 Round Keep Lane, Mooresville, NC, 281 17 
Fibbe, Krislen Nicole, 118 Carriage Park Drive, Alexandria, KY, 41001 
Filson, Kindra May, 205 Childs Drive, Hendersraiville, NC, 28791 
Fink, Matthew Wayne, PO Box 413, Monroe, NC, 281 1 1 
Fink, .Sharon Ann, 47 River Bluff Trail, DeBary, FL, 32713 
Fisher, Aiiianila Leigh. 1729-D RTH .ST DR NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 
1 ishrr, jdsrpli Carl. I25,H Vlih SI Place NW, Hickory, NC, 28601 
lislicr, Sarah Faye. 382h Brightwnod Lane, Durham, NC, 27703 
F'isher-Wellman, Korey Joseph, 1260 5th Street, NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Filch, Kenneth Brian, 3000 Eckerd Drive, Cherryvllle, NC, 28021 
Fite, lone Sutherland, 1 19 Sunshine Lane, Cherryvllle, NC, 28021 
FleiiiiiiR, Bnan Curtis, 15 Circle Drive, BelmonL NC, 28012 
Mowers, Donna Ferguson, 4507 Flowers Drive, Claremont, NC, 28610 
Fogle, Natalie Anne, 4145 22nd Street NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Foley, Linda l£e, 464 Stutts Road, Mooresville, NC, 281 17 
Fornaciari, Marc Dante, 101 Oakninnt Circle, New Bern, NC, 28562 

Fowler, Tamara Lynn, 1435 23rd Avenue PL NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Fox, Candace Dawn, 687 l^ewis Ferry Road, Statesville, NC, 28677 

Fox, Nicole Ix'Ann, 48 Douglai Court, Stony Point, NC, 28678 

Frallicclardi, Christopher Pasquale, 10700 Costal HWY Condo 2408, Ocean City, MD, 21842 

France, Uwis Kennard, 407 Lovill Street, Mount Airy, NC, 27030 

Franjione.Jill Marie, 11950 NW 29th StreeL Sunrise, FL, 33323 

Franklin, Heather Dawn, 1741-B 8th Street, Dr., NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Frazier, Aubrey Chapman, 1200 Forest Hill Drive, Greensboro, NC, 27410 

Fry, Melanie Jean, 713 Painted Feather Lane, Conover, NC, 28613 

Erye, Cristy E., 1 140 37th Avenue Drive NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Fuller, Carson Elizabeth, 552 6TH Street NW, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Furches, Tarren Denlse, 794 Oakwood Road, West Jefferson, NC, 28694 

Gaines, Jessica Carroll, 125 Rivere Edge Drive, East Palatka, FL, 32131 

Galbreath, MelindaFaye, 2362 Story Street, Lincolnlon, NC, 28092 

Gallimore, Kristan Lynn, I4l9 Motsinger Road, Winston-Salem, NC, 27107 

Gambill, Linda Faye, 4120 Rocky Ford Road, Newton, NC, 28658 

Gandy, Megan Elizabeth, 14016 Hiwassee Road, Huntersville, NC, 28078 

Gannon, Moira Elizabeth, 2795 Sutherland Circle, NW, North Canton, OH, 44720 

Gantt, Rhonda Michelle, 4232 Marvin Street, Claremont, NC, 28610 

Garrlott, Todd Charles, 9205 San Jose Lane, Knoxville, TN, 37922 

Garris, Donald Wayne, 3558 Berry Road, Connelly Springs, NC, 28612 

Geddes, Sabrina Lynette, 825 SE Palm Beach Road, Stuart, FL, 34994 

Genaro, Rebecca Grace, 186 Timber Creek Drive, Stanley, NC, 28164 

Gentry, Julie Arm, 133 Hawthorne Drive, Brevard, NC, 28712 

Gernert, Kelly Sue, 4862 Thistle Court, Granite Falls, NC, 28630 

Gescak, Traci Michelle, 804 Andrews Chapel Road, Durham, NC, 27703 

Gianatassio, Michael Vincent, 307 Painted Fall Way, Gary, NC, 27513 

Gibbs, ChiquitaJuanita, 474 Kerda Street, Taylorsville, NC, 28681 

Gillilan, Devan Heath, 1805 Bristol Creek Avenue, Morganton, NC, 28655 

Gise, Kristine Michelle, 405 Beaumont Road, York, PA, 17403 

Glenn. MIcaela Kathleen, 1949 Redberry Lane, Conover, NC, 28613 

Glover, Adam Ryan, 1070 S College Avenue, Newton, NC, 28658 

Coble, James Edward, 325 Walt Arney Road, Lenoir, NC, 28645 

Goebel, Adrienne Rebecca, 1503 Mulberry Road, Martinsville, VA, 24112 

Coins, Steven Ray, 1204 Shady Valley Lane, Claremont, NC, 28610 

Golden, Gregory Joseph, 2413 Welsh Tavern Way, Wake Forest, NC, 27587 

Golden, Mark Dewayne, 44 Skyvlew Drive, Waynesville, NC, 28786 

Goldstein, Sue Ellen, 1024 35th Ave Lane NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Good, Scariett Leigh. 997 16TH Avenue PI, NW, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Goodson, LeaAiih i v. < i;>-M,,"iHl Drive, Anderson, SC, 29625 

Gordon, Cariii' I !■ i-i i"' .\, dcr Tank Road, Manchester, MD, 21102 

Gosnell,AnnEi;iinr, mi-,. ", Granite Falls, NC, 28630 

Goss, Lauren Christine, 5712 NE 17 Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33334 

Gracely, James Gary, 9 Broadleaf Court, Taylors, SC, 29687 

Grady, Maya Nicole, 305 Highland Avenue, Greer, SC, 29651 

Gragg, Gabriel Wayne, PO Box 1564, Icard, NC, 28666 

Gragg, Glenda C, 3921 Sulphur Springs Road, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Graham, Baquita Laquanta, 357 Fern Hill Road, Troutman, NC, 28166 

Graham, Omar Dandruma, 980 Walther Boulevard ((2431, Lawrenceville, GA, 30043 

Grant, Donna Michelle, 112 Firehouse Way, Marion, NC, 28752 

Grantham, Scott William, 1371 5TH Street NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Greene, Daniel Burgess, 456 Allison Drive, Spartanburg, SC, 29306 

Greene, Rachel Courtney, 6585 Prospect Drive, Conover, NC, 28613 

Greer, Kimberly Kaye, 409 Padgettown Road, Black Mountain, NC, 28711 

Greer, Stephen Lance, 124 35TH Avenue NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Gregson, Jennifer Lea, 8618 Racine Road, Pleasant Garden, NC, 27313 

Grier, David Dean, 5027 Sisk Hill Rd, Vale, NC, 28168 

Griffee, Daniel Malachai, 3487 Bowman Road, Granite Falls, NC, 28630 

Griffin, Thomas Carroll, 182 KIkadee Drive, Mooresville, NC, 28117 

Griffin, Troy Frank. 380 9th Avenue Drive NE #206, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Grinstead, Christine Anne, 228 3rd Avenue NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Grissom, Jonathan Lawrence, 104 Newport Drive, Oak Ridge, TN, 37830 

Gritzmacher, Amy Jo, 7673 Spring Oak Dive, LaPlata, MD, 20646 

Gross, Emma Lee W, 427 10th Avenue PI NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Gruber, Meredith Lynn, 504 Ninth Street, Spencer, NC, 28159 

Guffey, Kelley Elizabeth, 4323 Southpark Drive, Tampa, FL, 33624 

Gulino, Amanda Mary, 1670 Virginia Avenue, Palm Harbor, FL, 34683 

Guthrie, Nathaniel, Owen, 7619 Penns Grove Road, Summerfield, NC, 27358 


Hahn, Terrah Greene, 530 Pleasant Hill Road, Lenoir, NC, 28645 

Hainsworth, Alicia Marie, 1215 North Hofhiian Road, Elmira, NY', 14905 

Halreton-Porter, Laura Dudley, 1055 - 19th Ave Place NW, Hlckor)', NC, 28601 

Hale, Cynthia Marie, 801 Grandvlew Dr., Mt. Airy, NC, 270.30 

Hale, Erika Slianna, Route 1 Box 514, Catawba, VA, 24070 

Hall, Adam Glenn, 163 Heritage Manor Circle, l^exington, NC, 27295 

Hall, Allison Mackie, 438 7th Ave Place NW, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Hall. Amanda Klizabeth, 3103 N Center St, Hickor)', NC, 28601 

Hamilton, Elizabeth Marie, 3418 Kreitler Road, Forest Hill, MD, 21050 

Hammer, Shane Thomas, 255 16TH Street SE, Taylorsville, NC, 28681 

Hanks, Amber Lee, P Box 2292, Pulaski, VA, 24301 

Hanselmann, Jackie Lee, 1750 Charles Avenue, Elgin, SC, 29045 

Hardy, Beth Jeanette, 20200 N W Oak Wood, Lebanon, MO, 65536 

Hardy, Julius Bernard, PC Box 8021, Wilson, NC, 27893 

Harrell, Matthew James, PO Box 695, Tallapoosa, GA, 30176 

Harris, Alexis Marie, 4 1 56 Tyng Way Road, Charlotte, NC, 282 1 1 

Hart, Brittney Aileen, 4800 Shea Lane, Mint Hill, NC, 28227 

Hart, Elizabeth Anne, 1061 Crooked Creek Road, Watkinsville, GA, 30677 

Harting, Laura Jevne, 1260 5th St NE Apt 1, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Hartis, Michelle Anne, PO Box 824, Conover, NC, 28613 

Hartley, Tashina R, 2520 36th Ave NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Hartness, Amanda Michelle, PO Box 495, Stony Point, NC, 28678 

Harvey, John Robert, 835 8TH Street Drive NW, Hickor)', NC, 28601 

Hawk, Teresa Starnes, 1098 Eish Pond Road, Hickory, NC, 28602 

Hayden, Erin Elizabeth, 1114 Glastonbury Way, Bel Air, MD, 21014 

Hayes, Toby Jett, 208 Golf Course Lane, Taylorsville, NC, 28681 

Haynes.AbbigayleSaniAlanr S^4 \\li!ii> Imkins Road, Bessemer City, NC, 28016 

Haynes, Megan Blvlhr, ^" i Wlnir kiikins K 1 I'lrssi iiier City, NC, 28016 

Hearon, Phillip Tyler, liO 2hl Aieniie Drue \\\ , Hickor)', NC, 28601 

Heath, April Christine, 740 Vinton Drive, Dall-as, NC, 28034 

Heavner, Anna Aspasia, 522 Hulls Grove Church Road, Vale, NC, 28168 

Hedrick, Candle Ann, 4944 Elmore Drive, Catawba, NC, 28609 

Hellie, Zachar)' Keenan, PO Box 507, Fairview, NC, 28730 

Helms, Stephanie R, 1482 May Road, Granite Falls, NC, 28630 

Hemby, Gregory Maurice, 6l 1 W Oak Street, Goldsboro, NC, 27530 

Hensley, David Benjamin, 260 Nature Drive, Marion, NC, 28752 

Henson, Lindsay Kay, 5590 NC 126, Nebo, NC, 28761 

Henson, Patrick Lee, 5568 Highway 181, Morganton, NC, 28655 

Hessell, Cynthia Ann, 4856 Free Mason Road, Hudson, NC, 28638 

Hiam, Eric P, 1 104 Wood Street, Statesville, NC, 28677 

Hiatt, Kenneth Paul, 752 Springwillow Drive, Hillsville, VA, 24343 

Hickman, Leah B, 1260 5TH Street NE Apt 110, Hickory, NC, 28601 

High, Alan Keith, 203 Knox St., Statesville, NC, 28677 

Hildebrand, Scott Douglas, 805 41ST Avenue Drive NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Hillyer, Diane Marie, 280 Jaybird Lane, Waynesville, NC, 28786 

Hining, Mary Elizabeth, 3323 Carraige Trail, Hillsborough, NC, 27278 

Hodges, Jane Thomas, 35i Millmil K'nad, Wilmington, NC, 28405 

Hoffman, Crown Henry, lOid Wtnir Imknis lioad, Bessemer City, NC, 28016 

Hoffman, Jennifer Lynn, 1647 EiLstoii Avenue, Bethlehem, PA, 18017 

Hoffman, Matt Andrew, 1036 White Jenkins Road, Bessemer City, NC, 28016 

Hogue, Rebecca Lee, 632 39TH Aveune NW, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Holbrook, William Howard, 125 East Walker Road, Elkin, NC, 28621 

Holland, Ashely Brooke, 1759 Randolph Road, Marion, NC, 28752 

Holland, Heidi Lynn, 2102 Rose Lane, Madison, NC, 27025 

Holland, Maria Gabrielle, 235 John Cline Road, Taylorsville, NC, 28681 

Holland, Patricia Ann, 808 Constitution Ave, Newton, NC, 28658 

Hollar, KimberlyJoy, 211 Sherwood Drive, Maiden, NC, 28650 

Hollar, Leslie Chapman, 228 6th St N\V, Taylorsville, NC, 28681 

Holmes, Christopher Daniel. 21 Sylvan Oak Way, Baltimore, MD, 21236 

Holsclaw, Jenifer Robin, Hm 3ith Street NW. Hickor)'. NC, 28601 

Holt, Jennifer Lynn 

Hood, Carlajeanette, PO Box 1472, Drexel, NC, 28619 

Hooks, Gretchen Marie, 6323 Irish Potato Road, Kannapolis, NC, 28083 

Hooper, Heidi Watts, 36 Kerda Street, Taylorsville, NC, 28681 

Hoover, Kelly Lynn, 2830 l6th Street NE Apt 39, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Hopkins, Adam Christopher, 646 Kilchurn Drive, Orange Park, FL, 32073 

Home, Brady Rebecca, 7 Charter Square, Decatur, GA, 30030 

Hotchkiss, Andrew Thomas, 1370 33rd Street SE, Conover, NC, 28613 

Houk, Molly Elizabeth, 119 Strawbery Lane, Lincolnton, NC, 28092 

Houser, Stephanie Leigh, 128 McGee Road, Lincolnton, NC, 28092 

Houston, Jessica Lynn, 4050 Joe Grouse Road, Maiden, NC, 28650 

Howard, Jennifer Carolyn, PO Box 156, Davidson, NC, 28036 

Howell, Douglas Matthew, 1401 Baton School Road, Granite Falls, NC, 28630 

Hoyle, Karen E., 628 S. Center Street, Hickory, NC, 28602 

Hoyle, Katie Lynne, 202 Peachtree Street, Belmont, NC, 28012 

Huber, Peter Martin, 641 Marsh Road, Chariotte, NC, 28209 

Hudgins, Joshua Ledon, 612 Gillespie Road, Chattanooga, TN, 3741 1 

Hudson, Victoria Lynn, 5262 Treeway Lane, Jacksonville, FL, 32258 

Huffman, April Nicole, PO Box 1070, Icard, NC, 28666 

Huffman, Douglas Charles, 330 l6th Avenue, NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Huffman, Lisa H, 4935 Brookridge Dr NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Huffman, Lori Newton, 1091 16TH Avenue NW, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Hughes, Jennifer 61 County Center Dr., Newton, NC, 28658 

Huneycutt, Eva Blair, PO Box 397, Stanfield, NC, 28163 

Huneycutt, Summer Sheree, PO Box 371, Locust, NC, 28097 

Hunt, Amber Lynn, 706 Bowen Drive, Lowell, NC, 28098 

Hunt, BrendaJean, 2845 Lakeview Park Drive, Nebo, NC, 28761 

Hunt, Kimberly Nicole, 36 Black Oak Court, Reisterstown, MD, 21 136 

Hunt, ZandraJ, 849 3rd Avenue Place SE, Hickory, NC, 28602 

Hurley, Donald Lawrence, 104 Louise Street, Morganton, NC, 28655 

Hurt, Amanda Lauren, 612 N Laurel Street, Lincolnton, NC, 28092 

Huss, Elizabeth Brooks, 2309 Rome Jones Road, Newton, NC, 28658 

Hussain, Krystal Star, 212 Lakewinds Trail, Rougemont, NC, 27572 
Hutchens, Leslie David, 4474 NC Highway 47, Lexington, NC, 27292 
Hyatt, Tonya Denise, 952 15th Street SE, Hickory, NC, 28602 
Hyde, Angela Lynn, 218 Foxwood Drive, Maiden, NC, 28650 

lannucci, Michael Daniel, 122 Overlook Road, Asheville, NC, 28803 

Icard, April Nicole, P Box 13, Icard, NC, 28666 

Icenhour, Cassie Tennille, 1859 Old Vashti Road, Taylorsville, NC, 28681 

Ichikawa, Cynthia Sue, 1688 Hudson Circle N, Melbourne, FL, 32935 

Iddings, Kemp Carlton, 5171 Carlson Dairy Road, Summerfield, NC, 27358 

Ingemi, Amy Lee, 212 Jeffreu Dr, Woodstock, GA, 30188 

Ingle, Julie Hollar, 2729 South US 321 HWY, Newton, NC, 28658 

Ingram, Bridgette L, 166 8th Ave. SW, Conover, NC, 28613 

Isenhour, Angela Marie, 4855 Slanting Bridge Road, Sherrills Ford, NC, 28673 

Isenhour, Lisa Renee, 5057 Rifle Range Road, Conover, NC, 28613 

Isenhour, Rebecah Lee, 2427 32nd Avenue NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Isenhour, Stephanie Murray, 2168 Buffalo Shoals Road, Catawba, NC, 28609 

Isley, Julie Charlene, 3104 Isley Drive, Snow Camp, NC, 27349 

Jackson, Amy Waters, 2686 Mauser Drive, Newton, NC, 28658 

Jackson, Justi Denise, PO Box 73, Tobaccoville, NC, 27050 

Jackson, Mary Margaret, 3243 Weidner Road, Newton, NC, 28658 

Jackson, Revonda Vess, 1900 Silvers-Welch Road, Old Fort, NC, 28762 

Jackson, Susan Ann, 325 Wyman Drive, Salisbury, MD, 21804 

Jackson, Suzanne Townsend, 2653Touchstone Circle, Newton, NC 28658 

Jacobs, Gregory Matthew, 1330 Pinewood Road, Jacksonville Beach, FL, 32250 

Jacobs, Stephanie Leigh, 609 Foxcroft Terrace; Apt. B4, Statesville, NC, 28677 

Jarrett, Sarah Bnmke. 5111) Sussex Way, Anderson, SC, 29625 

Jeffcoat, Virginia Nikkoleltc. 2630 ST Matthews Church RD, Salisbury, NC, 28146 

Jefferson, Talaya Renee N, 625 Teresa Drive, DeSoto, TX, 75 1 15 

Jenkins, Matthew te, 688 22nd Ave NE Apt D, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Jenkins, Nicholas John, 1 56 Hillcrest Avenue, Cranford, NJ, 07016 

Jin, MinSung, ,3044 Se Harien Koad, Port ST Lucie, FL, 34952 

Johnson, Bret Micheal, 20 Bmokheld Circle, Sterling, VA, 20164 

Johnson, Edward Paul, I91 Baymount Drive, Statesville, NC, 28677 

Johnson, Elizabeth Ann, 149 Pine Creek Trail, Mount Airy, NC, 27030 

Johnson, Erica Roberts, 76 Ryanette Way, Stony Point, NC, 28678 

Johnson, Ferro Sheauski, 2463 Countyline Road Kings Mountain, NC, 28086 

Johnson, H-annah Elaine, 315-B South Center Street, Taylorsville, NC, 28681 

Johnson, Lena Lovette, 671 Colony Drive, North Wilkesboro, NC, 28659 

Johnson, Lisa Marie, 162 D.J. Drive, Statesville, NC, 28625 

Johnson, Marcus Dwavne. 514 Holly Street, Statesville, NC, 28677 

Johnson, Mnii.icl Haiiiicn. 141 Baymount Drive, Statesville, NC. 28625 

Johnson, Nathan Joseph liulsey, 6I Cambridge Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07307 

Johnson, Rica Nicole, 1 181 Elgin Drive, Conover, NC, 28613 

Johnson, Tammie Dyanna, 4419 Eagle Court, Waldorf, MD, 20603 

Johnson, Thurston Dante, 304 Clay Street EXT, Belmont, NC, 28012 

Jolly, Angela White, 37 22nd Avenue, NW, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Jolly, Frank Moseley, 1213 Cowper Drive, Raleigh, NC, 27608 

Jolly, Meghan Christian, 2727 Treble Creek, San Antonio, TX, 78257 

Jones, Amy Renee, 912 4TH Street Drive NW, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Jones, Jacquelyne Nicole, 3496 Summerow Road, Lincolnton, NC, 28092 

Jones, Lucas Edwin, 216 Windsor Road, Lynchburg, VA, 24502 

Joplin, Gregory Vaughn, 1075 Fairway Drive, Newton, NC, 28658 

Jowers, Amanda Jessica, 131 Dry Ridge Road, Franklin, NC, 28734 

Justice, Derek Robert, 1150 Mountain Breeze Drive, Morganton, NC, 28655 


Kale, Wesley Paul, 3977 Heatherbrook Trail, Vale, NC, 28168 
Kaminska, Katie Victoria, 114 Wrenfield Court, Piedmont, SC 29673 
Kanupp, Lydia Lackey, 7952 Hwy 10 West, Vale, NC, 28168 
Kares, Marleah Jeanette, 345 Georgetown Road, Nazareth, PA, 18064 
Kari, Amy Suzanne, 21.32 5TH Avenue NW, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Karrs, Joseph Bradley, 1019 21st Avenue NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Kassab, Troy A, 1820 20th Avenue, Drive, NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Keever, Rhonda, 128 Colonial Heights Lane, Statesville, NC, 28625 
Keffer, Tina Lewis, 353 19th Avenue NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Keller, Barbara Ann, 2528 32ND Avenue NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Keller, Elizabeth Renae, 2351 27TH Street Place NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Keller, Helena Zona-Marie, PO Box 1057, Conover, NC, 28613 
Kellyman, Leroy A, 1865 Mallard Lakes Drive, Winston-Salem, NC, 27106 
Kempston, Kristie Lynn, 320 Huffstetler Lake Road, Dallas, NC, 28034 
Kennedy, Jennifer Anne, 1 18 Doc Wehunt Road, Cherryville, NC, 28021 
Kennett, Cynthia Lynn, 1961 Fairview Drive, Englewood, EL, 34223 
Kennett, Robert Michael, I96I Fairview Drive, Englewood, FL, 34223 

Kenny, Irene Megan, 1 12 Ridge Street, Cranford, XJ, 07016 
Kent, Kara Marie, 3180 Turnpike Road, Auburn, N"^', 13021 
Kent, Maria Marie, 410 - 7 Bubbiecreel<, Fayettevilie, NC, 2831 1 
Kepley, Travis Clinton, 2724 Lime Rocl< Road, Boonville, NC, 2701 1 
Kesterson, Robin Elizabeth, 1003 Hollowtree Court, Columbia, SC, 29212 
Kilby, Amy Lynn, 305 North Fairview Drive, Lenoir, NC, 28645 
Kiilian, April Dawn, 4433 Hickory Lincolnton Hw)-, Newton, NC, 28658 
Killiim, Derek Martin, 4263 Section House Rd, Hickor\', NC, 28601 
Killi;m, Susan Poynter, 2074 Colonial Lane, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Kim. InAe, 1920 12th Street Lane NE, Hickon', NC, 28601 
Kim, Inhan, 621 N Caldwell Avenue, Newton, NC, 28658 
Kimball, Kristin Jennifer, O'Ol Belt Road, Midland, NC, 28107 
Kimball, Lisa Michelle, 195 B^Lsil Road. China Grove, NC, 28023 
Kimble, Jennifer Ljnn, 23^3 Thajer Road, Trinit)', NC, 27370 
Kinstler. Adelaide Ethel. 12607 Sunnybrook Road, Savannah, GA, 31419 
Kirk, Miriam Lynn, 1209 Derbyshire Road, Kannapolis, NC, 28081 
Kiser, Karrie Yvonne, 204 West 9TH Street, Newton, NC, 28658 
Kitts, Trinity Catherina, 172 Yale St, North Wilkesboro, NC, 28659 
Klassett, Corwin James, 915 29th Ave, NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Knight, Kristin Kathrj'n, P Box l67, Chewsville, MD, 21721 
Ko. Bumyoung, 3044 SE Darien Road, Port Saint Lucie, FL, 34952 
Kolster. Kerry Kathleen, PO Box 5141, Pinehurst, NC, 28374 
Kolsler, Kristin Kimberly. PO Box 5141, PinehursL NC, 28374 
Koontz, Leslie Renee, 3605 Applehill Lane, Vale, NC, 28168 
Koontz, Robert Eugene. 2100 W Center Street EXT, Lexington, NC, 27295 
Kopp. Russell C, 1837 Glenbrook Avenue, Lancaster, PA, 17603 
Kovar. Can' Tyler, 1399 Saratoga Court, Tarpon Springs, FL, 34689 
Kraft, Robert Coby 200 Maplewood Drive, Clarksville, IN, 47129 
Krech, Jeremy Ryan. 125 Clearview Road. Rock Hill, SC, 29732 
Kreske, Audrey Christina. 8101 SW 57th Avenue. Miami. FL. 33143 
Kriedt. Kristin Erin. 363 Little River Campground RD. Pisgah Forest. NC. 21 
Kue, Ping Soo. 2821 4th Street Place W. Hickor\'. NC. 28601 

Lacke\ . Hale\ Braswell. 331 9th Ave Dr NE Apt 20. Hickory. NC. 28601 

Lackey. Keya .Monike. 809 Riverhill Road. Statesville. NC. 28625 

Lackey, Keyatta Marshal. 809 Riverhill Road. Statesville. NC. 28625 

Lackey. Miles Emerson, 2931 Eastway Drive, Statesville, NC, 28677 

Lael, Aaron Jonathan, 2217 Startown Road. Newton, NC, 28658 

Lail, Adrienne Marie, 660 East Sanders Road, Shelby, NC, 28150 

Lail, Amanda Leshea, 3341 43RD Avenue NE, Hickor)', NC, 28601 

Lail, Melissa D, 4881 River Road. Morganton, NC, 28655 

Lamb, Joshua Edward, 6585 Prospect Drive, Conover, NC, 28613 

Lambeth, Danielle Shaune, 2701 Oregon Hill Road, Ruffin, NC, 27326 

Lane, Amanda Michelle, 734 South Main Avenue. Newton, NC, 28658 

Laney, Carol Lynne, 3881 Joe Grouse Road, Maiden, NC, 28650 

Langford, Matthew Alan, 1 1 16 Kimberly Drive, Raleigh, NC, 27609 

Larsen, Niels Scott, 1565 Forest Glen Lane, Kannapolis, NC, 28081 

Lassiter, Clarton Fulton, 308 Howard Blvd., New Port, NC, 28570 

Lavender, Jason Matthew, 106 Springwood Lane, Stanley. NC. 2SUm 

Lawing, Brian James, 3589 Brookwood Drive, .Maiden, NC, 28650 

Lawless, Ashley Marie, 4121 Snyder Drive, Winston Salem, NC, 27127 

Lawrence, Yolanda Shea, 1040 26TH Street SW, Hickorv', NC, 28602 

Lawson, Jennifer Erin, 425 Loretto Drive, Wjtheville, VA. 24382 

LeBarron. Ashley Elizabeth. 43593 Deer Run Court, Leonardtown, MD, 20650 

Lebron, Cannen Sylvia, 1526 17TH Avenue NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Ledford, Casey Nicole, PO Box 441, Newton, NC, 28658 

Lee, Carrie Virginia, 350 North Main Street. Jefferson, NC, 28640 

to, Tiffanv Michelle, 1225 Libert)' Church Road, Thomasville, NC, 27360 

Lehnians. ,'\nna Noel, 163 Walker Foundn' Loop, Taylorsville. NC, 28681 

Leile, Candice Rose, 310 Tulip Tree Lane, Ormond Beach, FL, 32174 

Lemons, Amanda Juillet, 631 4TH Street NE. Hickor^'. NC. 28601 

Lemus. Elizabeth Taylor, 1203 5th Street NE, Hickorj', NC. 28601 

Lenahan. Jacob Alan. 420 Tall Timbers Drive. Pinehurst. NC. 28374 

Leonhardt. Gayren Wanette. 3560 Plateau Road. Vale. NC. 28168 

Lewis. Michael Robert, 1 Ananouri Road. Highland Falls. NY'. 10928 

Ligatti, Amanda Theresa. 1504 Ketch Court. Richmond, VA, 23235 

Lindamood, William Bradley, 605 Ragsdale Road, Sharpsburg, GA, 30277 

Lindley, Thomas Andrew, 520 Lower Creek Drive, Lenoir. NC, 28645 

Lingerfelt, Kimberly Ann, 7441 Lingerfelt Road, Vale, NC, 28168 

Lippard, Blake Edward, 4815 Free Mason Road, Hudson. NC. 28638 

Lippert. Dustin Richard, 7368 Pershing Place. Marriottsville. MD, 21 104 

Litetski, Kristi Sue, 4004 N. Center St, Apt, 208, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Litman, Kristopher Lee, Route 2, Belpre, OH, 45714 

Little, Kristin Rose, 2444 Mt Zion Church Rd., Alexis, NC, 28006 

Little, Melissa Louise, 25 Windward Circle, Littleton, NC, 27850 

Little, Phyllis Bowman, 376 Bowman Hills Road, Taylorsville, NC, 28681 

Littlejohn, Rashard Bernard, 267 Alexander Avenue, Spartanburg, SC, 29306 

Littlejohn, Shanna R, 2139 New Prospect, Shelby, NC, 28150 

Loehrs, Jason Michael, 7 St. Edwards Court, Wilmington, DE, 19808 

Logan, Sally Christine, 7575 Henry Road, Vale, NC, 28168 

London, Stacey Michelle, 5055 Fleetwood Drive, Hickory, NC. 28602 

Loney, Natia Shaneta, 4510 Cotton Acres Road, Sumter, SC, 29153 

Long, Aerea Gail, 3350 46TH Avenue NE. Hickory, NC, 28601 

Long, Leah Marie, PO Box 1114, Granite Falls, NC, 28630 

Lor, Lee Xang, 420 27th Street Place SW, Hickory, NC, 28602 

Lor. Pa Kou. 1744 NC Hwy, 10 East, Newton, NC. 28658 

Lorber, Marcus John, 7529 Meadow Wood Drive, North Syracuse, NY', 13212 

Loudennelt, Bryan Scott, 714 Painted Feather Lane, Conover. NC, 28613 

Lougeay, Jacob Harrison, 5857 Connolly Court. Dublin. OH. 43016 

Lougeay. Jessica Marie, 5857 Connolly Court, Dublin, OH, 43016 

Louree, Kristen Nicole, 6425 Lynn Road, Orlando, FL, 32810 

Loveless, John David, 1321 32ND Street SW, Hickory, NC, 28602 

Lowe, Ben)amin Raymond, 2601 NW 23RD BLVD Apt 212, Gainesville, FL, 32605 

Lowman, Kim Bumgamer, 6432 Paul Payne Store Rd., Taylorsville, NC, 28681 

Lowman, Kyle Andrew, 4015 MT Olive Church Road, Newton, NC, 28658 

Luckey, Amber Victoria, 1 145 Silverleaf Drive. Arnold. MD. 21012 

Lukas. Rachel Elizabeth. 100 Lake Mills Island Point, Chuluota FL, 32766 

Lunceford, Angela Austin. 7135 Old Shelby Road. Vale. NC, 28168 

Luster. Samuel Austin. 7 Shadowbrook Drive, Weaverville, NC, 28787 

Lybrand, Brett Edward, 1372 Hunters Crossing Lane, Gastonia, NC 28054 

Lynch, Michael Ryan, 6976 South Shore Drive South, St Petersburg, FL, 33707 

Lynch, Sarah Nicole, 208 Rachel Lane, Middletown, OH, 45042 

Lynn, Catherine Marie, 220 Applewood Road, Dallas, NC, 28034 


MacAskill, Sarah Ann, 11 Lincoln Avenue, Randolph, \T, 05060 
Macijewski, Kelli Michele. 4722 33rd Street LN NE. Hickory, NC, 28601 
Mack, William Melville, 155 Cedar Ridge Drive, Taylorsville, NC, 28681 
Mackey, John Samuel, PO Box 331 Sherrills Ford, NC, 28673 
Mahan, Brj'na, 624 3rd Ave NW, Hickory NC, 28601 
Malec, Rebecca Ann, 13506 Duckett Court, Chariotte, NC, 28273 
Mannhaupt, Margaret Ellen, 6 Beatrice Court, Manorville, NY. 11949 
Manning. Sandra Leigh. 1772 Old Amherst Circle. Morganton. NC. 28655 
Manuel. Trevor Thomas. 82 1 5 Ellis Road. Clarkston. Ml. 48348 
Markliam. Megan Patrice. 802 E. Putnam Street. Lake City. FL. 32025 
Marquardt. Jennifer Lynn. 5713 Marble Arch Way, Alexandria, VA, 22315 
Marquez, Denise Annette, PO Box 1 1323, Hickory. NC. 28603 
Marr. Angela Joyce. 6243 Mountain Grove Road. Hickory. NC, 28602 
Marriott, Margaret Ottaway, 203 Maplewood Drive, Morganton, NC, 28655 
Marshall, Alicia Chante, PO Box 1323, Barnwell, SC, 29812 
Martin, Artivest Sentell, 5137 Osage Circle, Charlotte, NC, 28269 
Martin, Hope Andrews, 1416 Kensington Drive, Knoxwille, TN, 37922 
Masencup, Brian Todd, 5276 Scott Road, Morganton, NC, 28655 
Mason, Jessica Bethany, 710 N Main Street, Raeford, NC, 28376 
Mathews, Amanda Caswell, 1 10 Saint Andrews Place, Southern Pines, NC, 28387 
Mathia, Lynnae Nicole, 110 Lake McMeekin Lane, Hawthorne. FL. 32642 
Matthews, Amanda Leigh, 4063 Section House Road, Hickor\', NC, 28601 
Matthy, Joanna Christine, 226 Caswallen Drive. West Chester. PA. 19380 
Mauldin. Randy Darrell. 20942 Biles Road, .^bemarle. NC. 28001 
Mauney, Mar\' .Amelia. PO Box 1279. Kings Mountain. NC. 28086 
Mauney, William Kemp, 401 Allison Court. Kings Mountain. NC. 28086 
Max, Edward, 120 Jefferson Street, Morganton, NC, 28655 
Maxwell, Heather Elizabeth, 21 West Delaware Trail, Medford, NJ, 08055 
Mayo, Christopher Lauck, 3105 Twin Lakes Trace, Marietta, GA, 30062 
Mays, Michelle Kristine, 2725-H North West BLVD, Newton, NC 28658 
Mayse, Elise Miller, 405 Edgemont Drive, Kings Mountain, NC, 28086 
Mazone, Kelly Ann, 10770 NW 17TH Street, Plantation, FL, 33322 
McBride, Daniel Jason, 529 W Pine Street, Lincolnton, NC, 28092 
McClure, Carol Funk, 5680 Gold Creek Bay, Hickon', NC, 28601 
McConnell, Melissa Sue, 215 Carolina Drive, Jacksonville, NC, 28546 
McCracken, Samuel Grant, 5449 Harris Fami Road. Hickory, NC, 28602 
McCraw, Stacy Elizabeth. 1121 Fieldstone Road. Mooresville. NC, 28115 
McCrear)', Ryan Justin. PO Box 586. DTS. Boone. NC. 28607 
McCurry. Debbie S. 2232 Enon Road. Morganton. NC. 28655 
McDade. Micali Joseph. 108 Shawn Drive. Mauldin. SC. 29662 
McDonough. Patrick Ryan, 146 Avenue G, Pittsburgh, PA, 15221 
McDowell, Adannajamila, 713 Rankin Street, Winston Salem, NC, 27101 
McGillen, Wayne Douglas, 3765 Mattingly Dr. Hickor)'. NC, 28602 
McGinnis, Virginia Bess, 214 Edgemont Drive, Kings Mountain, NC, 28086 
Mcllvaine, Sarah Tolliver, 2504 Soudi Sterling St.. Morganton, NC, 28655 
Mclntire, Patti Gayle, 1944 Redberry Lane, Conover, NC, 28613 
McKee, Paula Renee, 2365 Renwick Drive, Hickory, NC, 28602 
McLean, Aimee Kadileen, 1 108 Braswell Creek Point, Holly Springs, NC, 27540 
McLemore, Kieon Ramon, 2237 Cresdiaven Court. Richmond. \'A. 23233 
McLeymore, David Justin, 419 Tot Dellinger Road, Clierr)Tille, NC, 28021 
McMahon, Marion Rene, 425 Alexander Avenue, Morganton, NC, 28655 
McMillan, William Clifton, 107 Holiday Street, Soutliern Pines, NC, 28387 
McNeely, Elaine Ray, 1091 Cape Hickorj- Road, Hickory, NC, 28601 
McRae, William Alexander, 824 Clearwater Drive, Sanford, NC, 27330 
McVey, Susan Marie, 218 Taylor Circle, Granite Falls, NC, 28630 

Mease, Wendy Elizabeth, 9 Elkdale Drive, Asheville, NC, 28804 

Mecimore, Eric Latlian, 547 Carrigan Road, Taylorsville, NC, 28681 

Meeks, Ian Dominic, 412 N. Main St, Mocksville, NC, 27028 

Melker, Gregory' F. 132 Hatclier Road, Shelby, NC, 28150 

iMelker, Ronald Wayne, 132 Hatcher Road, Shelby, NC, 28150 

Menze, Tiffany DeShawn, lOi Calvert Court, Easley, SC, 29642 

Metze, Royal Lindsay, 6438 Windsor Gate Lane, Charlotte, NC, 28215 

Meunier, Brett Michael, 2038 SE 16TH Lane, Ocala, FL, 34471 

Meyer, Joel Evan, 341 Meadow Ridge Drive, Tallahassee, FL, 32312 

Meyer, Kadiryn Caroline, 6625 Pensford Lane, Charlotte, NC, 28270 

Mickey, Marissa Deanne, 2040 Woodstock Road, Clemmons, NC, 27012 

Milheim, Sarah Jane, 5943 Brace Road, Charlotte, NC, 28211 

Milholland, Sarah Catherine, 7403 Sarelma Drive, Summerfield, NC, 27358 

Miller, Amy May 

Miller, Anna Marie 

Miller, Barbara Eaton, 2545 Providence Mill Road, Maiden, NC, 28650 

Miller, Clifford Thomas, 18508 Northwest 223 Terrace, High Springs, FL, 32655 

Miller, Daniel Alexander, 628 Fieldstone Road, Mooresville, NC, 281 15 

Miller, Erica Leigh, 600 Resica Falls Road, East Stroudsburg, PA, 18301 

Miller, Heath Garland, 600 West Main Street, Gibsonville, NC, 27249 

Miller, .\landy M, 6057 Gordon Road, Hickor\', NC, 28602 

Miller, Mar^' Allison 

Miller, Michelle Louise, 3230 10th AVE NE, Conover, NC, 28613 

Miller, Olivia Patrice, 1912 Beaut)' Street, Statesville, NC, 28625 

Miller, Scott Allen, 526 Beaver Drive, West Jefferson, NC, 28694 

Miller, Tiff;iny Lynn, PO Box 1515, Millers Creek, NC, 28651 

Milligan, Julie Beth, 1 1 Central Avenue, Granite Falls, NC, 28630 

Mills, Mae Sparks, 208 Branch Street, Morganton, NC, 28655 

Mills, Skye Lamont, 602 Mulligan Way, ST Augustine, FL, 32080 

Millsaps, Amy Leigh, 121 York INST Road, Hiddenite, NC, 28636 

Millsaps, Lydia Rae, 8114 Vashti Road, Hiddenite, NC, 28636 

Millwood, Cheslie Dellinger, 207 South Elm Street, Cherryville, NC, 28021 

Millwood, Sarah Ashley, 207 South Elm Street, Cherryville, NC, 28021 

Minton, Jessica E, 2362 CSl Farm Road, Hickor)", NC, 28602 

Minyard, Natalie Sherrie, 4801 Raleigh Street, Conover, NC, 28613 

Mise, Christopher .Man, 3094 Kay Street, Conover, NC, 28613 

Misenheimer, Bn-an Pearson, 1007 7th Street NE, Hickor)', NC, 28601 

Mitcham, Anna Margaret, 2704 9lh Avenue Dr NW, Hickon', NC, 28601 

Mitchell, Rita Finger, 2484 Lewis Road, NeMon, NC, 28658 

Moffatt, Kari Ellen, 1219 South Poplar Street, Landis, NC, 28088 

Monk, Ronnie .Allen, 312 White Street APT D, Morganton, NC, 28655 

Monroe, Anne Marie, 5319 Lisa Lane, Hickorj', NC, 28602 

Moore, Emily Elizabeth, 2 100 Godfrey Avenue, Spring Hill, FL, 34609 

Moore, Leslie Danielle, 708 Hillcrest Street NW, Lenoir, NC, 28645 

Moose, Andrew David, 542 Barrj' Oak Road, Statesville, NC, 28625 

Moose, Brandon Carroll, 2532 Camelia Pointe Drive, Sherrills Ford, NC, 28673 

Moose, KaraJo-Lyn, 815 Sharpe Mill Road, Hiddenite, NC, 28636 

Morgan, Amanda Lindsay, 702 Hester Drive. Dallas, NC, 28034 

Morgan, Con' Dana, 1508 36th Ave Dr NE, Hickor)', NC, 28601 

Morgan, Dominique RiLshard, 1"04 Woodridge Drive, Sanford, NC 27330 

Morris, Kyle Craven. 4S2(l WhileleidWay, Canton, GA, 30115 

Morris, TiaJenice, 6b23 North Pasadena, Saint Louis, MO, 63121 

Morrison, Man' Diane, 5557 Saratoga Drive, Hickorj', NC, 28602 

Morrison, Nicholas Michael, 1330 5th Street NE Apt 187, Hickon', NC, 28601 

Morrison, Suzanne Cecil, 1350 20th Avenue, NE, Hickor)-, NC, 28601 

Morrow, Charles Brennan, 478 Hoover Road, Troutman, NC, 28166 

Moser, Gideon Lane, 4926 Kennedy Street, Hickor)-, NC, 2S602 

Mosher, Adam Gilbert, 101 Pelham Lane, Fort Mill, SC, 29715 

Moshier, Heather Lynn, 13308 Saddletree Court, Matthews, NC, 28105 

Mosquera, Mariela, 1150 Loblolly Lane, Newton, NC, 28658 

Mosser,Jason Bradley, 7 12 Joan Circle, Salem, VA, 24153 

Moulton, Tracy Lowman, 504 Bethel Road, Morganton, NC, 28655 

Mueller, Brandi Leigh, 3825 Redbud, La Porte, TX, 77571 

Mulholland, Nancy Joan, 455 Thompsonville Road, McMurray, PA, 15317 

Mull, Judy Ellen, 405 19TH Avenue SW, Hickor)', NC, 28602 

.\lumy. R\m .Anthonv. 300 Third Street, Defiance, OH, 43512 

Muncy. Kimberly .Meadows. 1-n Harriet Lane. Statesville, NC, 28625 

Mundy, Shelley Dellinger. 50 Lake Forest Drive, Taylorsville, NC, 28681 

Muiphy, Sheila Kathleen, 39 Sareva Place, Asheville, NC, 28804 

Murphy, Susanne Hampton, 374 Piney Creek School Rd. Piney Creek, NC, 28663 

Musgrove, Christa Nicole, 123 Twin Oaks Drive, Durham, NC, 27712 

Myers, Gina Deann, 6219 Mountainside Drive, Hickor)', NC, 28601 

Myers, Rebecca Ann, 1510 Featherstone Drive, .Midlothian. VA. 23113 


Neely, Kristin Michelle, 203 Hawley Street, Mount Holly, NC, 28120 
NeeSmith, Laura Elizabeth, 1732 Windyrush Lane. Gastonia, NC, 28054 
Neill, Brian Elliott, 5826 Carmel Station Avenue, Charlotte, NC, 28226 
Neill, JaysondJ, 307 48TH Street, Sandusk)', OH, 44870 
Neiswonger, Andrea Rae, 1 1 Ann Avenue Apt #1, Newton, NC, 28658 
Nelson, Douglas Samuel, 700 Sixth St NW, Hickor)', NC, 28601 
Nelson, Imogene, 700 6th St NW, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Nelson, Jonathan Paul, 203 Churchwardens Rd, Baltimore, MD, 21212 
Nelson. Kimberly Lynn. 1656 Lafayette Avenue, Hudson. NC, 28638 
Newman, Sarali Christine, 913 Southview Place, Lenoir, NC, 28645 
Newton, Kadierine 

Nichols, Brent Jason, 2500 Kirkholm Drive, Matthews, NC, 28105 
Nichols, Joseph Carlton, 4 1 1 North 5 PTS Road, West Chester, PA, 19380 
Nicks, Amanda Ryan, 525 Longview Circle, Roaring Gap, NC, 28668 
Norton, Alaina Louise, 6352 Deerview Drive, Raleigh, NC, 27606 
Norton, Alvin Craig, 3220 16th Street NE. Hickor)', NC, 28601 
Norton, Lindsay Jean, 10005 Nearbrook Lane, Baltimore, MD, 21234 
Nonvood, Abbey Canslor, P Box 877, Dallas, NC, 28034 
Norwood. Keiera Nicole, 312 Beall Street NW, Lenoir, NC, 28645 
Novak, JoAnna Marie. 2019 N Street. Auburn. NE. 68305 
Nuss, Ingrid Suzanne, 86 Eldrid Drive. Silver Springs. MD, 20904 
Nyitrai, Stacey Lynn, 221 Raintree Drive, Hendersonville, NC, 28791 

Obert, Andrew Smith, 7618 Meadowdale Lane, Charlotte, NC, 28212 
Oles, Rebeccah Grace, 100 Tennyson Court, Spartanburg, SC, 29301 
Oliver, Tracy Norman, 6802 Jenkins Rd, Morganton, NC, 28655 
Orr, Ebony Sharelle, 1923 Cliffwood Place, Charlotte, NC, 28203 
Orr, Jacob Steven, PO Box 1911. Blowing Rock, NC, 28605 
Orr, Joshua Eric, P Box 191 1. Blowing Rock, NC, 28605 
Ortega, Melissa Elda, 14994 SW 58 Street, Miami, a, 33193 
Ortiz, Germania Alejandrina, 400 Cemeter)', Hickor)'. NC. 28601 
Osborne. Barbara London. 1370 Bethlehem School RD, Hickor)', NC, 28601 
OShea, Patrick Nielsen, 12413 Chalford Lane, Bowie, MD, 20715 
Owen, Emily Gail, 718 East Park Drive, Lincolnton, NC, 28092 


Nag)', Daniel William, 1115 Skeet Club Road, High Point, NC, 27265 
Naidas, Tracy Marie, 1918 Stratford Drive, Conover, NC, 28613 
Nain, Nicole Marie, 2700 Lamplighter Drive, Kannapolis, NC, 28081 
Nance, Leia Marion, 1507 Eastwood Street, Morganton, NC, 28655 
Neal, Tiffany Ann, 2835 Hallman Drive, Crouse, NC, 28033 

Padgett, Brooke Bristow, 1020 Whispering Pines Drive. Newton. NC. 28658 
Parker. Velvet R. 1183 Mollys Backbone Road, Catawba, NC, 28609 
Parker, Virginia Monique, 224 Parker Rd, Casar, NC, 28020 
Parkhill, Brittany Lynn, 2 Delacy Drive. Hendersonville, NC, 28739 
Parsons, Cassie Renee, 2456 Cedar Valley Drive. Conover. NC. 28613 
Parsons. Jenny Nicole. 3703 Puett Park Drive. Conover, NC, 28613 
Patterson, Misty LeAnn, 1402 Bluff Road. Marble. NC. 28905 
Patton. Morgan Carol. 130 Sandy Mush Cr Rd. Leciester. NC. 28748 
Payne. Alan Ross. 529 Hillcrest Avenue. Burlington. NC, 27215 
Payne, Michael Jeffrey, 2896 Conley Road, Morganton, NC, 28655 
Payne, Rachel Catherine, 2016 Rankin Mill Road. Greensboro. NC. 27405 
Payseur, Abigail Laurie, 718 Camp Creek Road, Iron Station, NC, 28080 
Payseur, Jenny Leigh, 103 Kenwood Avenue, Cherr)'7ille, NC, 28021 
Pearson, Michelle Leigh, P Box 37, Drexel, NC, 28619 
Pendleton, Jamie Marie, 1419 Dudley Shoals Road, Granite Falls, NC, 28630 
Pendleton, Rlionda Denise, 309 Willis Street, Dallas, NC, 28034 
Penland, Samuel Ross, 203 Chenoweth Drive, Simpsonville, SC, 2968I 
Penley, Andrea Nicole, 19 Robinson Cove Road, Candler, NC, 28715 
Penley, Christopher Randy, 616 33RD Street Place NE, Conover, NC, 28613 
Penman, Br)'an John, 24 Shawnee Way, Stafford, VA, 22554 
Pennisi, John Carmen. 44114 Woodmont Drive. Leonardtown, MD, 20650 
Peoples, Demetrius JaVan, 75 SW 75th Street Apt C-5. Gainesville, R, 32603 
Perault, Cr)'stal Renee. 4718 Countr)' Meadows Drive. Gastonia. NC, 28056 
Perez, Rosario Besaida, 1735 First Ave NAV #5, Hickon', NC, 2S60I 
Peters, Jason Ross, 127 Apple Blossom Court, Belton, .MO, 64012 
Peterson, Heather Barrios, 4706 York Road, Kno.x\'ille, TN, 37938 
Petree, Clinton Lee, 565 Linville RD, Kernersville, NC, 27284 
Pett)', Stephanie Brooke, 6833 April Lane, Charlotte, NC, 28215 
Pfaffendorf Kristi Nicole, 122 Swan Drive, RotondaWest, FL, 33947 
Phifer, Amanda Leigh, 470 28TH Avenue Lane NE, Hickor)', NC, 28601 
Phillips, Amanda Winnett, 1420 17th Street NE, Hickor)', NC, 28601 
Phillips, Brian Edgar, 322 8th Ave. SE, Hickor)', NC, 28601 
Phillips, Diane Kale, 1078 l4th Avenue Drive NW, Hickor)', NC, 28601 
Phillips, Jason Kent, 201 Reedy Creek School Drive, Lexington, NC, 27295 
Phillips, Jeremy Clifford, 315 Taft Street, Eden, NC, 27288 
Phillips, Kathr)'n Jean, 2313 H\W 10 E, Conover, NC, 28613 
Phillips, Shannon Lois, 51 Cedar Rd Ext, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Phillips, Sidney Albert, 6 Ashton CT, Greensboro, NC, 27410 

Pinyan, Daniel Richard, 270 White Pines Lane, China Grove, NC, 28023 
Pitts, Ryan Nicholas, 5510 McCormick Avenue, Baltimore, MD, 21206 
Plonk. Samuel Robert, 102 Pleasant View Drive, Clemson, SC, 29631 
Poindexter, James Nicholas, 2305 Old HWY 42 1 East, Yadkinville, NC, 27055 
Pollock, Sherri S„ 3529 Raintree Drive, Hudson, NC, 28638 
Pomeroy. Jessica Rae, 3 1 1 Battleship Cove. Stafford, VA, 22554 
Ponder, Nathan Robert, 9425 US HWY 23, Mars Hill, NC, 28754 
Poovey, Paula LeeAnn, 1458 Tin Lane, Lincolnton, NC, 28092 
Pope, Kimberly Whisnant, 341 Tron Avenue, Valdese, NC, 28690 
Pope, Paul Ernest, 3318 Honeysuckle Lane, Orlando, PL, 32812 
Porter, David Lee, 115 Timothy Dan Aveune. Taylorsville, NC, 28681 
Pothier, Michael Rene, 1739 B 8th Street Dr. NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Potoczny, Stephanie Marie. 3050 Cedar Creek Drive, Kemersville, NC, 27284 
Powell, Darby Blake, 340 Deep Forest Court, Gastonia, NC, 28056 
Powers, Amanda Raye, 6345 Caveson Court, Fayetteville, NC, 2831 1 
Powers, Amy Catherine, 622 E 22ND AVE NE, Hickorv-, NC, 28603 
Powers, Keith Edward, 13820 88 Avenue North, Seminole, FL, 33776 
Prescott, Carolyn A, 1 10 Watson Road, Exeter. NH, 03833 
Pressley, Monica Erin, 4004 Longhom Drive, Belmont, NC, 28012 
Preston, Robert Dean, 5110 Lansing Drive, Charlotte, NC, 28270 
Price, Patrick William, 300 Old Farm Road, Taylorsville, NC, 28681 
Price, RiLshad, 2621 Soudiwest BLVD, ChaHotte, NC, 28216 
Pritchard, Amanda Marie, 4582 Pinefrost Place, Lenoir, NC, 28645 
Propst, Evelyn Elizabeth, 3540 4th ST BLVD NW, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Propst, Glenn David, 2705 33rd Avenue NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Propst, Stephanie Michelle, 357 5th Street NW, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Pmette, Emily Mosteller, 1425 20th Ave NE, Hickor)', NC, 28601 
Pmitt, Landon Richard, 301 Femwood Drive, Seneca, SC, 29678 
Pryor, Adam William, 5316 Foxridge Drive, Baton Rouge, LA, 70817 
Purgason, Rebecca Jo, 1519 20th Avenue NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Pusz, Toshia Leigh, 1548 Taylorsville MFG RD, Taylorsville, NC, 28681 


Queen. Lesley Carmen, 238 North Post Road, Shelby, NC, 28152 

Rabb. Moore Williams, P Box 496, Patterson, NC, 28661 

Radford, Leondra, 809 North Main Avenue, Newton, NC, 28658 

Rafferty, Bret Anthony, 1801 14th Street, NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Raines, Jason Grey, 637 S, 8th Street, Mebane, NC, 27302 

Ramseur, Robbin D, 2108 Norwich Court NW, Conover, NC, 28613 

Ramseur, Tiffany Nicole, 3620 Glacier Run, Claremont, NC, 28610 

Ramsey, Billy Dean. 101 Grandview Court, Morganton, NC, 28655 

Ramsey, Jenny Leigh, 141 Bell Road, Asheville, NC, 28805 

Randall, James Walter, 14221 Beatties Ford Road, Huntersville, NC, 28078 

Ranney, Kirk Thompson, 611 Lakeview Avenue, Milford, DE. 19963 

Ranson. Melissa Marie, 13353 Old Statesville Road, Huntersville, NC. 28078 

Ranson, Sean Fitzgerald, 31 1 Whetstone Drive, Powell, OH, 43065 

Rash, Joel Phillip, 130 Dell Circle, Hudson, NC, 28638 

Reames, Karen Brooke, 246 Westwood Drive, Laurens. SC, 29360 

Redden, Katie Snider. 6l2 North Main Street, Mooresville, NC, 281 15 

Redmon, Christina Nicole. 93 1 Camp Joe Harris Road. North Wilkesboro, NC, 28 

Redmond-Allison, Channon Ann, 495 Ridgeway Avenue, Statesville, NC, 28677 

Reed, Lynne Bolick, 3722 Puett Park Drive, Conover, NC, 28613 

Reed, Nadian C, 1043 12th Avenue NW lA, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Reese, Matthew Jeremiah, 5300 Talmage Street, Catawba, NC, 28609 

Regan, Colleen Elaine, 6 Via Olorosa. Rancho Santa Margari, CA, 92688 

Reichard. Elizabeth Ashley. 303 27di St PI SW, Hickory, NC, 28602 

Reid, Shannon Treandios, 901 Fairview Road, Mount Holly, NC. 28120 

Reynolds, William Cornelius, 6213 Juniper Lane, Hickory. NC, 28602 

Rhyne, Brooke Raby, 132 DJ Drive, Statesville, NC, 28625 

Richard. Joseph Gregory. 501 Old Park Road. Maiden. NC. 28650 

Richards, Justin Edward. 17 Ashley Place. Hendersonville. NC. 28739 

Richardson. Allison Lynne. 508 KiUington Drive, Raleigh, NC, 27609 

Richardson. Kassim Ghalib. 1920 Graywood Court. Winston Salem, NC, 27127 

Richardson, Parker He^-wood, 1570 46TH AVE NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Richbourg, Mary Louise, PO Box 54. Lowell. NC. 28098 

Rickert, Brandi Marie, 9804 Hagers Road, Huntersville, NC, 28078 

Rieger. Bryce Edward, 131 1 Las Brisas Lane, Winter Haven, FL, 33881 

Riggs, Kimberly Irene, 2828 Blanche Drive, Buriington, NC, 27215 

Rikard, Suanne Winter, 458 Golden Valley Rd, Casar, NC, 28020 

Ritchie, Erica Ann, 5667 Selford Road, Baltimore, MD. 21227 

Rivers. Ana Sheree, PO Box 1851. Asheville, NC, 28802 

Roark. Teresa Ann, 220 South Main Street. Granite Falls, NC, 28630 

Robbins, David Brown, R R 1 Box 1279 H, Nescopeck, PA, 18635 

Robbins, Gerald Eugene, 713 6th Avenue SW. Hickory, NC, 28602 

Roberts, Allison Leigh. 20706 Willow Pond Road, Cornelius, NC, 28031 

Roberts, Joanna Lee, 1427 East Church Street, Greeneville, TN, 37745 

Roberts, Meredith Anne, 504 6th Street NE, Conover, NC, 28613 

Robinson, Corinne Michelle. 1445 4th Street Dr NW #73, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Robinson, Courtney Ann. 3232 Shadow Court, Wilmington, NC, 28409 

Robinson, Hali Siobian. P Box 58, Catawba, NC, 28609 

Rockett, Audrey Bryant, 2995 Shell Hollar Road, Claremont, NC, 28610 

Rockett, Douglas R, I636 3rd Street, NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Rome, Christopher Sean, 1534 Mays Chapel Ch Rd, Newton, NC, 28658 

Ross, Charies Jackson. 1005 Augusta Court, Clemmons, NC, 27012 

Ross, LaKeisha Lynette, 202 Old Park Road, Maiden, NC, 28650 

Ross, Sarah Katherine, 522 N Flint Street. Lincolnton. NC. 28092 

Ross, Stephanie Lee, P Box 10692, Naples, FL. 34101 

Rubio, Vicky Alexandra, 1747 B 8th Street Drive NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Ruddock, Morgan Sue, 1337 Westchester Drive, High Point, NC, 27262 

Rudisill, Jamie Ruth, 6209 Vandresser Point. Hickory, NC, 28601 

Ruiz, Sarimar, 655 7th Ave SW #6, Hickory, NC, 28602 

Ruppe, Stephanie Lee, 1345 Gaston Day School Road, Gastonia, NC. 28056 

Rush, Kenyon Matthew, 1 1 10 Hege Road, Lexington, NC, 27295 

Russell, Jessica Leigh, 2727 N Main Avenue Apt D, Newton, NC, 28658 

Russell, Nicole Leigh, PO Box 655, Richfield, NC, 28137 

Ryan, Stephen Thomas, 54 Beth Ellen Drive, Lewisburg, PA, 17837 

Rve. Diane A. 

Safley, Charles Christopher, 4516 Keswick Drive, Raleigh, NC, 27609 
Salter, Aaron Joel. PO Box 356, Rosman, NC, 28772 
Sandlian, Kristin Lynne, 301 Carrituck Ct., Lenoir, NC, 28645 
Sanniota, Deana Nicole, 1470 Earl Street, Hickory. NC. 28602 
Santoso. Michael Christopher, 2506 Birdie Lane. Conover. NC. 28613 
Sapp. Clinton Walker. 2621 Berwick Walk, Snellville, GA, 30078 
Satterfield, Courmey Anne, 2205 Adventure Trail. Durham, NC, 27703 
Saunders, Angela Dawn, 1303 Mountain Shadows Drive, Morganton, NC, 28655 
Saunders, Cecil James, 2315 MTN Laurel Trail. Morganton. NC. 28655 
Savage, John L, 37 Madrid Drive, Hampton, VA, 23669 
Scanlon. Brian Donald, 8405 Inverness Way, Chapel Hill, NC, 27516 
Schaal, Timothy Dale, 112 Waldemar Court SE, Winter Haven, FL, 33884 
Scheckman, Brian Peter, 623 New York Avenue, Saint Cloud, FL, 34769 
Schilling, Harmony Brooke, 215 Pine Tree Court, Candler, NC, 28715 
Schmidt. Alison Rose. 4353 Fern Creek Drive. Jacksonville, FL, 32277 
Schmitt, Erik Roger. 1379 Applecross Court. Kemersville. NC. 27284 
Schrum. Brooke Holland, 1433 Poston Drive, Lincolnton, NC, 28092 
Schumann, Jessica Ann, 1908 Piperwood Court, Durham, NC, 27713 
Scott, Anna Elizabeth, 516 Lansdowne Place, Binningham, AL, 35226 
Scovanner, Dana Catherine, 1855 Bear Creek Cove, Longwood, FL, 32779 
Seaford. Jonathan Crispin, 230 Catalina Drive, Mooresville, NC, 28117 
Seagle, Telisha Beard, 231 1 Amey Street, Lincolnton, NC, 28092 
Seagle, Teri Beth, 302 Latimer Lane, Morganton, NC, 28655 
Seaman, Susan Elizabeth, 3420 21st St Dr NE. Hickory, NC, 28601 
Sease, Russel Franklin, PO Box 826, Columbia, SC. 29202 
Seefeldt. Kimberly Suzanne. 911 43RD A\'E CT NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Sehom, Shelley Kathleen, 8910 Cumberland Court, Weddington, NC, 28173 
Sensenig, David Andrew, 304 Hannes Street, Silver Spring, MD, 20901 
Separk, Bradley Tripp, 1 16 Yorkchester Way, Raleigh, NC, 27615 
Serekeberhan, Dawit. 1 1624 Stewart Lane #102, Silver Springs, MD, 20904 
Sergeant, David B, 19396 Hampton Drive. Boca Raton, FL, 33434 
Seter, Elaine Teresa, 708 3rd Avenue, NE, Conover, NC, 28613 
Setzer, Coleman Dean, 965 18th Avenue Court NW, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Setzer, Crystal Marie, PO Box 503, Conover, NC, 28613 
Setzer, Dennis Alan, P.O. Box 1364, Conover, NC, 28613 
Setzer, Mary Katherine, 9701 Bartlett Road, Chariotte, NC, 28227 
Shannon, Jenifer Lyn, 8234 Smithfield Avenue, Springfield, VA, 22152 
Sheets, Ragan Alane, 36I6 Piedmont Estates RD, Climax, NC, 27233 
Shehan, Michael Alan, 1 5 1 1 35th Ave NE, Hickory, NC, 2860 1 
Sherrill. Angela Gale, 1758 Magnum Road, Hickory, NC, 28602 
Sherrill. Sandra Jones, IO99 - 17th Avenue NW. Hickory, NC, 28601 
Shirlen, Andrew Mark, 202 Ridgecrest Drive, Lexington, NC, 27292 
Short, Penny Lorie, 1672 Roy Caldwell ST, Morganton, NC, 28655 
Shmm, Sherry R, 1321 Finger Men-ick Trail. Lincolnton, NC. 28092 
Shuck, Stephen Michael. 1311 Kingsway Lane. Tarpon Springs. FL, 34689 
Shuffler, Christy Lee, 818 Water Hyacinth Ct NE, St Petersburg, FL, 33703 
Shuler, Kaneal G, 228 Brittany Court, Buriington, NJ, 08016 
Shutte, Audrey Anne, 56 Rhonda Place, Wanaque, NJ, 07465 
Siers, Kevin Wayne, 3831 23rd Street, Lane, NE. Hickory, NC, 28601 
Sigmon, Joshua Durant, 3817Jimmy Place NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Sigmon, Kadiryn Ellree, 1 1 Plaza Drive, Granite Falls, NC, 28630 
Sigmon, MarchetaYvette, 3376 Jessie Hill Drive, Claremont, NC, 28610 
Sigmon, Ryan Christopher, 1260 Deerfield Drive, Spartanburg, SC, 29302 
Silber, Robert C, 204 8di Street NE, Conover, NC, 28613 
Simmons, Amanda Noel, 7505 Nichols Ridge Court, Rougemont, NC, 27572 
Simmons, Angela Faye, 3822 1st St Ct NW, Hickory, NC, 28601 

Simonca, Calin, 4636 Westchester Court. Duluth, GA, 30096 

Sipe. Elizabeth Vida. -WSO Rifle Range Road, Conover, NC, 28613 

Sizemore. Craig Michael. 709 Hempstead Court. Chesapeake, \.\. 23322 

Skora, Thomas Zbigniew. 21681 Sutlers Lane. Boca Raton. FL. 33*28 

Sladcik. Adam Richard. 6424 Wellesley Drive, Bradenton, FL. 34207 

Slagle. Bn:m Michael. 44 Brompton Road. .Arden, NC, 28704 

Slaughter, Brenda Sipe, PO Box 681. Hickon'. NC. 28603 

Slivka. Denis, 5756 Selkirk Drive. Hickorj-. NC. 28601 

Sloane. Jesse Blake. 28 Hunters Creek Lane, Granite Falls. NC, 28630 

Small, Pamela Erica Denise, 6673 St, Peter Church Road, Myrtle Beach, SC, 295SS 

Small, Ronald Watson, 5572 Bolick Road, Claremont, NC, 28610 

Smart, Mackenzie Lynn, 493 East Bluff Drive, Penn Yan, OT, 14527 

Smith, Adrian Nicole, 3325 Rain Court, Hudson, NC, 28638 

Smith, ,\ngelo ,Alfonzo, 731 McBee Street, Lincolnton, NC, 28092 

Smith, Brian Edward, 1312 9th Avenue N^V, Conover, NC, 2S6l3 

Smith, Carmen Shavvnett, 203 1 Itli .Avenue Drive SE, Hickon', NC, 28601 

Smith, Clinton Adam, 5108 Raviiell Street, Catawta, NC, 28609 

Smith, Grady Thomas, 670-C 22nd Avenue, NE, Hickorv', NC, 28601 

Smith, Jana Denise. 1004 First Street Drive SE, Conover, NC, 28613 

Smith, Jeffei^on Andrew, 338 41st Avenue PL NTS', Hickory, NC, 28601 

Smith, .Michael Montague, 1 107 ,-\lverstone Drive, Kemersville, NC, 27284 

Smith, Neal Branden, 562 Red Hawk Road, Mouth of Wilson, VA, 24363 

Smith, Normandy Madiea, 409 S Cedar Avenue, Newton, NC, 28658 

Smidi, Rebecca Gail, 711 E 10th Street, Newton, NC, 28658 

Smith, Shelley Marie. 12110 Wiesinger Lane. Midlothian, VA. 231 13 

Snellings, Tammie Owens. 306 Soodrow Hoyle Road. Casar. NC. 28020 

Sokolitsky. Tarl Edrick, 4206 Derbrehire Lane, Oriando, FL, 32812 

Solomon, Troy Sli-vester, 510 FAvenue SE, Hickory, NC, 28602 

Sommer, Christine Renee, 14 Saxon Lane, Newport News, VA. 23601 

Sowers. Amy E. 918 Clarence Lyall. West Jefferson, NC, 28694 

jpake, Taniara Brooke, 1221 Westwood Drive, Shelby, NC, 28152 

jparks. Roman Craig. 3I4 Cliff Buchanan Road. Spruce Pine. NC. 28777 

jpencer. Kimberly Michelle. 2823 Indian Hill Circle. Hickor;-. NC. 28601 

ipitz. Alexander Woolfe. 10325 Scott Mill Road. Jacksonrille. FL. 32257 

Sprehe. Kyle Michael. 1 1005 Kewanee Drive. Tampa. FL. 33617 

Spring. Bethany Jill. 122 15th Ave NT. Hickon'. NC. 28601 

ipruill. Stephanie .\rlene. 202 Spring .Meadow Lane. Kesvvick, \'A. 22947 

iquiric. Karen Miller. 1548 Tenth St Place NTV. Hickory, NC. 28601 

itafford. .\dam Eugene. 4I64 Black Oak Road. Hickory. NC. 28602 

Stamey. Teddl Renee. 226 21ST Street SE. Hickorv". NC. 28602 

itarbuck. .^mber Leigh. 4IS0 Highway 22 Nordi. Franklinville, NC, 27248 

itames. Jennifer Ann. 109 Evansdale Road. Kannapolis. NC. 28081 

itein. Rachel Clara. 155 Huckleberry Lane. Wemmpka. AL, 36092 

iteinlin. Rebekah Michelle. 221 Hickory^ Hill Trail. Elgin. SC, 29045 

;tell. Audrey Dale, PO Box 663, Davidson. NC. 28036 

;tellar. Jacqueline Diane. 8803 Arley Drive. Springfield. VA, 22153 

;temple. Cassandra Leigh. 1883 Paddy Place. Charleston, SC, 29407 

;tephens. Susan Holland. 210 Belleforde CourL Lewisville, NC. 27023 

;terling. Jennifer Marie, 1 1920 Twin Lakes Dr. Apt 1, Bellsville, MD, 20705 

itewart, Adam Nicholas, 2634 12th Avenue Drive, NE, Conover, NC, 28613 

itewart, Stephanie .Michelle, 1610 Ebert Street, Winston Salem, NC, 27103 

ilewart. Yvonne ,Maria, 364I-C .Middlebrook Dr., Clemmons, NC, 27012 

itilwell, Leslie Renee, 5515 Lownians Drive, Hickory, NC, 28602 

Itinson, Susan .\nnette, 1 1 5 Steves Farm Lane, Statesville, NC, 28677 

;toker. Joshua Cole. 1200 Courtney Drive. Hickon'. NC. 28602 

;tone. Catherine Ann. 339 Forest Hills Road. Wilkesboro. NC. 28697 

Itone. Robert Gray. 2530 E Brocktown Road. Moravian Falls. NC. 28654 

;tork, Belle Miller. PO Box 507. MonUcello. GA 31064 

Itricken. Rachel Katherine. 417 4th Street NW. Waverly, lA, 50677 

Itrickland, Joshua Thomas, 1330 5th St NE, Hickorj', NC, 28601 

;tuckv, .Amanda LaRue, 2926 Wild Duck Court, Charlotte, NC, 28262 

;ulliv:in, James Clark. 4040 James Drive. Hudson, NC, 28638 

lumic, Shamell Michiko, PO Box 1067, Hildebran, NC, 28637 

:urratt, Jameil Rashoan. 167 Popular Street Forest Citj', NC, 28043 

lutlierland, Jordim Isaac. 669 Old Mountain Rd. Marietta. GA, 30064 

;utton. Antoine Rokeith. 2101 Cedar Lane. Kinston, NC. 28501 

;wanson. Timodiy Dale. 512 20TH Avenue SE. Hickorv'. NC. 28602 

Iweet, Christopher M, 147 W. Midland Ave, Paramus, NJ, 07652 

Iwift, William Lee, 4994 Red Oak Drive, Gainesville. GA, 30506 

aylor. Amy Dula, 3898 Elk Creek Darby Road, Ferguson, NC, 28624 
aylor, Ashley Dickson, 205 Mull Lane, Morganton, NC, 28655 
aylor, Chelsea Jade, PO Box 187, Cherokee, NC, 28719 
aylor. Jarrett Keidi. 2140 Shadwell Court. Gastonia. NC. 28056 
aylor. Marcus Walton. 12648 Count)' Road 561. Clermont, FL. 34711 
aylor. Stephanie Leigh. 1 1 5 1 1 Tavemay Parkway, Charlotte, NC, 28262 
eague, Joshua Dean, 801 Littlejohn Street, Gastonia, NC, 28052 
jague, Pamela Diane, 6592 NC HUT 127, Taylorsville, NC, 28681 
xm. William Alexander, 2355 Sumter Lake Drive. Marietta. GA. 30062 

Teig. Headier Lynn. 2056 I6TH Street NE, Hickon'. NC. 28601 
Temples. Jason Paul, 1243 Robinhood Circle. Charlotte. NC. 28227 
Terrones. Joseph E. 11817 Pittson Road. Wheaton. MD. 20906 
Terrv'. Lawrence 0. 1050 21st. Avenue, m #97. Hickory, NC. 28601 
Tester. Brian Doughton. 1721 Lazenby St. #6. Newton. NC. 28658 
Thigpen. Timodiy David. PO Box 446. .Mon'ian Falls. NC. 28654 
Thomas. Casie Lauren, 123 ST Andrews Drive, High Point, NC, 27265 
Thomas, Christina, 441 Libert)- Hill Road, Statesville, NC, 28625 
Thomas, Heatlier Hoyle, 4410 West Bandys Crossroads, Claremont. NC, 28610 
Thomas. Matthew Peter. 102 Woodland DR. Morganton, NC, 28655 
Thompson, Courmey Ojecter, PO Box I68I. Hickory, NC, 28603 
Thompson, Katherine Elizabeth, 27746 Pinehutst, Mission Viejo, CA, 92692 
Thrift, Kristen Terri, 3530 Peppenvood Street, Conover, NC. 28613 
Tiller. Adrea Renee. 833 Pine Mountain. Burieson. TX. 76028 
Tiller)'. Andrew Adams, 405 Westmoreland Road. Columbus. GA 31904 
Tilley. Stephanie Paige. 6408 Stargaze Lane. Charlotte. NC. 28269 
Todd. Kristin Nicole. 7088 Klondale Street. Sherrills Ford. NC. 286^3 
Tomalka. Jennifer Leigh. 3918 Cedar Crest Lane. High Point. NC, 27265 
Tompkins, Holly Elizabedi, 124 Leonard Circle, Camden, SC, 29020 
Torrez, Shannon Nicole, 405 Plumbridge Court #103, Timonium, MD, 21093 
Tower)', Kimberh' Dawn. 1240 Caleb Setzer Road. Newton. NC. 28658 
TowTisend. Kevin Ray. 3522 Clarks Chapel Road, Lenoir. NC. 28645 
Trail. Kellie M. 2057 21st Street SE. Hickorv'. NC, 28602 
Travis. Jacqueline Elaine. 1487 14th Avenue NE, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Travis. Paul Kenneth. 4383 Joshua Drive. Connelly Springs, NC, 28612 
Travis, Rhonda A, 4383 Joshua Drive, Connelly Springs, NC, 28612 
Trier, Katherine Elaine, 1 106 Lake Drive, Laurinburg, NC, 28352 
Triplett, AmBrea Dawn, 1247 Mist)' Mom Drive, Lenoir, NC, 28645 
Troutman, Andrew Stephen, 3225 Darien Drive, Raleigh, NC, 27607 
Troutman, Kimberly G., 4900 Tumbling Creek Road, Conover, NC, 28613 
Truesdale, Brian Lloyd, 5942 Bill Sain RD, Vale, NC, 28168 
Turner, Brenda B., 3275 Eberle Way, Hudson. NC. 28638 
Turner, Morgan Alexander, 715 Cooks Lane, Baltimore, MD, 21229 
Turner, Ray Orgeron, 273 East Harris Street, Re)nolds, GA, 31076 
Tutterrow, .Ashley L)iin, 3260 Running Cedar Drive, Marietta, GA. 30062 
Tyrance. Christopher Warren. 1220 Turner Famis RD. Gamer. NC. 27529 
Tysinger. Joshua Travis, 3214 Pine Needles Road. High Point. NC, 27265 


Uhlenhopp, Ingrid Claire, PO Box 134. Churchton. MD. 20733 
Upchurch. Elizabeth Ann. 408 N. Cansler Street. Kings Mountain. NC. 

Van Huss, Megan Thomas, 1840 Westmister Road, Waynesboro, VA, 22980 
Van O'Linda, William Miles, 4082 Ox Bow Drive, Coconut Creek, R, 33073 
Vang, Kou, 705 lOdi Street Blvd m. Hickon', NC, 28601 
Varga, Elena Tabita, 1324 6th St NW, Hickory, NC, 28601 
Van'aris, Tiffany Ann, 518 Stinson Court, Statesville, NC, 28677 
Vaughan, .Meredidi Helen, 903 Vickie Drive, Can', NC, 27511 
Vaughan, Michael .Allan, 821 Parkridge Drive, Cla)1on, NC. 27520 
Vaughan. William Harold. 4038 Dover Street. Claremont, NC, 28610 
Vememan, Kimberly Y., 120 Barden Drive, Havelock, NC, 28532 
Voelkert, Laura Melissa, 208 Woodhaven Drive, Burlington. NC, 27217 


Waddell. Cr)'stal Denise. 1842 Hunsucker Drive, Claremont. NC. 28610 

Wagstaff. Holly. 620 Nordi 1150 East. Lehi. UT, 84043 

Wakefield. Traci Aumnin. 1942-A Laurel SL NE. Valdese. NC. 29860 

Walker. Donna L)nn. PO Box 561. Polk-ville. NC. 28136 

Walker. Penny Elaine. 11 Laurel Park Drive. Arden. NC. 28704 

Walker. Ricardo E. 6428 Schubert Place. Charlotte. NC. 28227 

Walker. Robbie Maurice. PO Box 77537. Tampa. FL, 33675 

Wallace. Eric .Andrew. 207 Redding Road. Stanley. NC. 28I64 

Wallace. James Alan. 20^ Redding Road. Stanley. NC. 28I64 

Wallace. Kadierine Elisabeth. 5815 Deerfield Lane. Hickon'. NC. 28602 

Wallin. Nadine Louise. I483 20th Ave NE. Hickor)'. NC. 28601 

Wallinger. David Ethan. 4427 Vieux Carre Circle. Tampa. FL. 33613 

Walls, Amy Fox, 6529 Hildebran Shelby Road, Hickor)-, NC, 28602 

Walser, Kendall Brent, PO Box 375, Welcome, NC, 27374 

Ward. Jeremy Keith. 887 Drifhvood Drive. Greenville. NC. 27858 

Wamicke-Smith. Ari Ryan, 1200 Fem Forest Run, Oviedo, FL, 32765 

Warren, Susan Joey, 885 Icard Ridge Road, Taylorsville, NC, 28681 

Wasitowski, Shanna Kate, 4655 Asheville Highway, Hendersonville, NC. 28791 

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tie 2002 HACAWAwas published byjostens publishing company. 
tie student portraits were taken by Carolina Photography and 
le sports photos used in the athletic section were taken by Phil 
obinson of SportsFotos, Inc. The primary font used is Mistral 
id the secondary font used is Garamond Light Condensed. This 
inual publication distributed by Lenoir-Rhyne College is 
)pyrighted and may not be copied in any way without the 
ritten consent of the college. 

Cotophorv 215 " 

Biceiiamgr^vvv .. 


"I am pleased about what Lenoir- 

Rhyne College has accomplished 

during my tenure as its leader. . . This 

is, therefore a good time for the 

College to select anew leader to take 

Lenoir-Rhyne to its next stage of 

development. " 

- President Ryan A. LaHurd 

Dr. Ryan A. LaHurd has served the Lenoir- 
Rhyne community as President since 1994. He will 
be moving on to New York City to serve as the executive 
director of the Near East Foundation. It was a sad time 
for Lenoir-Rhyne to say good-bye to such a great 
President who has done so much for L-R. During his 
time here, President LaHurd oversaw the development 
of a strategic plan for the College. He has also 
increased the number of alumni giving to 27 percent, 
the highest it has ever been. The college also had a 
record fundraising year in 2000-2001, raising $7.1 
million. The college's endowment also grew during 
LaHurd's time at L-R; it went from $22.8 million to 
$42.7 in 2000-2001. 

Early in his time here, President LaHurd 
oversaw the completion of a new Alumni House, and 
Admission and Financial Aid building. He also saw to 
it that every student, faculty, and staff member had 
access to the internet, and new student computer labs 
were completed. He also directed the renovation of 
Minges Science building, and the complete renovation 
of Morgan Residence Hall. As well as renovating 
exisiting buildings, LaHurd has directed the building 
of two new buildings; the $4.9 million Living- 
Learning Center, an apartment style residence hall, 
and the $9.8 million McCrorie Center, a new health 
sciences building. 

President LaHurd was also a big part of the 
creation of a partnership between Lenoir-Rhyne, 
Appalachian State University, and Catawba Valley 
Community College to form the Hickory Metro Higher 
Education Center. 

LaHurd's presence on campus will truly be 
missed, but the things he has accomplished during 
his time here will last for decades, helping future 
students make the best of their experience and 
education here at Lenoir-Rhvne. 


"We wish President LaHurd well in this next 
next step in his fine career and appreciate the 
vision and intelligence he has brought to his 
role as President. " 

-Jolm David Moose, Chair of 
the Board of Trustees 

ihoie Piesident LaHuid speaks at 
the groundbreaking ceremon} tor 
the Living-Learning Center. 

Rifiht. President LaHurd and his 
wife. Carol, ride through the 
Homecoming Parade. 

Far Right: President LaHurd poses 
with the 2001 Homecoming Queen, 
Ginnv Lee. 

Below: President LaHiird Ri;j,hl: President laHuid meets 

poses with Coach Joiin with Model U N (top) and 

Lentz, a new inductee to the parents during Homecomnig 

L-R Sports Hall of Fame. (bottom). 

\boi e President LaHurd and Carol 
LaHurd en|oy a day on L-R's 


Left: President LaHurd greets 
visitors to his home for a reception. 

/'/>'/)/: President LaHurd 
visits with alumni and 
visitors at the McCrorie 
Center groundbreaking. 

Far Right: President 
1 LaHurd talks with Kenny 
I Chan at a book give-away 

in 1998. 

"// will be difficult to leave L-R ivhe?i so 

many exciting things are happening and 

so many good things are on the horizon 

as a result of the foundation that has 

been laid. " -President LaHurd 

Above Left: President 
LaHurd takes a little 
i|uiet time. 

Left: President LaHurd 
congratulates Bob Miller 
new inductee in the L-R 
Sports Hall of Fame. 

Left: President 
LaHurd, Carol, and 
their son Jeremy 
celebrate his